Simon Cowell Simon's Always right!

I_love_Simon posted on Jan 05, 2009 at 07:15PM
SO, what are your opinions on this statement. I think that it's true!

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più di un anno fa ShahbazKm said…
Yes.I like him.If Simon and Randy weren't here so the show would tottaly not be intresting.I'm thinking why does simon wear the same lovebird t-shirts.Yeaa Todays Amerixan Idol Coomooon.Baby.
Anoop.Adam.Or Scott May Have A Chance To Win.Dany Gokey Is Good But I'm tired of hearing him say I'm doing this and that because my wife is dead thats darn obsessed over nite annoying man!
più di un anno fa ShahbazKm said…
Dany Try To Kiss Your Darn Wife