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Try as she might, Bonnie just can't seem to get it right. Maybe she's destined to end up with jerks?...He's a saint. Then he's a murderer. But she loves him!...Then she hates him! They're a disaster.
The Vampire Diaries
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stefan and bonnie disaster
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Warning:This contains a lot of boring context so read at your own risk!

I fell in Amore with Stefonnie way back in season 1.
It is my OTP after Bamon.They are so cute together and have undeniable chemistry.
It's one of the reasons I believe the writers are keeping Bonnie away from the Salvatore(the chemistry)!

Stefan and Bonnie from the very first episode 1x01 Pilot had a connection.Bonnie noticed him first and if my memory serves me correctly detto "that's a hot back",indicating quite clearly that she found him as attractive and judging from his smirk in the classroom that attraction is reciprocated,lol!...
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