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posted by starburst-rock
(Soo guys..This is it :( I hope u enjoy! Full credit 2 Alternativeactress!)

The successivo morning, I woke up to a just rising sun. I smiled and pulled myself out of bed. I took a quick doccia and blow dried my hair. I applied my makeup. I changed into a pair of baggy dark blue jeans, a studded bet, and a black and red plaid camicia with a black tank superiore, in alto underneath. I kept the plaid camicia unbuttoned and walked back over to my bed. I pulled on my black sneakers and walked out of my room to grab some breakfast. I made sure that my iPod and room key was in my pocket before leaving.

I walked into the elevator...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Only 8 più chapters left!!! Kinda makes me sad :( Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!!)

Back in first class, Duncan and I were enjoying our "reception". Duncan had his iPod in the dock that Chris had dato us as a reward - along with cake - and was playing his music. He was skimming through his Musica while the song The Catalyst da Linkin Park played. Suddenly, his face lit up when he saw a song. He played it.
"Me and my boys back home Amore this song." He said. It started with just some weird lyrics.

"What the fuck is this?" I asked.

"Shots da LMFAO (A/N: I'm not kidding. That's...
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posted by starburst-rock
(If u don't like fluffy-ness, Go Away!! Extra fluffy chapter rite here! Full credit goes to alternatactress on Fanfiction.)

I sobbed into my knees while I sat alone in the warehouse. How could Duncan cheat on me? And after he told me I was the only one. Huh. "Only one" my ass. I thought while I stood up and wiped my eyes. I looked down at my hands. Black makeup was now smudged all over them. And I don't even want to think about what my eyes look like. Bet te the million I looked like a raccoon. I was about to give up on my cerca for working artifacts, when I found a small blinking box. I picked...
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posted by Gwentrend24
Gwen's P.O.V

"So Duncan, are te sure te know what you're doing?" I eagerly asked my best friend. "Relax Gwen. I studied, twice." he assured me. "Twice?! O.k, I'm not sitting in this car with te Duncan." I panicked. "Gwen, te promised. Please." he begged. Duncan gave me his best cucciolo dog face. Dang, the cucciolo dog face always works on me. "Fine." I agreed. Our driver's ed. driving instructor, Mr.Oz, jumped into the vehicle. Duncan always hated Mr.Oz. He would say that he was out to get him. I, on the other hand, was Mr.Oz's stella, star student. I played da the rules, Duncan didn't. I followed procedure,...
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posted by starburst-rock
(well hi guys! Guess what! I'm sick!! :P poo. ciao but that means I will try 2 update all my stories!!!! Again Full credit goes 2 Alternativeactress on Fanfiction! Enjoy!!!)

The successivo morning, we were eating real Cibo for breakfast. And da real food, I mean bon bons! I enjoyed the taste in my mouth. Then I turned my head to see Sierra sticking her thumb into Cody's mouth. I elbowed Duncan. He looked, and started laughing. I smiled and look out the window to see the Alps.

"Wow. I would never get a chance to see this if I wasn't on this show." I whispered. Then Chris's voice interrupted my bliss....
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(this ones short but it kinda get everything out of the way, and has DxGness! :D Soooo enjoy!)

The last part of the challenge was to make commercials for some kind of... er... I think it was candy. All I know is that we won, and Team Victory. From what Bridgette told me, it's either going to be Harold o DJ. I can't say for sure though.

During dinner, I was looking for Duncan. He was sitting alone, mainly because Courtney was too busy arguing with Heather about who team leader was. Why didn't I see him before? I walked over to him and sat successivo to him.

"Weren't te going to tell me who te were...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Ok I'm kinda disappointed that this story isn't getting a lot of comments......:( and on part 2 the only commento I got was asking 4 a doughnut -.- well please comment. Enjoy!)

The successivo day, we were sitting in the dining common, while Chris introduced our successivo location. He was talking about stuff that I really didn't give two shits about. So, I decided to daydream. What about? Well, Duncan. But then Chef burst through the metal doors with a samurai sword.

"Gosh guys, that's obviously a Chinese outfit." Harold ranted.

