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 the rock climbing challenge
the rock climbing challenge
Duncans POV
OK so it was like 6am and that bastard Chris comes along and screams into a bullhorn. i swear that dude is fucked up. even though we were still in our pajamas all the guys just stumbled out the cabin, it was amazing the girls were already dressed and everything. i tried my best to get near Gwen but Elvis, te know who o mean, was bugging her. i could tell because i could see it in her eyes that she wasn't listening. then she saw me. her face lit up.
Chris: ok campers your challenge today is rock climbing...
Heather:whats so bad about that!?
Chris:ah te didn't let me finish so shut...
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gwen pov:I instantly feel in Amore with trent the minuto i saw his face and guitar.He was a goody two shoes but i feel face over combat boots.But i also feel terible for cheating on him but it was only once and he dosn't know. I slept with duncan! And im not going to lie duncan was good.So it all happened at total drama island so i was in the girls alone when duncan came to my cabina with snacks edible snacks when we were talkin when i went over to get a tissue when i triped on heathers heels when my gonna blu up and duncan saw my panties so he laughed and we stared laughing when suddenly he...
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I woke up and remembered the wonderful dream i had...could it be true..does duncan really Amore me? Theres only one way to find out. I streatched my arms and legs and let out a yawn. My brother jake came in "what do te want jake!" I yelled while looking at him. Jake looked at me stragely and detto "someones at the door, I think its duncan" he grined as he detto duncan. I slowly started to smile noticing it could be the Amore of my life at my door. I ran downstairs and opened the door and it was duncan I smiled when I saw him. Duncan smiled at me "hey babe can I come in?" duncan said...
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posted by starlabair
This is my first fanfiction ever. Total Drama never happened. I Amore Duncan and Gwen sooo much, so please commento and give me feedback. P.S. if te commento on this I will give te a cupcake and I will continue this story.

Part 1

Gwen's POV:

*BEEP,BEEP,BEEP* My alarm went off. I slammed my hand on the snooze button and got out of letto sluggishly. I went to the bathroom,brushed my black/teal hair, put on my black eyeliner,and alzavola, teal lipstick. I went back to my room and put on my Ke$ha t-shirt, my black and alzavola, teal gonna with black leggings. As i hurried to get my black combat boots on my mom yelled from...
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Duncan's POV
I fixed my tux, took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I was going to pick up Gwen. I can't believe I'm so nervous, I mean, I've gone out with a ton of chicks and never have been nervous on a data before. Why am I starting now? I walked up to the door step and rang the door bell, Ding, Dong!

Gwen's little brother opened the door. He began, "and te are?" I mimicked him, "and te are?" He responded, "That's not important now. Again, and te are?" I frowned at him. "The names Duncan dude. Now if we're done here. Where's Gwen?" He shrugged. "She left with some hot tall chick with...
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(Dreaming of last nights events)

-Duncan and Gwen sat successivo to each other,every one surrounding them. Geoff got onto of the bench.
" Welcome dudes to the first ever td drink off!! Our competitors include, the hot goth chick, Gwen!- applause
" our successivo competitor has been to Juvie 17 times and doesn't answer most questions, its Duncan!-applause
" let the comp begin!"
Gwen and Duncan began to drink.


Geoff- ok, last drink, wins!
G and D go 4 the glass, grab at the same time and pull it towards their faces and start to frown. their eyes widen and they dropped the glass and...
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 da courtney
by courtney
gwens pov
(crying with Bridgette patting her back)
"why, why would he do this to me!!!" i yelled
"i...i dont know i just know te need a new man."
Bridgette detto trying to comfort me.
"b-but ...but i dont want anyone else i want DUNCAN!"
"LISTEN TO ME DUNCAN DIDN'T COME. te HAVE TO FORGET HIM, remember he left te waiting at the alter, he hasn't spoke to te in 3 days do te even know where he is!?" she shouted
"no" i whispered.
"well call him and ask him why"
"great idea bridgette thanks" (we hug)
i take out my phone and dial duncans number.
" hello, duncan listen i...."
"oh hi gwen." detto the voice...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
with Duncan and his dad
Duncan:*packing his stuff to go to millitary school*
Duncan's dad: Duncan te almost ready
Duncan: why becuase you're waitig to never see me again so te can celabreat!
Duncan's dad: DON'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY now awnser my question!
Duncan: yes i am happy!
Duncan's dad:Duncan i know te are upset but it is for the best
Duncan's dad: Dunan mollusco, vongola down
Duncan: how can i when i can't help my girlfriend wth our kid
Duncan's dad: te need to learn to be più responseable
Duncan: and how the heck is millitary school going to help that!?!?!?!?!
Duncan's dad: just get your stuff packed we leave at 6:50 tomorrow morning
Duncan: that early
Duncan's dad: yes *walks ut of the room*
Duncan: can my life get any worse

[b] i know it is short again so what should happen when Duncan goes to millitary school and sorry if some words where spelled wrong [b/]
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With Gwen and Duncan
Gwen: what is it Duncan
Duncan: i-i have millitary school i-i tried to expalin to my dad but he didn't care i'm so sorry Gwen: what...
Duncan: i tried to esplain to him it just wouldn't work i'm sorry *hugs Gwen and begins to cry*
Gwen: Duncan it's fine
Duncan: no it's not i got te pregnant i went into a 21 anno older bar and got busted and now i have to go to millitary school i'm the worst dad in the world
Gwen: no you're not Duncan
Duncan: YES I AM!!! sorry i just snapped at te ut i'm really mad now i'm sorry
Gwen: it's fine
Duncan: do te hate me becuase i understand if te do
Gwen: i don't hate te Duncan i understand
Duncan: Gwen i don't know when i'll come back but when i do i'll help te as much as i can i promise
Gwen: thank te *kisses Duncan
Duncan:*kisses back* i Amore you
Gwen: i Amore te too

[b]i am soooo sorry i haven't updated in a while i have been really busy lately and sorry if a missspelled anything[b/]
(no ones pov)
Duncan:Gwen Morgin*gets on one knee*will te take the honor of being my wife. Gwen:*tears in her eyes*Oh Duncan,I will be your wife. Duncan*hugs Gwen*I Amore you. Gwen:*hugs back*I Amore te too. *they kiss*
*2 weeks later*
(Duncan's pov)
Gwen's now 6 months pregnant. We're going to have the baby doccia today. Gwen and I are very happy that soon there will be a new member of the family in 3 months. I'm still furious at my dad. He will never get to touch my daughter. Gwen and I are already planning the wedding. We're gonna get married after Daniella's born. I just hope my dad doesn't...
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Duncan's P.O.V:

I was just sitting watching TV at home flicking through the channels bored out of my mind, when suddenly the phone began to ring. So I slowly got up and dragged myself off the sofa, but when I got to the phone it was too late. Oh well if its important they'll ring again I thought as I sat back down. the suddenly it hit me! Gwen was due to have the baby any time now! Oh man I've really messed up! I need to get to the hospital and fast!
Ok, calm yourself down Duncan, stay calm! I ran and grabbed the car keys as fast as I could and got to the local hospital as fast as I could.

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posted by TaintedArtist
This is the little story I wrote for the picture I made, it was originally longer, but my computer deleted it so we this was basically all I could remember. I'm sorry, butstill I hope te all enjoy!:3

Duncan couldn’t exactly sleep.

It was hard to tell really, what was bothering him the anticipation o the adrenaline rush. Though the rhythmic jerking of the subway wasn’t exactly the most relaxing thing in the world either, he sighed heavily. The silence was beginning to irritate him as the only thing that could be heard was the violent screech of metal against metal. Multiple odors filled...
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