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posted by ronniemotiva
i think that selena gomez has a natural beauty but also the physical aspect of personality.
and she never was the beginning of those celebritàs who does everything well but then do poorly. therefore it is a good model to follow.
it is a great actress and she sings so well, I'm a big fan of it I have posters on every bacheca of my room and I advise te to be too because she is amazing!
miley VS selena:
selena the study, those who need help, has pictures and has lots of gay friends
miley the smoke, he sells his body and have naked pictures on the Internet
I do not like miley because she is a liar!
posted by allen101

I remember the first time but it wasn't the last time
That te told me that you'd take me back so I'm still wonderin'
Why it was ever a question, I should've learned my lesson
I keep comin' back like a cuore attack that's always breakin'

I can't let te vanish
There's no magic when you're gone

You say te don't need me, te say it's time to leave me
I'm not gonna let te disappear
I don't wanna hear it, I don't wanna believe it
I'm not gonna let te disappear

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

I don't wanna be lonely but te were always the only one who cast a spell
And made it feel like...
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The first mention of "Wizards of Waverly Place" did get the secondo biggest crowd reaction of the night when Alex Russo's real-life counterpart, Selena Gomez, played the Arizona State Fair Sunday at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

But she got an even più enthusiastic audience response to the news that "A anno Without Rain," her latest single, was up successivo on the set list.

And that speaks well of her odds for crossing over from beloved Disney Channel icona into something più than just a part-time pop star.
"A anno Without Rain" is actually the secondo single off the 18-year-old singer's secondo album...
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Round 1: Selena in a small black dress(done)
Round 2: Selena in a small white dress(done)
Round 3: Selena in a small rosa dress(done)
Round 4: Selena in a small blue dress(done)
Round 5: Selena in a small yellow dress o yellow T-shirt(done)
Round 6: Selena in a small purple dress o purple T-shirt(done)
Round 7: Selena in a small grey dress o grey T-shirt(done)
Round 8: Selena in a black toga, abito o with bracelets (done)
Round 9: Selena with a hoodie(done)
Round 10: Selena in a bikini(done)
Round 11: Selena with a updo hairstyle(done)
Round 12: Selena in boots(done)
Round 13: Selena in a red gown(done)
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Selena looks absolutely stunning in this shot from Paper Magazine’s Most Beautiful list! Selena nabbed one of 31 spots on the magazine’s round-up of young, beautiful, talented and most importantly, inspiring people! Selena spilled to Paper about her Musica and acting, making it a point to say that every decision she makes is for her fans.
When choosing roles, Sel always keeps te in mind! Sel said, “I Amore my fan più than anything, so I’d never wanna do something that would make them uncomfortable. I feel like it’s all about choosing roles gradually.” Even when it comes to her music...
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posted by maritina12345

“Selena has become più and più insecure because of the way Justin is with his fans,” detto a source.

Sources say Sel is becoming increasingly jealous of her boyfriend's relationship with his female fans!

“Justin is a real flirt and loves the attention. While he tells Selena there’s nothing in it, she can’t help but feel upset about it and she told him so.”

Being jealous is not healthy, though it does sometimes happen! Sel doesn't want all the pressure and has confessed she never wanted to be a role model:

“I never really detto I want to be a role model. But then when it happened I was so down for it,” she said.

“I’m human, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.”
posted by maritina12345
 The Sky Is Everywhere With Sel<33
The Sky Is Everywhere With Sel<33
Selena's heading back to the silver screen! The superstar is going to be starring in an adaptation of the book The Sky is Everywhere.

The book is da Jandy Nelson, and is about a 17-year-old called Lennie Walker who's a typical "nerd" - she loves reading, plays in the school band, and is always upstaged da her older sis Bailey.

But things get complicated for Lennie when Bailey dies suddenly. Bailey's boyfriend Toby looks to Lennie for help, and so does a new cute guy Joe. Lennie has to deal with the loss of her sis, plus an unexpected Amore life.

Sel's going to play Lennie. Who would be a good actress to play her older sister? Does this sound like a movie you'd see?
posted by superDivya
Tell 'em that is my birthday (x3)
When I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know, so it's okay
Tell 'em that it's my birthday
When I party like that

(Jazz it up) x2

Happy as can be
Falling into you, falling into me (so yummy)
How do te do, come and meet the queen, cake and cream
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams, blow your dreams away with me
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams, blow your dreams away with me
So yummy

Tell 'em that is my birthday (x3)
When I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know, so it's okay
Tell 'em that it's my birthday
When I party like that

(Jazz it...
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posted by Selena_01
"Naturally" is a song da American band Selena Gomez & the Scene from their 2009 debut album, baciare & Tell. It was written da Antonina Armato, Tim James, and Devrim Karaoglu. It serves as the album's secondo single in the United States and Canada, and the lead single in international markets. The song is an up-tempo electropop song in which the lead singer sings about someone who is her perfect fit.[2] The song officially impacted U.S. mainstream radio on January 19, 2010.[3]

"Naturally" is the band's highest charting song to date, charting in the superiore, in alto twenty in multiple countries, and at...
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 Justin And Selena At The Miami spiaggia
Justin And Selena At The Miami beach
It looks like rumors the two teen stars are dating may be true after they are snapped walking around Miami together!

Justin Bieber and Selana Gomez have denied they are anything più than friends, but foto of the two spending time alone again seem to mostra otherwise! The pop stella, star pair was spotted taking a stroll around Miami spiaggia Dec. 18, but quickly fled back to their hotel when they saw a swarm of paparazzi waiting for them on the beach!

