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Flight 29 Down Chapter 1
Jesse all my clothes are dirty. What am I suppose to do? I asked while trying to find something clean.
Here, te can borrow some shorts and a t-shirt of mine. Jackson said.
It's okay, I don't have to go since I don't have any clothes. I said.
Put them on. Jackson detto really mad.
What about a bra? I asked.
Do I look like I would own one? Jackson asked sarcasticly.
He threw the clothes at me and I went to go change.
I look like a boy. I detto as I came out of the bathroom.
Nah, your girly in every way and besides te a boobs. Jackson detto laughing.
Grow up. Do te really laugh...
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It's Complicated Chapter Thirty Six
I woke up in the hospital. I knew I would be in the hospital after all that happened. But my eyes were crusted with sleepy, I must have been out for a while. All I could remember was Jake slapping my face and and strangling me. But I felt too sore for that just to happen. My head, stomach, arms, practically my whole body was hurting.
I looked around the room and didn't see anyone in here. I wondered where they could be. I noticed I was connected to all sorts of machine. I had stuff taped to my arms, head, and chest. It was very odd.
Jasper walked in the room....
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 15
Are te going to tell? Jackson asked like 5 minuti had passed.
Yes. I have a crush on Stephan. I blurted out.
I knew that. Jackson said.
Well this is where it gets complicated. I said.
What do te mean complicated? Jackson asked.
Well I think I am starting to like this other boy while I like Stephan. I said.
Oh I see and who is this other boy? Jackson asked curious.
Can I describe him? I asked hoping he would be stupid and not realize it was him.
Sure. Jackson said.
He is taller than me, has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen and has dirty blonde hair. I said.
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Carter, Peter Pan, and The Lost Boys Chapter Three
Hey guys! I have a picture of Carter and Peter Pan!!
If te have any domande on what they wear o anything just commento below!! Thanks!!

The sirene detto that Hook had captured Tiger Lily, John, and Michael and was taking them to Skull Cave.
It was no telling where Peter and Wendy where at so I would go alone. I went back home and grabbed a sword. I looked around for the boys but didn't see any of them. I figured I should leave a note but than again Peter had Wendy, he didn't need me any more.
I set off to Skull Cave, it's not very hard to find....
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 12
I was scared to look back. I didn't want to if he fell. I warned him.  
I saw Jackson and Lex set their fuoco wood down and come towards me. I turned around and look at Narhan who was laying on the ground unconious.
What happen? Lex and Jackson asked at the same time.
He climbed a albero and was almost to the superiore, in alto when he fell. I detto annoy that Nathan didn't listen to me.
Nathan? Jackson asked worried.
You two take care of him. I will get the coconuts. I said.
We can't risk it. te might get hurt like Nathan. Lex said.
I can climb. Trust me. I said.
I started climbing and got...
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This Is My Life Chapter Twenty Nine
Tristan's POV
I had noticed dad was coming home late from work. Every other night would tell us to order pizza o something. Especially, on the weekends. I could not figure it out. But I had a feeling that he was dating again and was keeping it from Haley and I. Haley had not noticed too much. She was always hanging out with Nick. They were together every moment they were awake until they had to go to their separate bedrooms. But that, even that did not keep them from talking. I could always hear Haley talking to Nick through their open windows. Thankfully,...
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This Is My Life Chapter Twenty Eight
It was Natale break and boy was I glad! The weather was really cold, so I did not go out much. Not unless dad told me too. Then I would usually just walk outside and then come right back in.
Everything between Nick and I worked out. I had to explain to him why I would just want to drop out. But he convinced me to stay until I graduated. Which would be okay, considering that I only had a anno and a half left. And if I ever got married and had kids I would be would able to help them in school. So that is a manor reason for staying.
"Haley, get up," Tristan...
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It's Complicated Chapter Thirty Three
Billy's POV
It has been a couple of weeks since I had seen o heard from Lila! I was starting to get worried. I mean, she has never been away from for più than night since her parents have died. I was starting to think she was not coming back. Did Jacob really run her off? It was not my fault that she got beat up. Jake and Sam both warned her, so she should have gone away like they had told her! But she is hardheaded just like her father.
"Hey dad," Jake detto as he looked at me, "what's wrong?"
"I have not heard from Lila and it has been almost two months,"...
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This Is My Life Chapter Twenty Seven
After Nick and I went rock climbing it was time to go to our own houses. It was pretty late and dad was mad when I got home. Apparently, I stay out too late on school nights! Dad just does not like me spending so much time with Nick.
I laid in my letto that night with the moonlight shining in. I was looking at the locket that Nick gave to me this morning. It was absolutely gorgeous. Nick made me the happiest girl in the world. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world; he made me feel...special! I was lucky to have him.nIt was hard to think that...
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It's Complicated Chapter Thirty Two
Jasper's POV
I was helping mom in cucina when dad walked in with Lila who was all beaten up.
"Lila, what happen to you," I asked in shocked.
"Jasper," mom exclaimed, "do not be rude!"
"Sorry, Lila," I said.
"It is okay," she shrugged, "I ran into a little trouble a few days ago."
