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 Welcome everyone!
Welcome everyone!
Here it is the SPN Interview with Kaidi! Hope te all enjoy it! So lets get started for this totally awesome journey with one of SPN biggest Sam girls...

1.Introduce yourself please

Hello! *waves madly* So, um, my name is Kaidi, I'm 15 and I'm from Estonia. I Amore music, summer, hanging out with my buddies and of course, Supernatural ;)

2.When did te first start watching SPN?

It was last year, at the beginning of March, I think, when I saw a commercial in a local channel of a mostra about two brothers on the road, hunting Supernatural creatures. Because I absolutely adore this kind of mysterious...
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 te don't have to wait long for a smirk from Dean o a pout from Sammy.
You don't have to wait long for a smirk from Dean or a pout from Sammy.
I think while watching Supernatural we do learn a, here's a lista of things our preferito mostra had thought us:

1. The correct response to bitch! is always jerk!.
2. Say no chick flick moments when te want to avoid mushy conversation.
3. If you're in a car accident, don't worry about those embarrassing open-back hospital clothes, because if you're incredibly attractive (like Dean) they just give te nice tight white shirts and blue trousers.
4. Every house should own a huge salt cellar.
5. Always keep a paper clip at hand just in case te happen to need one.
6. Pay close attention to your Latin...
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Dean Winchester
season 7
Jensen Ackles
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 Misha Collins
Misha Collins
1. He has the most mesmerizing bright blue eyes that can charm anyone. Its his known trademark.

2. His full name - Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic isn't just a bit of a mouthful, it makes him sound like a Russian spy.

3. He makes short look hot - Yea so he's only 5'11 unlike Jensen and Jared who are 6'1 and 6'4 respectively, but his height doesn't stop him from being any less of a turn-on!

4. He is a published poet. So, not only is he an actor, but he can write poems as well! recitazione and Scrivere are two amazing qualities that most actors possess, and to have your works published is proof of how...
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