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Anyone but me actually enjoy season 7?

I mean I know there are a lot of things about it that people don't like and I agree with them. For instance whenever I watch season 7, I miss Hilda and Zelda like crazy and it drives me nuts they were written out and I never liked Aaron, I never liked Annie though I did like the other workers there and I feel like they did some really weird things with Salem. However I did still enjoy the season despite all those things. I always liked Roxie and morgan even if they aren't always the most loving Friends and I liked they kept Harvey in. Really those three and Salem are the soul reasons I continue to watch the final season. I always liked that it ended with Sabrina and Harvey getting back together.
 beekee404 posted più di un anno fa
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danielleeeey said:
It had its moments I like the episode with the fates. I like the way the series ended, but I wouldn’t have picked the direction it went I mean it got rid of all the characters like Josh and the aunts and harvey for a while which makes sense since he wasn’t in the focus for a while prior. I guess it also makes sense that when she moves to getting a job things wouldn’t be the same but I hate how they quickly wrote the characters off like Josh and the aunts. They shouldn’t been in a few più episodes. And not been dramatically just cut off. Sabrina should have dated Josh a while longer before they break up and have an actual real break up with closure and a storyline and plot. Aaron prob should have never been in it imo though I didn’t have a problem with him. She should have been single focusing on her career after like half the season of seven she should have continued dating Josh and her aunts should have been in at least half the season. Also I hated her coworkers and her job.
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