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parras2 posted on Jan 31, 2012 at 11:00PM
this is where you can make a demigod go on quests make friends/enemies and other demigodly stuff all you have to do is put your demigods



Immortal Parent-





and other things you want us to know about your demigod

(ok now it's time for the rules)1.don't make your character to strong 2. you cant control another persons character without their permission 3. please keep cussing down to a minimum 4. if you go on a quest go to this link:link

so far we have

Dante- son of Thanatos (me)
Keira- daughter of Hermes (Zelda4Efas)
Jesse- daughter of Poseidon (venus143)
Kaylee- daughter of Demeter (universalpowa)
Josiphia- daughter of Apollo (pink-bookworm)
Annie- daughter of Artemis (me-demigod4life)
Maya- daughter of Morpheus (ninjagirl77)
Skia- daughter of Styx (Nemisis)
Aidan- son of Apollo (sonofapollo27)
Mike- son of Zeus (Jasonfan44)
Ema- daughter of Nyx (emafluff)
Vanessa- daughter of Hades (Icrs50)
Noah- Immortal parent unknown (icuSTALKER)
Alex- son of Hades (killer24)
Charlie- son of Hectate (lolking)
Roberto- son of Kratos (darkling_menace)
Jake- son of Hephaestus (crash14)
Hannah- daughter of Athena (percy4forever)
Alvin- son of Poseidon (Alvin2442)
Blaze- son of Ares (Blaze_of_Ares)
Mark- son of Hemera (leond143)
Ariana- daughter of Aphrodite (NotSoPerfecme)
Eragona- daughter of Poseidon (BitemeIVampire)
Bella- daughter of Hades (BellaAndBubba)
Zane- son of Poseidon (1999jacko1)
Cara- daughter of Thanatos (Nicoliclous)
Kiara- daughter of Greg (DaugtherOfAll)
Kyle- son of Poseidon (sorenGuardian1)
Skylar- daughter of Aphrodite (anyone can control her)
Colin- son of Hephaestus (Ares2002)

and if anyone would like to be one of the original characters from the PJO or the HoO series you can(gods are included)

if you still want to be apart of the make your own hero please go to this link
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più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"What's your name?" I asked. I looked above my head to look at the sky, the sky was my way of clearing my mind. I saw an image hovering over my head, it looked like a lightning bolt. I shrieked, and waved my hands. I got up and ran, looking for no in particular. I screamed for help, until someone whack me unconscious.
più di un anno fa parras2 said…
I finished talking with Aidan and when't out side my cabin to go make teams for capture the flag when some new kid getting calmed started freaking out so I hit him with the flat of my sword so hard he fell to the grown unconscious
più di un anno fa Zelda4Efas said…
*runs from Oracle caves completely winded*
GUYS! I found it! In the Oracle Cave, the entrance to the Forbidden Tunnel! A stretch of corridor from the Labyrinth that has remained untouched because of the magical history there, the corridor where Theseus killed the Minotaur! Annabeth tells me that If anyone got lost in THAT corridor, the only way out would be through the original path that Theseus took using Ariadne's string! All the other twists and turns would only lead to Tartarus. But I have a bad feeling guys, W-What Rachel told me ... makes me think the Doors of Death could be hidden down there! I mean, with so many entrances to Tartarus, monsters could leave through the doors easily!
Oh, and the prophecy went like this:

You shall wander the sacred corridors that have no end
You shall meet the One without Rest and have his spirit mend
To approach the Doors you'll find a guide
And be imprisoned by the Earth, save for Apollo's might.

