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"Father, wait up!" i called out, struggling to keep up because of the snow. It was the middle of leaf-bare, and prey was hard to find. Because of that, our family moved often to get più prey. The past times we moved weren't very good. 2 times we ran into other clans, and the most recente move, there were Lupi near us. Pain ripped through me as i remembered what happened to Bravespark. Three Lupi had cornered Thinfrost and i, baring their fangs. I could see the flashing white teeth threatening to rip into us. Sharp claws tore at the ground below us. Burning amber eyes burned into our souls....
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Chapter 1    

Clover walked through the forest with two kits dangling from her jaws, a tabby tom followed her with two più and a white she-cat with one. Clover came to a stop and placed her kits between her paws. “Thank-you for helping me Tiger,” she nodded at the tom, then briefly touched noses with him “And Snow, I’ll never forget your help.” The other two Gatti set down their bundles and touched noses with Clover, Tiger lingered a secondo longer “I Amore te Clover I always have, but our kits belong with te and te have chosen to go somewhere else.” He said...
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