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Farheena detto … GAUTAM LAUNCHED A NEW WEBSITE TO INTERACT WITH HIS sweet!!!!♥♥him postato più di un anno fa
twilightbeauty commentato…
wow!!! thanks for the message... più di un anno fa
Farheena detto …
Please unisciti the club of jennifer winget ( kumud) & gautam rode (saras)♥♥♥:):) postato più di un anno fa
twilightbeauty detto …
ciao guys..... Saras & Kumud got married... I'm soooooooo excited & happy..... Watch the episode if u all have missed it... postato più di un anno fa
twilightbeauty detto …
Saras your Amore is superb.the way te carried Kumud ( when te realized that her leg was injured while she was dancing with you) during your sangeeth was lovable. it was really a very cuore touching scene postato più di un anno fa
twilightbeauty detto …
wow saras!!! your character is mind blowing. postato più di un anno fa
AngelLantern15 detto …
I really hope that Sanjay Leela Bhansali doesn't continue with the original story plot of the Gujarati Novel - If he does, then we're in for a LONG emotional ride. postato più di un anno fa
thasneem detto …
unisciti the club of gautam rode [saras] and jennifer winget [kumud] postato più di un anno fa
KaranSG detto …
nice club.......... postato più di un anno fa
Stelenavamp detto …
zid yeh thi tumhe ke hum bhi kuch kahe
hume yeh gill tha ke tum chup rahe
yeh majbooriya
aur yeh fasle chah nahi tha
par badhte gaye

ab jo yeh ahesaas hai
dooriyaan jo aas
rehene do jo jasbaat hai
rahe na kuch bhi darmiyaan
mite yeh saari dooriyan
milke bhi hai adhuri si yeh dastaan postato più di un anno fa
AngelLantern15 commentato…
I Amore this song! :) più di un anno fa
krithi2000 detto …
Hi Wht will happen can any1say the story plz postato più di un anno fa
Jeevikaviren detto …
unisciti the another club of saraswatichandra too postato più di un anno fa
-soumya- detto …
I hadn't seen the precedente few episodes of sc, has Kumud really got the same letter that Saras had sent o has Ghuman changed it? postato più di un anno fa
zoya677 commentato…
lol that was ags ago...kumud already received the letter Saras had send and Guman didn't need to changed it coz she knew that he wud reject Kumud :) più di un anno fa
-soumya- commentato…
Thanks! più di un anno fa
Stelenavamp detto …
Kuch Na kahe.. basso Chup rahe
Khamoshiyaan hi keh jaye
Tham jaye yeh jahan aur pal bhi theher Jaye...!

Rahe na kuch bhi Darmiyaan..
Meete Yeh sari Dooriyan
Milke bhi hain Adhoori si
Yeh Dastaan ( 2 )

Milke bhi sang hain zudaa
bhulega na kabhi yeh zahan
hain yeh alag hi dastaan.. Saraswatichandra ki..! postato più di un anno fa
zoya677 detto …
Welcome to SARASWATICHANDRA fan CLUB:) postato più di un anno fa
Jeevikaviren commentato…
thanks più di un anno fa