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A quick interview with Carter Hayden, who does the voice of Noah.
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This is olddddd
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Noah (Lucas in French), labeled The Schemer, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team. He is currently unqualified to compete in Total Drama Action.

Being born in a large family with numerous siblings, Noah hardened himself over the years to prevail through life's obstacles and learned to overcome problems da using his intelligence rather than his physical strength. He has been detto to be an avid player of video games and has nearly-encyclopedic knowledge of modern literature and other forms of media. In school, Noah performs well and is even competent (and...
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The most hilarious scenes featuring Noah
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Star's POV
My gymnastics tornament was today at 12 in the afternoon. I was in the cucina eating breakfast. It was 8 o'clock in the morning. My breakfast today was mela, apple cinnamon oatmeal. To my surprise, eating oatmeal at a slow pace made it even più lumpy than usual. I put my spoon down in my bowl and stared at my lumpy bowl of now cold oatmeal. "Sweetheart, te got to eat for the tornament", detto my mom coming to sit successivo to me at the cucina table.

"I'm too disappointed to eat, Mom."

"I know te were looking foward to that date, honey. But you'll have other dates."

"But not with him."

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Star's POV
We unboarded the bus and walked the rest of the way to the mall, which was exactly one block. We kept talking. I said, "Hey. Do te want to hear a bad joke?"

"Sure. I Amore bad jokes", he detto sarcastically.

I chuckled. "Ok. So what's the only fiore who doesn't get any sleep at night?"

"I don't know. What?" He sounded più interested.

"The daisy." He looked at me for a few minutes. Just staring at me, not saying anything. I wondered what he was staring at. I instantly thought I had some of my protein bar in my teeth. We stopped walking due to a red light. Why is he still staring at me,...
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ciao im just wrting this articolo cuz im trying to get my dedicated award thing.

Noah rocks
he definetly shocks
us at how funny he is
he loves that book of his
he is very sarcastic
but we think hes fantastic
he doesnt like to run
to us hes fun
so wat if she not strong
cuz hes never wrong
he doesnt like to try
hes possibly Bi
hes not so good at sports
but, ciao atleast he has no warts
Noah is our guy
who doesnt want to die

k i kno it sucked

gooooo noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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