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Here's a game i made up.. It's really awesome. Play it with all your friends!!:

Love Tap:

To play Amore Tap te first have to draw a cuore on your hand and write a number in it. That number is the number of days te are Amore tapped. So this means that whenever a girl touches te te have to say "Luv Ya!" To herand hug her. But if a boy touches you, te have to say "What'ya do that for??" And then roll your eyes. I know it's pretty funny. I changed the part when ever someone says your name because it's too much like other games. Remeber that number on your hand? Well if te want to Amore tap someone...
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Tia sat down at her grandma's old, creaky, table, and sighed. Her grandma had been baking alot of her Awesome mela, apple pies lately. Her parent's had been in a car crash recently and are still in the hospital recovering, so Tia is staying with her grandparent's for now.

"Tia," Her grandmother started, "The landlord needs the house payment this mese but we just can't afford it this month. We have to sell some of the animals.... I'm sorry dear." Her grandmother stopped, tears strolling down her cheaks. "But, grandma!" Tia protested. "No buts about it Tia. We are already barely covering...
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Tia was walking down the dirt road to her grandparent's house when she heard her named being called. "Oh, must be Grandma," She detto to herself, hurrying her pace. After about another minuto of walking she reached the edge of the path to their house. In the distance she could hear the noises of her grandma's animal's. The roosters were crowing, cows moo-ing, pigs oinking, and goats making some kind of noise.

"Oh, Tia, there te are!" Her grandmother exclaimed when she walked in the door. Tia smelled her grandmother's Awesome torta di mele in the oven. Tia's shoulder's dropped. Her grandmother never baked her Awesome mela, apple Pie. Not unless something was wrong..............