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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
Simba was taking a walk along the border that had once separaited the outlands from the pride lands.
So much had happened in so little time. The outsiders and the pridlanders had merged and now were getting along quite nicely. Zira had died. And now his daughter, Kiara, was married to Kovu.
Simba give a big sigh of contentmet and gased over his kingdom. Now everything was at peace. No più wars, no più Zira to worry about. And his daughter was happy.
But little did the king relise that evrey thing was about to change, and that two familar enemies were coming closer and closer to the border of the pride lands with every pasing moment, and they were wanting revenge, and his kingdom.
posted by KingSimba4Ever9
Scar, Whe some people hear that name they mite quiver with fear. Some may faint. Some may look at te in disgust. But when I think of Scar, I see a evill villan that is very evill but also very handsom, (in my opinion) With his jet black mane, his firey colord fur, his glowing green eyes and his slick and pointed fetures.
We don't know anything about Scars past and what made him so evil o how he got his scar. The're are so many senza risposta qustions! like:

Why is Scar so evill?

How did Scar get his scar?

Who are Scar's parents?

Was Scar ever in Amore with Sarafina?

Is Zira Scar's mate/wife?

Is Nuka...
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