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jack frost
rise of the guardians
Ribelle - The Brave
Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre
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I like this video and the titolo of it is really cute!
rise of the guardians
Ribelle - The Brave
Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre
Dragon Trainer
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arancia, arancio : Jack
Apple : random Person with casts (RPWC)
Pear : Hiccup
Watchers : Rapunzel, Merida, Eugene, Toothless and Astrid

(Plays video)
Jack: ciao Dude! Dude! Hey, ciao Dude! Hey, Dude! ciao Dude! ciao Dude! Dude! Hey, Dude!
RPWC: What, what, what is it?
Jack: Aren't te glad I didnt say Dude again? Hahahahahaha!
RPWC: Yeah. That joke was funny the last 400 times te detto it
Jack: ciao Dude!
RPWC: What?!
Jack: te look fruity! Hahahahaha!
RPWC: Pfff.. yeah~ that was hilarious.
Jack: Hey! ciao Dude!
Jack: Can te do 10 pushups in 10 seconds?
RPWC: What kind of domanda is that? I have casts over...
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Episode 2

*ROTG World*

Jack Frost: *Looking around* I sense something...

Wolfe: *Walks to Jack Frost* I need te help.

Jack Frost: With?

Wolfe: *Explains the things about the Village and the bandit army*

Jack Frost: Hmmmm...

Hiccup: Jack, te remember me right?

Jack: Hiccup! How have te been?

Hiccup: Alright...please unisciti us in the fight.

Jack: *Whispers to Hiccup* But what if this guy is lying? He might lead us to a trap.

Hiccup: We can trust him.

Jack: *Sees Wolfe's Omnitrix* What is that thing? It looks like a strange watch.

Astrid: him Wolfe.

Wolfe: *Changes to Chromastone* How do I look?...
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I found this quiz and thought it would be fun ! I really hope u like and try it out ! Please put your risposte in the commenti ! It will be fun to have a look at the results (nd its also to check if te lyin !)

1. If te could have any pet in the world, it would be...
[ ] A. dog
[ ] B. parrot
[ ] C. chameleon
[ ] D. pets aren't really my thing/other
[ ] E. horse
[ ] F. lizard
[ ] G. cat

2. Your ideal career is...
[ ] A. Other
[ ] B. Guidance Counselor
[ ] C. Artist
[ ] D. Criminal
[ ] E. Athlete
[ ] F. Teacher
[ ] G. Waitress

3. Out of all your friends, te are...
[ ] A. the prankster
[ ] B. the mother
[ ] C....
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