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 Harry for my SarahStyles
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Harry Styles for My sweet Sarah Styles
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This S8rah foto contains ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

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hey babeee :)
I guess te know how much te mean to me
anyway but i wanted to dedicate te something as well .

when I talk with te im always happy. From the moment I met te , everything changed , i knew I had to get te whatever the pain . :D

We had much in common in beggining and
now we have everything in common .

te are just my bigger sister . te are always besides me .

te are caring , sweet , amazing , beatiful , with nice taste , phenomeNiall . te are my british snowflake .

everyrime I see something for te , I smile . I Amore that I have a sis like te besides me . te are so speciall to me .
thanks for changing me to better.

I will be here always . whatever te need me babe . that never gonna change .

Adore te till death :*<3
 *niall when talkes about te in interview*
*niall when talkes about you in interview*
 *when thinking of te
*when thinking of you
 te are beatiful like her <3
You are beatiful like her <3
 Friends For Everything <33
Friends For Everything <33
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Does he tell te he loves when te least expect it?
Does he flutter your cuore when he
kisses your neck?
No scientist, o biology
It's obvious... When he's holding me
It's only natural, that I'm so affected...
Oh, and my cuore won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA, D-D-D-DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away,
b-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing più to say
It's in his D-D-D-D...DNA

It's the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future...
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