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The Big Bang Theory 📌{It all ended with a Big Bang 💥 } ➸ Your favourite moment from the series finale

8 fans picked:
➸ sheldon's speech
➸ penny's pregnancy
➸ sheldon and amy winning the nobel prize
➸ the elevator getting fixed
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➸ wolowitz' kids
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➸ amy makeover
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➸ bert taking care of cinnamon
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➸ astronaut howard wolowitz {sheldon finally acknowledging howard}
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➸ amy's speech
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➸ sarah michelle gellar cameo
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➸ last cena together
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➸ other {please comment}
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 makintosh posted più di un anno fa
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makintosh picked ➸ sheldon's speech:
totally teared me up
posted più di un anno fa.
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glelsey picked ➸ penny's pregnancy:
I particularly liked that both parents-to-be were genuinely excited about this too.

I liked how a lot of these were done though. I expect we were all rooting for the elevator being fixed so that's a thumbs up from all of us. My favourite elevator moment by far was when they put all their luggage in it and then reunited with their bags downstairs. XD

I was really pleased that Sheldon and Amy ended up winning the Nobel prize together, as that alone was a lovely endgame moment for the two.

Amy's makeover was cool, but the thing I liked most about that was how she came to terms that it's what she wanted; she worried about being superficial at first but was also able to accept that there's nothing wrong about wanting a new look either.

Sheldon finally appreciating his friends (along with acknowledging Howard as an astronaut) was great too. Way overdue, but he got there in the end! I'd like to think that, from then on, he acts more like a decent human being around others, as though his speech wasn't just an "in the moment" thing but instead was a real turning point for him.
posted più di un anno fa.