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posted by Pipchupy
OK,here te will learn all about Ranks.Here we go!

Chapter 1:About Ranks
The ranks from smallest to highest are:Newbie,Rookie,Member,Manager,Elite,Leader,and Arcues.Why Ranks?You might ask.Well,it's nice to be known for what you've done.Also,if some argues,the higher ranked person would mostlybe right.So,if te are a Newbie,just look around,check the links for glitches,see what other people have posted,and all that kind of stuff.If te a rookie,that's a step closer to Elite.Keep looking for glitches and things.If te are a Member,great!Help the newbies and rookies for us.If te are a Manager,just...
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added by Pipchupy
This video will mostra what glitch city is like.
posted by Pipchupy
If te want to unisciti GSI,you need to fill this out:

1.What is MissingNo?

A.A glitch
C.A pokemon

2.What does 'M look like?

A.'M is a nickname for MissingNo
B.A glitches M
C.A Tetris block

3.What are glitches?
A.Easter Eggs
B.An error in the programming.
C.Event Pokemon

When you're done,simply pm me the answer.


Q:Why do I have to do this?
A:I don't want the ranks being spammed.

Q:Can I look up the questions?
A:Sure,as long as te remember...

Q:How much do I have to get right?
A:2 o more.

Q:What happens if I fail?
A:Wait one week if te wanna try again.

Q:Why on earth is there a FAQ?
A:Lol,I gotta make my aticle longer XD