Graphite posted on Aug 01, 2018 at 05:07AM
Thought I'd just add this poll, just cuz.
OCs have to follow these rules:
Character can't have interacted with any cannon character before events of first episode.
Character names must mean a colour, sound like a colour, or remind you of a colour.
Character cannot be over powered, or one of the maidens, combat ability or semblance.
Sembalences can't be the same as canon character, like weiss's gliphs.
Weapons cannot be the same as canon characters, eg scythes are allowed, just can't transform into a rifle like Ruby's does.
Character must be aged between 16-20 if attending huntsmen school, 25 and older if they are teaching.
Character cannot be invulnerable.

Can be structured like this;
Species: (if faunas, state type)
Affiliations: (school, crime syndicate, etc)
Appearance: (including combat attire)
Weapon/s: (name and description)
Semblance: (clarify if needed)
Fighting style: (close and personal, long ranged, sneak around, etc)
Weakness: (handicapped, weak spot, phobias, etc) optional

Have fun!

RWBY 2 risposte

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più di un anno fa Graphite said…
Name: Zeke Tiramasu
Age 18
Species: dingo faunas
Affiliations: Beacon academy
Appearance: Tall white male, average build, dingo tail and short dark brown hair. Wears lightweight dark brown armor with gold details, over a black hoodie. Denim jeans with dark brown and gold shin guards over top.
Likes: games, good food, and sketching.
Dislikes: rotten food and rudeness
Weapons: black katana (15") called 'blackout' and a chain dart (8' long chain, think MK scorpion) wrapped around waist like a belt named 'night's reach'
Semblance: Hunter's scent (Allows Zeke to sniff out locations of people, items and animals with a half kilometre radius, and can tell if people are armed or carrying dust)
Fighting style: medium to close range, though prefers close range. Uses stealthy tactics to ambush enemy or to close the gap between them, prefers one v one or taking out enemies before they know he's there.
Weaknesses: scared being trapped (like being caged), though has difficulty engaging a group, semblance can be interfered with by using powerful smells such as sewage or concentrated eucalyptus, good at stealth but not perfect.
Bio: second year student at beacon, and an orphan at the age of 7, when his parents died in a white fang protest (before they were violent) due to police brutality. At the orphanage, being the only faunas there, he was picked on a lot, and eventually ran away. Spent a few years in the wilderness honing his weaponry skills, discovering the capability of his semblance. he turned 16 when he stumbled upon a smuggler den, who were smuggling crates of dust someplace, and who kidnapped a small boy. Deciding to act, Zeke took out every smuggler there (16 or so) without being seen. He freed the boy who turned out to be the heir of a wealthy family owned banking chain, who had a reward to be returned home. After claiming the 3,000,000 lien, Zeke was scouted by beacon academy, giving a place to stay and battles to be had. Zeke is often seen as a distant individual as he hasn't fully mastered social skills, yet, once he gets to know certain people he opens up and shows a side of himself only his team has seen so far.

I'd thought I'd give this a try, this is my oc, no touchies.
più di un anno fa LonelyOwl said…
Name: George Willow
Age: 13 (Modelled as a young adult)
Species: Synthetic human
Affiliations: Merlot Industries, Atlas Academy, The Atlesian military.
Appearance: Blonde, Caucasian, slightly muscular. Metal wrist brace on right arm. Left shoulder plates.
Likes: Bread and water. Music. Things that not understood by science (Maidens, Grimm, Relics, etc). Discovery. Education.
Dislikes: Laziness. Lust. Foods and beverages with strong flavors.
Weapon/s: A handcannon named "Azrael" that lacks any alternative transformation.
Semblance: N/A
Fighting style: The great majority of villains our heroes have faced fight their battles head on, using powerful weaponry and abilities, meanwhile Willow is somewhat different. In the battlefield he just watches, he has many physical weaknesses but makes up for it with his incredible intellect, Willow is a tactician, not a combatant, he uses his abilities to help Grimm fight more tactically by knowing their strength and weaknesses, for example having a Beringel use it's heavily armored biceps to block attacks, or making a Nevermore take advantage of its range and attack from a distance. He often helps plan dust robberies and can come up with brilliant strategies even if he's limited to very specific villains as well as a certain amount and species of Grimm.
Weakness: Lacks aura, making him incredibly vulnerable to attacks. Is slow and has little to no skill in agility.
Bio: George M Willow is a seemingly self aware machine programmed by Dr. Merlot to research, capture, and genetically modify creatures of grimm. Merlot was working in secret, with many thinking he was long dead which is exactly what he wanted, to continue this he designed this research droid to look and behave like a human being, as to not draw attention. The way the human behavior program works is that it learns from the people surrounding it, mimicking the behavior of its peers. During the events of RWBY Grimm Eclipse it was in a machine that allowed it to go into a full sleep mode. That machine got damaged when Merlot self destructed the lab allowing it to awaken. it has lots of information about grimm, to the point where it can practically predict their every move. It does not have a semblance due to its lack of a soul because it was created before Penny, the first robot to generate aura. George Maddy Willow is a name it gave itself after reading a name tag that was on him that said "GWM" which was supposed to stand for "Grimm-Wielder-Meta". After the defeat of Merlot and the creation of its new name it was found by the Atlesian military who found ground breaking information in its databanks so they decided to make him one of their geneticists. It is very socially awkward due to his lack of experience and because it lived a very different existence from everyone else, though thanks to living in a military environment its human behavior program has made it easier for it to maintain a professional persona. it has super strength that was given to him to help handle grimm when doing tests and experiments. One of the main human traits pre-installed into its human behavior program is to have a great interest in grimm so that it remains focused on its work. It has capsules containing Merlot's serum stored inside of it. It is very curious and will do almost anything to satisfy its curiosity, whether his tactics being humane or not. It is designed to be water proof so that it can collect and study creatures of grimm that dwell underwater. For a long time it technically couldn't taste but could use its artificial tongue to identify objects, that was until it recently gotten an upgrade allowing it to taste, due to living its entire existence feeling absolutely nothing it finds foods with large amount of flavor to be just disgusting and unusual, which is why it prefers more bland consumables such as bread and water. Due to being an android it obviously doesn't need to eat, and some things such as peanut butter can even get stuck in its systems, it does still eat with other people as a social activity.
 Name: George Willow Age: 13 (Modelled as a young adult) Species: Synthetic human Affiliations: Mer