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Now I know this is kinda strange, and I ONLY used origin characters. I didn't use Eggman because I thought he didn't fit any of the roles. If te don't agree with where I put some characters tell me and I might change it if I see how that character would fit a different one. I might add pictures later if i find good ones of both. Anyway... Here it goes.

Jet — Chris
Storm — Chef
Sonic — Tyler
Shadow — Duncan
Amy — Lindsay
Fiona — Heather
Silver — Trent
Blaze — Gwen
Cosmo — Beth
Tails — Noah
Big — Owen
Rouge — Courtney
Sally — Leshawna
Wave — Eva
Knuckles — Geoff
Espio — Cody
Vector — Harold
Tikal — Izzy
Julie-su — Bridgette
Cream — Katie
Marine — Sadie
Charmy — Ezekiel
Chip — DJ
Mighty — Justin
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In the dark of the night a teenage girl ran through the dark forest. She ran as quickly as she she could, not looking back. She ran so fast that every breath of air she took sounded like a gasp for life. She heard voices behind her but she didn't dare stop and look. She got so frightened tears started streaming down her face. She tripped over a albero root and hit the ground so hard it knocked the air out of her. She lay there, motionless, for a few secondi before she came to. Voices were all around her. She was so scared she could hardly move.
    “Leave me alone!” she...
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