Televisione [p8] Another bunch of songs that remind me of Shows/Characters/Couples etc. - Which is most fitting? [71-80]

Pick one:
"Over You" || Jack & Kate
"This One's For The Girls" {Martina McBride} || OTH Girls
"Home" || Nathan & Haley
"Girlfriend" {Avril Lavigne} || Katie/Freddie/Effy [Katie's p.o.v]
"Never Again" {Kelly Clarkson} || Peyton/Lucas/Lindsay [Peyton's p.o.v]
"Bad Moon Rising" || Supernatural
"Carry On My Wayward Son" || Supernatural
"Cherry Pie" || Rachel Gatina
"Eye Of The Tiger" || Dean Winchester
"Every Breath te Take" {The Police} || Sketch/Maxxie
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