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brimenyy detto …
unisciti my spot for Dulce! :) link postato più di un anno fa
daughterofcokie detto …
What channel offers telenovelas with English subtitles? Any ideas? postato più di un anno fa
srebrnyblekit detto …
Can i find ABISMO DE PASION fan here ? :) xx postato più di un anno fa
MaryMarie commentato…
I saw the novela. te should make a spot for it. più di un anno fa
aceg detto …
Has anyone seen Amar y Temer? postato più di un anno fa
alirioaguero2 detto …
New Fanfic Telenovela ''Los Intrusos'' o ''The Intruders'' is coming soon, written da me. If te are intersted let me know, and I'll start Scrivere it down here on FanPop in Fanfic section. Thanks:)

This is supposed to be first original fanfic telenovela on FanPop:) postato più di un anno fa
alirioaguero2 detto …
People we shall remember, who died in 2011 and left their mark in telenovelas world:(

JORGE LAVAT (1933-2011)
LORENZO DE RODAS (1930-2011)

RIP and may your names be remembered in telenovelas world.
postato più di un anno fa
ded99 detto …
like new look postato più di un anno fa
OTHjovana commentato…
I'm glad te like it ;) più di un anno fa
myfrau detto …
hey, i'm really obsessed with the telenovela pasion de gavilanes , especially with sara y franco, so guys can te tell where can i watch it online o download it, pleeeease <3 postato più di un anno fa
big smile
alirioaguero2 detto …
Hi! New fan! I actually watched, entire o partially at least 50 telenovelas in my life, so I'm quite qualified to talk about them! Greetings to everyone!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
Paola17 detto …
hey.... if te like Jorge Luis Pila please unisciti to his club:))
here is a link:

link postato più di un anno fa
rosyn_cullen detto …
Do te like "Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán" ? Please unisciti my spot!

link postato più di un anno fa
Agua commentato…
si its gud più di un anno fa
Paola17 detto …
there is a new club espinela ( jencarlos canela & gaby espino)
...please unisciti it !!!


thank you:))) postato più di un anno fa
ded99 detto …
link postato più di un anno fa
Paola17 detto …
hey...this is new spot of mas sabe el diablo...please unisciti it!!!!!

link postato più di un anno fa
kendall23 commentato…
i loved that novela più di un anno fa
olta detto …
inocente de ti postato più di un anno fa