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Chapter 1: Hagimari no Story- 
The Beginning Story 

"Within all things, what takes precedence is the heart. All things are masters of their cuore and their cuore makes them who they are..."
      -Amberground scripture (1st verse) 

On the 311th giorno of the year, the giorno that the artificial light of Amberground flickered and momentarily shut off, a set of twins were born in the only house of Coza Bel. A boy and a girl.
The mother, Anne Seeing, an Albisian with white hair and red eyes, held her two newborn children in her arms and noticed that something was wrong. Neither child was crying. Both...
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this is like a little chibi version of letter bee, but più like if they're in school. Unfortunately i don't know what they're saying cause it hasn't been subbed yet.
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