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TheAdventGhost posted on May 05, 2012 at 12:42AM
Create a character, RP as them, that's it.






Meister or Weapon(if weapon what kind):

Anything else you want us to know:


1. Be chill

2. Have up to 3 characters

3. Don't kill other characters

4. Able to talk to original characters, make sure it makes sense.

5. You can't be too strong.

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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:what?you aren't serious
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Jiro: Very serious. It's too obvious
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:that's wrong. Ryoku has never settled for one girl before. he's always following all the cute girls he sees. for years now our relationship has purely been that of a meister and a weapon and it's not today he will be interested in a girl like the way deep within i'm sure he finds me boring cuz all i do is study and train. i never have time for fun like he does. there's no way two complete opposites like us could get along
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Jiro: Why do you keep putting yourself down?!
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:i'm not putting myself down.that's just the plain truth i'm definitely not his type
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Soma: Why not just do what I do, keep him away from other girls? *glares at Jiro*
Jiro: *slightly shaking*
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:the problem is that will look too jealous and i don't want him to know what i really feel for him cuz the truth is i really love Ryoku but i don't have the guts to admit it. it's easy for you to do that Soma cuz you both are already aware of your feelings for each other but that isn't the case for us and that makes things difficult
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Soma: Would Ryoku give his life for you?
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:actually... yeah he has always been telling me that a weapon is always ready to sacrificce everything for his meister and that he will even be ready to die for me
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Soma: He's getting there, it's starting,
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:do you really think i have a chance to conquer his heart?
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Soma: In all reality, you have the chance. Go for it.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:"stays silent for a while then smiles and says" thanks both of you .i now am convinced that it can work between us but i don't yet know where and when to tell him
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Jiro: The time will come.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Jasmine:i really hope
Ryoku:"comes back" sorry for acting up like that Jasmine. It's just that i...i
più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Jiro: We'll leave you 2 alone, *He leaves with Soma*
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Ryoku:I was really jealous
Jasmine:but why?
Ryoku:for the past years i've been acting like i was always after other girls but all that was just to hide the fact that i really loved you Jasmine.i was afraid to face the fact that i had fallen for you.i thought you considered me as a cheap guy and you would never be interested in me and i feared that.But today Jasmine i have the courage to admit it ,I Love You Jasmine Low.
Jasmine:"throws arms around his neck and kisses him tenderly.the kiss lasts for some time then they part"
I Love You too Ryoku Rickardson
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più di un anno fa TheAdventGhost said…
Jiro: *back at home with Soma* We patched things up for a couple,
Soma: It's like we're a couple of miracle workers.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Ryoku & Jasmine:"walk away hand in hand"
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
(won't be on for some time go on without me)