Super Mario Bros The World Upside Down:my Mario story

Fefe92 posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 09:33AM
It's morning. Our heroes in overalls wake up, perky as usual. When all of a sudden ...
"Ouch, Luigi, last night I slept really badly, I feel like I got broken up ... and then reassembled like a puzzle,here is. I feel so."
Auks,Luigi jumped startled.
"M-Mario, in fact you've become a bunch of cubes!"
"Ah-ah, Luigi, thank you want me for pull up a little, but look, I'm just in a bad way ..."
"Mario is not a joke, look at you!You seem made of those cubes for children aged 0 to 3 years, those with above cartoons!"
"Stop saying bullshit!" Mario was exasperated.
"If you don't believe me, placed yourself in front of a mirror!"
And Mario mirrored himself. And he saw dozens of sharp cubes of different colors to form the body and the clothes.
"MAMMA MIA!" Then he slumped to the ground. He thought for a moment what to do, until his pupils rested on a strange silver ball that was on the shelf.
"Luigiii!" Mario shouted. "What is this? Where did you get it? I don't think I've ever seen it."And as he turned it round and round in his hands, the ball began to lament!
"Ouch! Mario, that's enough! I am your brother!"
Mario, astonished because the ball was speaking, sprang it suddenly.
"Lu-Luigi! You've turned into a ball! And then I would be the odd for which be frightened!"
"I-I could not believe to have suffered mutations, I always felt the same when I woke up ..."
"I dare, you have slept on the shelf, which is as tall as you! Of course you didn't notice differences in height with the night before!"
Luigi rolled his eyes. "I-I slept on the shelf? I don't remember anything, I'm sorry."
Mario began to feel an uneasiness inside. "Listen, here is happened something serious. We have to investigate. Come on, my brother!"
"Maybe .. maybe other people are so reduced. Or even worse."
"Exactly. Walk brother! .. uh ... roll!"
"How funny! And you be careful not to lose the pieces!"
"There is no danger!"
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più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
its a very coool story
is there a part 2??

più di un anno fa Fefe92 said…
Oh,many and many parts...something sinister is the Mushroom Kingdom...and not only.
più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
big smile
thats better
più di un anno fa Fefe92 said…
più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
big smile
my plesere