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posted by TakTheFox
So I just started yet another species, this time called "Ifedines"

te may notice the similarities to Identities, but I assure te that they are different.

First of all they don't morph and they don't have chaos energy powers.
Secondly they don't have the same origin, and aren't even mobians really (But they are sonic fan characters).

However if te want to know what their origin is, and find out più info, you’ll have to wait till there’s più involvement in “Mobius Academy: Evolution” (link) as this is where they first appear.

After that I will make an official guide to them, but not until we get più people on the forum.

So till then,
Happy Roleplaying and fan on.

posted by shadowknuxgirl
G-Sil was chokeing Silhouette, holding her above a pond. Shock, V2, Claws, Prime, and Rico stood about 5 feet from them. One step closer, and G-Sil could've dropped Silhouette into the pond. Silhouette was bleeding oil, which made it look più disgusting than blood. Her oxygen supply was running low, and she could barely move. Her ears were releasing smoke. And her eyes looked red and tired. It was like her own personal hell. The sky was red and cloudy. The sounds of sirens filled the air. But I'm starting at the ending, let's start at the beginning, shall we.........?

Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!!
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posted by Silvaze_4_life
This is the 10 Citazioni that Danny use in his life and in his stories.

1. Most cant relive life...i relive all.

2. Finding your calling in life is easy... preforming it is the hard part.

3. No te cant stop it...its too powerful for te and me.

4. If we are mobians...are we like the humans.

5. Everyone has a power, a skill and a your own will find it.

6. No one is good o bad...they are the same thing.

7. Being a hero is hard but earning your reputation at the end is all i need.

8. He win ands we lose...but if we win we fight to win another day

9. Don't judge a hedgehog da its looks...judge it da what choices it chooses

10. Matter is in my world...all i need to do is to learn it more.
posted by Giz_4ever
Fly on the wings of love
Fly baby fly
Reaching the stars above
Touching the sky

In the summer night
When the moon shines bright
Feeling Amore forever
And the heat is on
When the daylight is gone
Still - happy together

There is just one più thing I would like to add
She is the greatest Amore I've ever had

Fly on the wings of love
Fly baby fly
Reaching the stars above
Touching the sky

And as time goes by
There is a lot to try
And I'm feeling lucky ooo yea
In the softest sand
Smiling hand in hand
Amore is all around me

There's just one più thing I would like to add
She is the greatest Amore I've ever had

Fly on the wings of love
Fly baby fly
Reaching the stars above
Touching the sky.
Unless this has already been talked about, I'd like to point out why I dont agree with it:

I mean if u can't come up with BETTER powers then ok, it's fine. have ur character posses the same power as an official character, such as: Speed like Sonic o fuoco like Blaze seems wrong. That power has already been done and used da SEGA on their characters, and I don't THINK u should steal o copy that and give ur character their power. Seems like...Uh...Power Theft? Not sure but it don't seem right. Anyone know where I'm coming from with this?
Sonic 2 Metropolis Zone remixed da Siditious similar style to Benny Bennassi.
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1.Draw A cerchio And Guidelines
2.(if its a female character)Add A Bump Near The Head
3.Add Clothes With più Style Not Plain Green Shirts o Just Blue Pants Thats UNoringal
4.Hands Gloves o No Gloves Mittens Braclets ANYTHING
5.Tail.Draw A Hedgehog Tail(like a Cani tail)OR A Cat volpe o Any Other Specie Mix
6.Legs:Easy Booty o Something o Leggings Strips Ankel Braclets Rings Tatoo
7.Feet:OBISVOSY add a little tiny curve so the feet te cant see them because SHOES DUH
8.Shoes:Color Accerious Braclets Socks mostrare Socks Flip Flops Sneckers High Heels
9.Head Tips:Add A Fringe o Something Hair Spikes Shades(<---- that means sunglasses)0.0 BLOW THEIR MINDS WITH SEXY HOT fan CHARACTERS 0.0 O.O PEE THEIR PANTS OFF XD
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 Character Chart-- Acid
Character's full name: Yxari (Ee-zar-ee) Sadaris
Reason o meaning of name: None
Character's nickname: Acid
Reason for nickname: she is an Acid Monster
Birth date: 1st November.
Gender: Female
Theme: Headstrong-- TRAPT

Physical appearance
Age: 19
How old does he/she appear: 12
Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 2"7
Body build: Quite skinny to a point where it's sickening. Her ribs even poke out when she takes off her hoodie.
Shape of face: n/a.
Eye colour: Glowing green-yellow, color of toxic waste.
Glasses o contacts: Tinted sunglasses to hide her eyes.
Skin tone: Quite pale, since she hadn't...
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
G-Sil and Silhouette kept fighting. Meanwhile in the city, Prime, Rico, and Claws were all talking. Prime was trying to sell some stuff to them. But they weren't buying. Soon enough, Shock and V2 ran up to the group. "We got a problem!" shouted Shock. Rico replied "a problem. What is it?" before Shock could answer, a loud noise and a nube, nuvola of smoke were heard and seen at a nearby building. Yep. G-Sil had kicked Silhouette. Right into that building. "um... That's the problem..." detto Shock. "well, I'm not gonna be a bystander!" shouted V2. She let her temper get the better of her. She charged towards G-Sil and attacked. But G-Sil was unscathed. For she transferred the damage to Silhouette. Silhouette tried to fight back, but G-Sil was just to powerful...........

Stay tuned for Part 4!!!!!!!!!
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