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Rocky's POV

The successivo giorno at school, Cece and I were at our lockers when Ty and Deuce came up to us. Ty facing Cece and Deuce facing me. "Hey guys." Ty said. "Cece, can I talk to te alone." Cece nodded and Ty and Cece went somewhere where they thought Deuce and I couldn't hear. The reason I detto thought was because I gave Cece these really cool earrings with these things that makes te hear everything that person is saying and who he o she is talking to. "Should we tell Deuce and Rocky." Ty said. "I don't know, I'm not sure if she'll be happy o pull my head off. Lets wait maybe for a couple...
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posted by cutepuppy44
(At cece house)
Rocky: I am here are u ready
Cece:ya so should we get a cab o take the bus
Cece: ok
(at the bus)
Rocky : oh ciao tinka how are u
Tinka : I am just going too the mall.
Cece: we are just getting baby chothing
Tinka : it's ok cece I know u are prenget.
Cece:ok soo who te like
Tinka: ummm ty!
Tinka: yes it's true so who do like rocky
Rocky: ummmm ..... Guter!!!!
Tinka and cece: WHAT!!!!!!!
Rocky: it's true ok geez
(at the mall )
Rocky:I like this dress
Cece: I do too
The end
CeCe's POV- It's almost been two months since Gunther left to go back to his country. I really don't want to mention it to anybody, mainly Rocky because she thinks I am so CeCe, and not in Amore with Gunther, I Amore the way his hair is so perfect, and his eyes are so welcoming and WHAT AM I DOINGZ! I am actually thinking this way about Gunther! Ewe! I think.

Rocky's POV- "Hey CeCe!" CeCe looked Lost in thought when I walked into her small apartment. "Oh Rocky, hi!" CeCe fake smiled but she wasn't hiding anything. I am her best friend, I know something's up when something's up. "What's up?" I...
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