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Fefe92 posted on Mar 03, 2011 at 04:11PM
Guys, brace yourselves:It Could be a new movie of Mario and the inseparable Luigi. And this time, in 3D.
The 1993 film, with actors in the flesh, it wasn't very successful,because of a little abstruse use of characters (Daisy was a researcher and was the lookalike of another woman who died time before, Bowser, who in the film was named Koopa, was a dodgy man with two henchmen nephews, Iggy and Larry, who in the video game and cartoon were two of his children.);and because it is a little difficult to replicate the features of these great characters in real semblance, partly because the Mario's world is full of fantasy creatures, and reproduce them in human key means to denature it, let's face clearly.
For this reason Nintendo is still hesitant to do that. At least,she left open a crack.
During the interview, the Nintendo representatives said that they'll make another Mario movie, only if they are sure of its upward on the public, because, as they specified:"Mario and Luigi: we created them, they are like our children and we have the utmost care for 'em. "
There only remains to hope this little hope of watching again the 2 mustachioed plumbers on the big screen take root.
And you? What do you think? Do you want the return of Mario & Co. on the screen? Let an opinion! ! -)
 Guys, brace yourselves:It Could be a new movie of Mario and the inseparable Luigi. And this time, in

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più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
big smile
its graet i love the mario bros
più di un anno fa Fefe92 said…
Me too...
più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
coool and tnx again
più di un anno fa Animeboy296 said…
I hope there will be a other Super Mario movie. Mario is the best
più di un anno fa EclecticFan78 said…
I remembered when the original movie came out and I thought it was a good interpetation of the material, granted it could have been more faithful to the game, but I still thought it was a fun flick. But I would like to see them do another movie with a bigger fantasy element.
più di un anno fa madscientist117 said…
I wander when they're making the new one.
più di un anno fa lavalord2012 said…
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