Any one wanna come with? It's obvious isn't it? I'm leading this quest, as it's addressed to me. So who wants to get imprisoned by Gaea? *big smile*

più di un anno fa parras2 said…
"someone get this new kid to the infirmary and call all the cabin leaders and their backup cabin leader"I shouted while running to the big house
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
I woke up again, I was back in the room again. I rubbed my temples to figure out what had happened. Then my mind went to my mom and Dillon. I thought about what had happened when Dillon, the furry goat man, charged at that vampire. Also what my mom was doing right now. Probably calling the police. Now my thoughts were on my dad. Or who he was. If I ever meet my dad, I'll just scream at all the things that I had to live with. Staring off with why weren't you there when I was being teased and ending off with why did you never come back. I screamed in anger and frustration.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
So I hear a kid scream and run to help
*I'll be kidnapped cause I'm not very good
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
I quikly made my way to the infirmary.
più di un anno fa Zelda4Efas said…
Okay, who the STYX are these new kids going to the infirmary, I go party with Rachel for 2 hours, and there are a bunch of people going to the infirmary.

*BANG!, someone found my exploding Easter egg I lweft outside the Ares cabin*
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
I hear the orders dante shouts but everyone starts going to the infirmary instead 'it must have to do with the new kid i found this morning' i thought.
So i head towards the infirmary to go see if he's ok and to get everyone else to the meeting.

"Hey guys you do know that dante just called a meeting right?
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
What up why are you screaming kid I know theres monsters but you can kill them
*that was my attempt at a pick me up speech*-)
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
After I finished screaming, I fell back, breathing so hard. I saw a bunch of people come in and probably to check on me, but one of them actually talked to me. "I'm angry at my dad I never knew,and probably won't" I shot back. I picked up the pillow and stuffed it over my hand angrily. I wanted to punch something. I punched the wall with all of my strength.
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
I watched as the kid threw a fit but i couldn't blame him for fealing that way about his dad i felt the same way with mine but then i got here and found out he was a god so it made for some stuff but still i knew how angry he felt and it sucked.

"look i understand that your angry and trust me we were all the same way at one point even me knowing your dad or mom left you missing every importatnt thing in your life but did you ever think they had their reasons? Look i heard you got claimed and your dads zeus god of thunder and sky well he's one of the big three gods so is my dad poseidon god of the seas and then theres hades god of the underworld they especially can't interfere with their children thats like against the law for them and your dad claimed you right away you must be pritty special for your dad to claim you right away just relax and lay low for a wile you will have new family and friends here". i say "Now i think we should all go down to the meeting dantes going to be wating".
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"Thanks," I said. I followed the kid, to where this other kid, Dante, was waiting. "Where should I sit?" I asked.
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
"Uh I think we just sit anywhere oh and Josiphia sorry I probably should have mentioned that before".
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"Mike," I said, "Thanks." I sat next to Josiphia.
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più di un anno fa venus143 said…
I sat next to josiphia and the new kid and saw that we were the only ones there besides dante.
"so new kid whats your name anyways i mean i found you laying unconscious in the morning and i still haven't learned your name?"
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più di un anno fa parras2 said…
"ohh so your to one I knocked out... hehe sorry about that"
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
mind if i join
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
I looked around noticing only four people were there. All their eyes were on me. I cleared my throat. "My name is Mike," I said. "Mike Smith. It's alright, I guess I kind of needed that."
"what's your names?" I asked, trying to turn the attention away from me.
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
@emafluff yeah sure go ahead i don't think parras will mind.

"Well nice to meet you Mike i'm jeese daughter of poseidon were are you from if you don't mind me asking".
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
Name-Ema Wing
Godly parent-Nyx
Powers-Sees perfectly at night, can become almost invisible during the night and can turn a small area dark as night(very hard to do).
Weapon-Pitch black whip disquised as a headband and a black bow(with white specks)disqused as a black glitter braclet.
Apperence-very pale skin color, 5 foot, dark brown hair and eyes, very thin.
Other-very flexible, agile, and a huge temper. perferrs to be alone but is a very good friend. do not mess with her unless you want to be left in the dark literally. lived in nebraska until forced to run away on her 12th birthday.
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più di un anno fa lcrs50 said…
I guess I'll make one, too.

Name: Vanessa.

Age: 16.

Immortal parent: Hades

Powers; The ability to shadow travel, raise the dead, and travel to the underworld, unaffected, at will.

Weapons: a bracelet with charmed on it. The three charmed turn into large scaled versions of themselves. They are a shield, sword, spear, and a now.

