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posted by guibuwu369
Hello Mr. bean:

I am from China of a fan, if te can read this article, I will be very happy!

Today I saw te in the Londra Olympic Games opening ceremony on the television, I am very excited.

Just like always. So handsome!

I Amore you, Amore te forever!

- from a Chinese child.

They say to longer articles. I can't write anything, it's just a letter to Mr. bean.

Well, I will describe the Londra Olympic games!

In 2012 the Londra Olympic Games, namely, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the official name for the thirtieth Summer Olympic games. In July 6, 2005, the International Olympic Committee in Singapore...
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Blackadder is "cancel culture"..................
Sir Benjamin, & Mr Richard won BAFTAs for creating Blackadder.
University graduates ,they are, of oxford and università College,
They know stuff. Edmund Blackadder esq. i.e Butler to Prince George is
for the most part the real life stories of the triply knighted Groom of the Bedchamber Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle KB KCB GCH &c. A very well known Royal Navy war hero and
'a great favourite' of Prince George since 1803 until 1830.
Nagle used to be very famous but was "cancelled" da Rex Victoriana's
frowning upon Regency Rakes & the Catholic...
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Dear Mr. Rowan. Atkinson, dear to all people.
Hello everyone.
I am a Chinese boy, and now Mr. fagiolo has been sweeping the world, China is no exception, and I read it again and again, often amused me laugh, especially Mr. fagiolo entertain two guests and buy decoration materials fried covered with white paint him, I pound the tavolo laughing, ha ha ha. Mr Bean, I can not help but admire te that superb acting, I also heard the story of your early years, repeatedly rebuffed when your employment, but no less confident. To wait until their blooming season. te really amazing! ! !
(I was speaking English translation da Google's)
Now became animated remake in China, Mr. Bean, in some paste it in,
If there is an error please forgive me。
If te will come to China, welcome! !
posted by Iloverowan
whomever reads this can u tell rowan that I am a huge fan of him and i just simply adore him... been watching him since i was a kid and now I'm 30 and still watching.....and that i hope he makes another Mr. fagiolo movie... oh and tell him that i Amore him...... and hope that he is doing well... i would Amore to meet him but that's never going to happen i think, but maybe one day.......


Stacy Nicole Fletcher