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There have been 3 fragola frollino, shortcake animated shows, but my preferito isn't the first mostra o the new show. My preferito is the secondo fragola frollino, shortcake mostra which first came out in 2003.

The Berry Big Plot

Most of the show's episodes involve 1 of fragola Shortcake's Friends having a problem. They usually have a important lesson to learn which fragola frollino, shortcake helps them with. The Pie Man often causes fragola frollino, shortcake and her Friends più conflicts. Most of fragola Shortcake's Friends are human females, but there's also mirtillo, huckleberry Pie (a boy) and Honey Pie Pony.

The show's...
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The 2003 series had such good songs, honestly...
frollino, shortcake
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