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posted by speedy106
Please tell me if I got something wrong and I will fix it. Just some of my preferito lines, so please enjoy.
Robin(makes weird face): Um, could te explain that last part again?
Starfire: Robin, who is this girl? And why does she call te "Poo?"
JInx: Who are you?
Kid Flash: KId Flash. Fastest boy alive.
Jinx: Are te supposed to be a good guy o something?
KF: One of the best.
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posted by speedy106
Kid Flash and Jinx(Aka:Flinx):Kid Flash goes good with Jinx and I think Jinx is cute when she's mad.(thanks to pinkmare, I'm strongly supporting Flinx.)Do te think kid flash would really call Jinx "Jinxy winxy"?(Answer in comment,please.)
Bumblebee and Cyborg:They're funny together altough they don't mostra any proof they like each other.
*Note:I may do a couple I already told te cuz I just like talking about them*
Kitten and Fang:Kitten and Fang's relationship is fun to talk about.I personally think Fang is a boy slightly eaten da a spider.(please don't sue me!)They kinda look cute together even though a ragno is baciare a girl.
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posted by RobinKF
 spiaggia DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was another picture-perfect summer giorno in Jump City, the Teen Titans & the Titans East were having a cookout outside at the beach, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Raven & Beastboy were making sandcastles, Starfire & Cyborg were playing in the water.

while Kid Flash, Speedy & Robin were making lunch for everyone…Robin told Speed & KF to get some easy to burn moss from the trees in the park to burn in the grill: when they were done, they came straight back to him.

Both boys had their arms filled with moss, then the Boy Wonder detto to his Friends who were both holding giant armfuls...
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