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posted by KaylaFoxeh
Angel Town is a military base run da one General and two lieutenant-generals It is a base equivelent to the size of one of the Maldive islands.

There is an air force called the Angel Town Guardians which consists of 29 F-16's, 30 F-18's and F-22's. about 100 C-17's and bombers. There is also one F-20 belonging to Angel Town's leader.

In the centre is the central command centre. On the left of the command centre there is a military training school for cadets and a MASH.

On the right of the command centre are the soldiers bunks, a playground and a daycare. Behind the command centre

is the air...
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posted by KaylaFoxeh
Name: Sindaj

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Species: Penguin

Altercations: Right wing has non conductive metal wing bone replacements due to injury in a superiore, in alto secret, nearly suicidal mission.

Eye Colors: left eye green, right eye blue

Flipper length and beak size: Skipper's flipper length and Private's beak size

Height: Marlene's height

Body shape: Marlene's exact body shape

Rank: General

Languages: Mainly speaks German. Knows Russian, French, Danish, Italian, English fluent

Number: 3-5-6-4-0-9-1-8

Secret Weapon: Military Might

Talents: Combat master, knows taekwondo, She can do technological stuff, robotics and...
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