"Oh, I am sorry," I said.
I noticed while Lila and I were talking dad and mom wet inti another room to talk.
Lila was looking down at the floor as her cheeks turned red. I noticed she was saying something but I could not tell. My stupid deafness was not making this friendship with Lila easy!...
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This is My Life Chapter Twenty Six
I woke up that morning. My window was open and as I looked out I could see the sun was shining. I could also hear the birds chirping. I laid in my letto just staring out the window when all the sudden I noticed a small box laying there on the ledge of my window. I stared at it for some time before I got up. I liked being lazy in the mornings. But me being as curious as I was; I got up and went to the box. It had to be from Nick! Who else would leave my window open with a box sitting there?!
"Nick," I asked as I leaned out my window to see if he was here, "are...
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It's Complicated Chapter Thirty One
I did not sit in the room long da myself. Charlie came in their da himself. I guess they sent him because they knew that I would possibly talk to him. What am I suppose to do ratto out Jake and Sam? o tell Charlie how Billy has not done a thing about them.
"Hey Lila," Charlie detto as he came in room.
"Hi," I detto as I felt my cheeks turn red with embarrassment.
"You do not have to be scared talking to me," he stated, "you can tell me anything."
I stared at him, not really sure what to say o do.
"Do te feel comfortable talking to me o would rather talk to a woman...
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ciao y'all, sorry if this story is not that good! I am majorly stuck on this one! Hope y'all understand and thank te for reading!

Haley's POV
Nick and I went outside to his back yard. It was really cute. There was a tire swing in the middle of yard. It was hanging from one of the biggest trees I had ever seen here. The yard was fenced in which I thought to be a little odd.
"Come lay close to me," Nick detto as he laid in the grass.
I went over to him and laid da him. We watched the sun set from just looking up at the sky. Eventually, the stars came out and it turned to such a pretty night.
"It is...
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It's Complicated Chapter Thirty
Lila's POV
I sat on the divano while Embry and Billy went to the cucina to talk. Of course I was in pain. Mentally and physically. I had to idea what they were really talking about. Every now and then I would hear on of the sigh in frustration.
"You are going to let Jacob get da with this," Embry yelled, "what kind of father are you?"
I could not hear Billy reply but I am sure it was something like 'just calm down; this is not that big of a deal'.
"Embry, I told te what he would say," I stated loudly, "and te have even heard it from him. So can we please go back...
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This Is My Life Chapter Twenty Four
Nick's POV
I had all ready made up my mind that I was going to talk to that dumb guy who slapped MY girlfriend on the butt. He was going to get a beat down! I knew I could take him. He may be able to run fast but his strength is in his legs. It was getting close to the end of the day. I had not seen that guy yet. But he was older and was not any of our classes.
Of course, Haley was not going to find out about this. o other wise she would kill me. She was very independent when it comes to her protecting herself.
"Nick, is something wrong," Haley asked as we walked...
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I sat here in one of the glass the rooms with a cop. We were just sitting here silently. Horatio was off to do something. Why on earth would that guy take Lola. I mean she is probably annoying the heck out of them!
"Kyle, come with me," Horatio detto as he stuck his head into the room.
I got up and followed him to his hummer.
"Get in," he demanded as I got in quickly.
He opened his door and noticed a piece of paper sitting in his seat.
"What's that," I asked curiously.
"I have no idea," he detto as he got out and looked around, "it's a note... from Lola!"
"What," I asked shocked.
"Yeah, but here is...
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It's Complicated Chapter Twenty Nine
Embry's POV
My body hurt everywhere. I could not sposta because of the pain and Lila was on superiore, in alto of me. But why was she on superiore, in alto of me. I do not even remember coming over to me when I was on the ground.
"Lila," I asked hoping she would answer me, "are te okay?"
I gave her a few secondi to reply but she never did. Surely, those Sam and them did not beat her death. I stopped breathing and I could her stomach rising and falling. I was so thankful.
"Lila, please wake up," I begged, "please!"
"Embry, are te okay," she asked softly.
"I think so," I said, "are te okay?"...
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This Is My Life Chapter Twenty Three
The rest of the giorno passed da quickly and when I got home Nick was there. It was a great surprise.
"Hey babe, how was school," he asked as I threw my backpack down.
"Brutal," I shrugged, "how was your day?"
"It's was okay. I am feeling a lot better now,"
"That is good," I said.
We sat on the divano and just watched tv. It was so relaxing after a hard giorno of school. But it did not las long till dad came home and told me to do school work.
By the end of the giorno I was bored and tired. I just wanted this giorno to end and tomorrow to start fresh! The only way of making...
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A Strange Way of Falling in Amore Chapter Four
After sobering up I found out that I was going to have to go to court on two different counts. I had already told them about being blacked mailed to kidnap that woman. I also told them why I had ha rubato, stola the barca and who was on there. They had no idea that Lola was on the boat. It had been hours since I had been arrested. She was still in the più fresco, dispositivo di raffreddamento and still drunk as ever. I have never seen someone hold so much alcohol! Needless to say Horatio Caine was very upset with her. She was in one of the glass rooms with him and a cop. te could actually hear...
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