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posted by TakTheFox
So I just started yet another species, this time called "Ifedines"

te may notice the similarities to Identities, but I assure te that they are different.

First of all they don't morph and they don't have chaos energy powers.
Secondly they don't have the same origin, and aren't even mobians really (But they are sonic fan characters).

However if te want to know what their origin is, and find out più info, you’ll have to wait till there’s più involvement in “Mobius Academy: Evolution” (link) as this is where they first appear.

After that I will make an official guide to them, but not until we get più people on the forum.

So till then,
Happy Roleplaying and fan on.

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I sat down on the leather sofa as Commander Victor plumped into his plush chair behind his desk. “So, what did te want to see me for, sir?” I asked. The commander lit a cigar and puffed out a ring of smoke. He sat watching it until it hit the ceiling and dissolved into thin air. “Sergeant Forge, I’ve just received special top-secret information from Command.” My mind started racing. Command? The same Command that had a facility covering the entire surface area of a whole planet? “What did it say?” I asked, trying to hide the anxiety in my voice. He opened a drawer in his desk...
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So I’ve been looking around for “What character would be your girlfriend” in personality quiz but I almost NEVER find any, so I thought I’d make one myself.

Note: For this I did not add any future-tense characters like Saber, Sissy, o Relm, but if te guys want I can make one about the future characters some time too.

Question one
What is your personality in a nutshell?
1.    Fun-loving, random, energetic.
2.    Calculating, aggressive, prone to anger issues.
3.    Friendly, patient, very outspoken about my beliefs.
4.    Anti-social,...
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Lil' Freak-Usher
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