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misanthrope86 posted on Feb 04, 2017 at 07:32AM
YET ANOTHER 'SUICIDE SQUAD' CHALLENGE! This one is the Post-DVD Release Challenge! Surely y'all know the drill by now, but if not... just answer the following questions (either one a day, a few at a time, or all at once...). Some people like to post edits along with their answers just for fun, so as long as you aren't stealing other people's work, all edits are welcome! If you have any ideas or requests for a challenge question, let me know!

1. Extended cut or theatrical cut?
2. Best Joker moment/scene?
3. Best Harley moment/scene?
4. Best Rick Flag moment/scene?
5. Best Slipknot moment/scene?
6. Best Captain Boomerang moment/scene?
7. Best Deadshot moment/scene?
8. Best Katana moment/scene?
9. Best El Diablo moment/scene?
10. Best Enchantress/June Moone moment/scene?
11. Best Killer Croc moment/scene?
12. Best Amanda Waller moment/scene?
13. Favourite new moment/scene in extended cut?
14. Most underutilised character?
15. Favourite featurette?
16. Best performance?
17. Which version do you own/would you like to own?
18. Spin-off you are most excited for?
19. Hopes for 'Suicide Squad 2'? (ie which 'Suicide Squad' characters do you want to see introduced in 'Suicide Squad 2'? What kinds of storylines do you hope to see?)
20. Updated character ranking.
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