TDI/A's Harold Wall

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99148770 detto …
Well done Harold, For Standing up to Duncan and for changing the votes, I'm glad Courtney is Eliminated, Because She is Bossy, Rude, Whiny little Coward. postato più di un anno fa
TealGuru detto …
te know what makes me mad? Those people who hate Harold "CUASE HE GUT KOURTNEY VOOOTEED OFF"Sure, Harold shouldn't have gone for Courtney, but he got Duncan mad. And Duncan was humiliating Harold every secondo he was on TDI. postato più di un anno fa
EgoMouse commentato…
I know! I bet if these people got bullied (just like me), they wouldn't be too happy either! I have sympathies for poor Harold :( He didn't deserved getting bullied all the time. più di un anno fa