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-Eric and Donna graduated with top honors from the University of Wisconsin. They married after college and settled down in Madison to begin their new life.

-Jackie and Fez married in 1980. Their marriage was annuled two months later. Fez left Point Place and moved to L.A. He is never heard from again.

-Jackie moved to Minneapolis to work for a major fashion designer. She returned to Point Place to open her own botique, which turned out to be very successful. She remains unmarried.

-Pam Burkhardt lives somewhere in France. (Jackie was overheard saying "Good riddance!")

-Jackie's Dad was paroled in 1987, and Jackie helped him to get back on his feet.

-Michael Kelso and Brooke never married, but Brooke still wants Michael to remain a strong influence in Betsy's life. He is employed as an armed security officer, and Brooke works as an assistant library director.

-Steven Hyde owns a major record and CD franchise in Eau Claire, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Sioux City, St. Louis and Chicago. He is married and has two sons named after Reginald (aka, "Red") and Eric (Forman).

-Bob Pinciotti tried several times to reconcile with Midge. She refused each time and later sells his house and moves to Cincinnati.

-Red and Kitty remain in Point Place until Red dies from a heart attack in 1990. He was buried with full military honors. Kitty sells the house and moves to Madison to be closer to Eric and Donna.

-Laurie Forman finally returns to college in 1983 and pursues a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She graduates with honors in 1987 and moves to Beverly Hills to open a bistro-bar. She remains unmarried.

-Red's brother "Bull" remained active with his "swinger" lifestyle. His wife divorces him because she became a born-again Christian and wanted nothing more to do with that life. He refused to attend Red's funeral. Bull owned and operated a nudist resort in the Bahamas until 1992 when he committed suicide.

-Kitty's mother died from natural causes in 1997. She was creamated.

-Leo left point Place on a long trek across the United States and Canada still searching for himself. In 1985, he was found dead inside a vehicle outside a retro-60's cafe/bar in Denver. Police found Eric and Donna listed as emergency contacts. The coroner ruled Leo's death as natural causes.

-Later it was learned that Leo left $100,000.00 in his will for Eric and Donna.

-Randy who dated Donna while Eric taught in Africa, never returned to Point Place. He presently lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

-Casey Kelso was convicted in 1982 for stalking Jackie Burkhardt and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was paroled after serving nine-months.

-Two weeks after his parole, Casey was shot to death by a woman after he broke into her home at 3:00 A.M.

-"Big Rhonda" lost a few more pounds and changed to a healthier lifestyle. She accepted a position as a runway model for plus-size women. She made enough money to attend college as well.

-Nina left the Wisonsin DMV in 1982 to accept a job with a U.S. Congresswoman, but later quit when she and the Congresswoman could not see eye-to-eye on anything anymore. The Congresswoman was a liberal activist. Nina switched to the Republican Party to go qo work for the Reagan Whitehouse.

-Michael Kelso's training officer at the Point Place Police Academy accepted a position with the FBI. He retired in 1998.

"The Hub" closes their doors for the final time in October 1984. It was reopened under new management in early 1985 as "The Hub II" but never took off. It closed one month later. It simply lost it's "magic".

-Price Mart was eventaully bought out by Dollar Mart.

-Point Place High School was torn down in 1990 and a new city hall was built in it's place.

-The watertower that the gang painted marijuna images upon, was torn down and replaced by a more secure watertower.

-WFPP radio did not want to renew it's license with the FCC and the station was sold to a private developer. No other details are available.

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