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The Gifted (TV Series) My preferito Characters in Season 2: Your fave?

4 fans picked:
#1 Andy
#2 Lorna
#3 Lauren
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 RobbStark234 posted più di un anno fa
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Omega_Creation picked #2 Lorna:
Then Andy but I liked all three of them, this would probably also be my top 3 actually
posted più di un anno fa.
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Articuno224 picked #1 Andy:
Unpopular opinion: Lorna was honestly a disappointment in Season 2; She was so awesome at the end of Season 1 and going into Season 2 I was so exited, she had so much potential, but what happened?

- First half of Season 2 she barely does anything, she is just babysitting most of the time.

- Second half she is constantly going back and fourth about what she believes and where she stands, when Season 1 ended it looked to me like she was very sure and confident about her decision, otherwise she wouldn't have done it, but that's apparently not the case at all in Season 2; like I would expect the adult to be more confident in a big decision like this, but Lorna is action kinda dumb when she literally abandoned what she loves for something she isn't sure about... Okay but despite my complaints about her, I still love her and she's still one of my faves.

Andy was my favorite in Season 1, and he was even better in Season 2, there was a lot of character development, I really felt like we saw him growing on his own (unlike Lorna who was going backwards in character development) it was nice to see him grow without his family being there to talk down to him or tell him how he can't do or believe anything. And his bond with Lorna was so wonderful, they're so great together, always make me smile, cheer or get me emotional. He's one of the most complex well-written characters in the show for sure.

I love Lauren, but I was a bit annoyed about how she viewed Andy at times.
posted più di un anno fa.
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RobbStark234 picked #1 Andy:
^Well I actually understand what you mean about Lorna, but I still love her regardless, especially her badass moments. But Andy is also my number one ;)

and I agree 100% he is a very well written complex character for sure, he gets to grow and shine a lot, it's just really interesting and satisfying to watch and follow his journey as a character.
posted più di un anno fa.