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Stephaniexoxo posted on Apr 10, 2009 at 02:08PM
OOC:(Im terrible at roleplaying)

Hello Alice, Carlisle said as he came in from work.What have you been doing today? I will be back in a few minutes I am just going to speak to your mother about a matter.Hows Bella?

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più di un anno fa shellycane said…
Alice Cullen (Hale)

I looked at Carlisle not sure what he was on about, but he seemed lightly stressed. Maybe he had already found out that Jasper and me would leave soon. Then again that was impossible, not even Edward knew so far. Not that he didnt try to sneak into our minds, but we made it really hard. I just didnt wanted to upset him or Bella for that matter, not even when i had to. I walked closer to my father, leaning my head against his shoulder. He would feel my stress, he would know how to handle it.

Alice Cullen: ''I havent been doing much, simply shopping and concentrating on the Volturi.''

Carlisle Cullen: ''And did they decide anything?''

Alice Cullen: ''Not so far. But they still plan on coming for Edward and Me, not so much cause of Bella.''

He laid his hand on my head, rubbing my dark short hair.- trying to make me feel better. It was hard, it was nothing that i wanted. Normally i was the one calming people, it was in Jaspers and my nature. But currently with all things happening too fast.- i needed help myself.

Carlisle Cullen: ''How could they not come for you two, you are truly talented. And as soon as they find out about Jasper, it will be just the same. They wanna collect you like prizes... .''

Alice Cullen: ''I just wish i could make them forget, or that we could just move one.''

He nodded his head and i saw my mother coming, out of the dinning room.- where she had spent most of the day. She looked as lovley as always, and i was kinda sure that i saw a smile on her face.

TBC by Carlisle or Esme
più di un anno fa Stephaniexoxo said…
Hello Esme, Carlisle said as he went over and kissed her on the lips,how was your day? I am a little stressed at the minute.

Alice where is Jasper? I need to ask him if he can calm me down.

TBC by Alice or Jasper and Esme
più di un anno fa shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I wasnt too sure what to answer, cause i knew that Jasper was probably the last that could calm him now. He was so confused himself, and disgusted to say the least. I walked closer to my choosen father, wrapping my both tiny arms around him.

Alice Cullen: ''I am sorry, but Jasper cant help you currently. But maybe you and Mum can do something relaxing, like go hunting.''

I gave him a flashing smile, showing off my perfect white teeth. If my heart would be able to beat, it definatley had to that picture. My perfect parents close to each other. Esme was the mother i never had, and the same came for Carlisle. He was what i wanted to become, nearly human.

I turned myself around, about giving them some privacy.

più di un anno fa Stephaniexoxo said…
That is a very good idea Alice.
Do you want to go hunting Esme??