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What do te think would potentianlly happen to them after the finale?(give details such as weddings, babies, moves etc.)

 musicgoddess112 posted più di un anno fa
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Ross and Rachel Risposte

alkonyat said:
I think Ross proposes to Rach and they have a beautiful wedding like what Rachel imagined. This will be Ross' last wedding, they will never divorce. They sposta to the house successivo to Monica and Chandler. They have one più kid when Emma is 6, because Emma wants a little sister. It will be a girl, so Emma will be really happy. Ben visits them many times until he goes to the collage and he loves Rachel, Emma and the baby, too. R&R always hang out with Monica, Chandler and the twins. Emma, the twins, Phoebe's children and Joey's kids are as good Friends as their parents. Because Phoebe and her family and Joey and his family are moving to the strada, via where Ross and Rachel live, too, a bit later. So they are just like in the show. They live happily.
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posted più di un anno fa 
Yeah they get married but ross gets antsy n decides to unisciti a biker gang rach freaks,calls up monica they yak for awhile chandler tells rach that ross is just reinventing himself dont worry,ross gets rach preg with twins boy n girl,emma gets a sister n a brother! Meanwhile pheobe n joey fight over who gets the house across the strada, via they flip a coin phoebe wins! Yay! ..joey loses everything knocks on pheobes door its raining an hes getting soaked she opens door she looks at the rain then looks at him n says "i can only let te in not the rain." he starts takin off his shirt....ooooh! and end scene.
jinksee posted più di un anno fa
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