It seems like these two may be trying to avoid photographers to keep their possible relationship under wraps!

A fonte close to Justin told
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, together again? Well, it seems they were for a couple of hours Friday morning in Texas.
Just days after Bieber postato an Oscar-night foto of ex-girlfriend Gomez on Instagram, captioning it "Most elegant princess in the world," the two were caught on camera leaving a perfume store in downtown McAllen, Texas.
That after hitting up a Starbucks and Don Pepe's Mexican restaurant, where according to south Texas newspaper the Monitor they spent $153.04 on breakfast — including $64 worth of tip. The "Baby" singer reportedly traveled with four bodyguards in tow.

The Biebs...
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posted by sweet_swetly
selena gomez:
selena marie gomez(born july 22,1992)she is an american actor and singer best known 4 her portrayal alex russo on Disney channel.wizards of waverly place, she has starred in the Televisione Film , another Cenerentola story and pPp .
her bff demi lovato.every one know.
befor Disney she had one of the kid roles on barney and Friends , in 2008 she singed a record deal with hollywood records and contributeed 2 the tinker campana, bell , another Cenerentola story and wizards soundtracks , her band selena gomez and the scene relesed thier debut studio album baciare and tell on september 29 ,2009.
i wish u enjoy mostra me successivo time i will get 4 u everything about selena .thanks.
posted by unaiza
Even though she’s busy recitazione and Canto her cuore out, this adorable starlet always makes time for charity: Selena was the youngest ambassador for UNICEF when she started in 2009.
She is named after the famous Tejano singer Selena, there must be something to this name!
She has four Cani at home, one of which she adopted from a shelter—Chip!
Selena has recently been rumoured to be dating another teen superstar: Justin Bieber! The two spotted smooching and cuddling just around the new year—but nothing is official yet, these two Amore birds are keeping it quiet for now and not blabbing to...
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te got me sippin' on something
I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping
That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm recitazione a bit crazy
Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying
That I'm gonna make it out alive

The bed's getting cold and you're not here
The future that we hold is so unclear
But I'm not alive until te call
And I'll bet the odds against it all
Save your consigli 'cause I won't hear
te might be right but I don't care
There's a million reasons why I should give te up
But the cuore wants what it wants
The cuore wants what it wants

You got me scattered...
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posted by lina1121
ciao I hope u like this article!

Preacher man walked into the bar and he detto he said
"hey girl cant te walk a mile straight?"
Father im torn and im selling my soul to the
Rhythm, the beat and the basso cuz I cant
Confess my rock and roll ways
Cuz im so possesed with the music
The Musica he plays

I cant stop my feet from dancin to the sound of his drum
Oh no I fell in Amore with my rock god
I cant keep my hips from swayin to his sweet melody
You see I fell in Amore my rock rock god

Preacher man took my hand and looked in my eyes
He detto "hey girl cant te leave?" and I cried
"father things arent always so black...
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posted by selgomez4evr
There’s a new video on Instagram and some suspicious tweets that make us think that Jelena are back together. Read the tweets, watch the video, and tell us what te think!
Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spend a romantic Fourth of July together? A new video postato on July 4 da Justin’s bestie Alfredo Flores, shows him with a sparkler, but then at the end there’s a surprise guest!

Did Justin Bieber Spend The Fourth Of July With Selena Gomez?
The Fourth of July is a giorno meant to be spent with family and friends. It appears that’s exactly what Selena and Justin might have done!

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posted by MarylovesSelena
Actress Selena Gomez has happily moved on after her diviso, spalato with singer Nick Jonas, and says she is content with her single status.
“I’m very, very glad that all of that’s in the past and that I can sposta forward. It’s very difficult, but… I Amore him, he’s great,”
Before dating Jonas, the 18-year-old was romantically involved with Twilight actor Taylor Lautner. However, ever since her diviso, spalato from the former lover earlier this year, she has been single.
“I’m not looking. I’m very happily single and enjoying being 18 and just think boys are kind of not an option at the moment, because I’m kind of really busy,” she said.
Further justifying her single status, she added: “But that’s okay. I think boys give me a little bit of a headache.”
posted by tdacrazy6
i wouldnt wanna be anybody else, hey!
you made me insecure told me i wasnt good enough
but who are te to judge
when your a diamond in the rough
im sure youve got some things
youd like to change bout yourself
but when it comes to me!
i wouldnt wanna be anybody else
na na na na na na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na na na na na na
im no beauty Queen im just beautiful me
na na na na na na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na na na na na na
youve got every right to a beautiful life c'mon
who says who says your not perfect
who says your not worth it
who says your the only one thats hurting...
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posted by cloerabia14
 Selena in a comic book!
Selena in a comic book!
Bluewater Productions is releasing special editions of repackaged graphic novels featuring Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner this fall.

The new comics will feature additional artwork, story content and new covers to expand each edition to around 40 pages. Both Selena and Taylor’s editions sold out in their original release, which is why the company is re-issuing them with più exclusive content in the coming months.

Selena’s comic will be available in select bookstores this September.

Wow We Will Totally Have Fun Right?
What do te guys think?
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posted by keninv
Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992)[2] is an American actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the Televisione movies, Another Cenerentola Story and Princess Protection Program.

Before Disney, she had one of the kid roles on Barney & Friends. In 2008, she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and contributed to the Tinker Bell, Another Cenerentola Story and Wizards of Waverly Place soundtracks. Her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, released their debut studio...
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