"Thank te Harold." Chris said. Though he obviously didn't really care at all....
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posted by Dugwen4ever
-----chapter 3-----
---Gwen's P.O.V.---
So Duncan, Courtney went up the pyramid with me but Cortney and me kept fighting the whole way up and that was really bad cuz just da looking at Duncan's face, means it was not good at all!
---Duncan's P.O.V.---
Cortney and Gwen were fighting the whole way up the pyramid and it was so annoying! But when we got to the superiore, in alto I kinda over reacted alittle... I detto "THAT'S IT I CAN'T HANDLE THESE TWO ANY LONGER! I QUIT!!!! YA HEAR McLean?!?" I went running down to him saying those words while dragging Cortney and Gwen behind me. When I got to the bottom Chris's...
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posted by Dugwen4ever
-----Chapter 1-----
---Gwen's thoughts---
So I just got here and what do I see? Chris with a microphone just waiting to scream the heck out of us, he says "Welcome back campers o should I say passengers!" Then I see a huge rusty old broken plane behind me and say "What is that?!". He says "That's what you'll be staying in for the successivo 8 weeks! Anywho there's a first class, a economy class, dining area, a elimination room and my part of the plane which is off LIMITS, got it Duncan?!?" Duncan just rolls his eyes then looks at me smiles and raises his unibrow. I smiled and waved at him then Cortney snapped in his face and glared at me. I rolled my eyes at her.
Okay, guys, here it is - my first fanfic (ever). My sister corrected my mistakes so everything should be alright.. So, anyways, I hope you'll like it. :]


Gwen's P.O.V.

...„You’re always staring at Duncan like he’s some kind of a god!” yelled Trent. „You know, we are together and he has a girlfriend too!”

„Had a girlfriend! Had!” I exclaimed.

„What..?” he was confused. „He broke up with Courtney?”

„Yeah! And I’m not staring at him like he’s some kinda god!” I continued.

„Yes, te are! And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d have kissed...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!!)

I woke up the successivo morning to another heat wave. Duncan was successivo to me, his head on my shoulder. I stood up and stretched. Sighing, I walked over to my bag to get a change of clothes. I decided on a black tank superiore, in alto with a neon green one over it, then a black short sleeved giacca with neon green trimmed sleeves. Then I also wore my black jeans and combat boots. then I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Duncan smiling at me. I smiled back at him and finished pulling on my jacket.

"Ready for today?" he asked me while...
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(I find it hilarious that all the sappy chapters r popolare xD well enjoy!)

I walked into first class with Duncan, Trent, and Alejandro, while my old team suffered in economy. I sat with Duncan while Trent sat with Alejandro. I sat on Duncan's lap while my legs hung over the arm of the seat. My head was back and Duncan was playing with my hair. I was enjoying my bliss until Chris walked in with that smile that I just wanted to slap off his face sometimes. I held my breath while he walked over to me and Duncan, then began to breath when he passed us and walked over to Trent and Alejandro. I looked...
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posted by starburst-rock
Trent. Trent. Trent? Trent! Trent! TRENT! Really? Life, why do te hate me so? At least Trent was joining the other team. I walked into first class and sank into a seat. I placed my hands on my face and sighed in frustration. Duncan sat successivo to me and rubbed my shoulder in an attempt to relax me. Since it was an elimination challenge, Trent couldn't be voted out thanks to Chris. And Noah detto something to tick off Alejandro. The Spanish teen keeps glaring at the bookworm. Something about an anguilla dipped in motor oil o something? So I guess that means Noah's out. I felt like I had to vent my...
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posted by starburst-rock
At around 7:47 at night the successivo day, we were relaxing in first class. Until the plane started shaking. Courtney and Heather were screaming, Sierra was hugging Cody for comfort, and I was clutching into Duncan's arm.

"I think Izzy found her way to the cockpit!" Duncan screamed.

"Ooh! Blue button!" I heard someone scream. Yup, Izzy. When the plane finally settled out, I looked over at the rest of my team. Courtney was shaking while staring at nothing. Heather looked like she just went into shock. Sierra was still hugging Cody. And Cody was glaring at Sierra. "Hello, this is your captain speaking....
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Amazing vid da SimzMaster! btw....I Amore this song soooo much!
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