Personality: She's shy, but don't let that fool you. Once you become her friend, she'll give her life for you. She makes friends slowly, because she's learned while she was wandering for the past seven years that you have to be careful who your friends are, because they can stab you in the back just as quickly. She's a loyal friend and can be counted on.

Appearance: She's 5'11; has black hair, blue eyes, and wheares glasses. She's skinny, tan frhon hiking across the mountains.

Other: she's an orphan. Her mother, Lilly, died when she got cancer. Since then, she's been wandering across America, learning to controll her powers. Later, at age thirteen, Hades asked her to go to CHB and train. That's not the only reason she's at the camp, though...

As I walk across the camp boundaries, I remember what dad told me, "Nessa, the campers aren't like the people your used to. They might act like a family, but you must be cautious, because the camp has had ment losses, and if they think they might loose another of their family, they will turn on you."

I just nodded and walked down the tree, past the hissing dragon next to thee tree, towards the large house. I go into what seems like an infermery and watch as they talk to an injured boy sitting on a bed.
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"New Jersey," I said, not liking the attention. I hated attention. I tried to stay out of every sport or activity I could, because I have glossophobia. I mean if I had to read something in front of an audience of any kind, I freak out. Literary. I was trying not to faint, not to run away.
"Where is everyone?" I asked, hoping the attention would be turned away from me.
più di un anno fa parras2 said…
^^(we are in the big house not the infermery)
più di un anno fa lolking said…
mind if I join please?
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
@lolking yeah sure go ahead as i said before parras won't mind:)

più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
"Wouldnt have a clue I'm new here to".
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
"they will be here soon keira was the one who got the prophecy so she has to be here for sure".
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
I see a kid on the hill so I run and say hi you look like me a bit wired right?
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"I still haven't learned all your names." I said, trying to be brave, but again failing to cover my lip quivering.
più di un anno fa lolking said…
This is my person

Name - charlie

age - 10

Immortal parent - hectate

Powers - specilized in ice, fire,lighning,and water magic.

Weopons - cellphone disgiused as a wand and sword.Flip open is a wand and slide open is a sword.

Personality - Friendly and nice sometimes can get a little mean if you get on his bad side.

Apperance - 4.5 feet tall, brown eyes, dirty blond hair and always will wear black shoes
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più di un anno fa emafluff said…
I walked up the hill to inspect the shiny thing in the tree. half-way I relized there was a dragon at the base of the tree. I shreiked and walked up the hill away from it. "I hate dragons an machines both" I said to myself. When i reached the top I looked down at all the greek style buildings and sighed. I began to look for someone to explain to what was going on.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Hi can i help you I asked She looked freaked out the dragon not that scary
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
i dont know. Can you tell me whats going on and why i was chased halfway across the country by some creepy with one eye?
più di un anno fa lolking said…
I was camping in a forest when a giant bird that looked like a person with wings (a harpie) attacked us.We quickly grabbed our stuff and ran throough the forest and when we got to the edge we fainted.2 months later we woke up underground in a cave with lots of those surrounding us.I quickly realized my freiend was dead.It was just me.I quickly ran and escaped really fast (weak portal magic).When the birds noticed I collapsed and the edge of a valley.Near a tree...
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più di un anno fa lcrs50 said…
Silently observes as the other Demi gods go about their business. When I go to the next class, I freak out the Ares cabben by shooting an arrow an inch away from the girls ear. She swore and glared at me as I collect all of mr arrows. "Who the heck are you, punk?" she demanded.

"Vanessa. And you are?" I replied.

"Claresia." she shot back, swinging her sword at me. I summon mine and we fight for about 20 minutes before I get bored and force her to drop her sword.

"Yield," I told her, placing the tip of my sword at her throat.

She hissed and nodded, outraged that I had beaten her. "Who's your patent?!" she demanded when I put my sword away.

I smeared and said, "Hades. Who else would let me train with the dead?" and walked away, with them all gapping after me. I hid my laughter as I left.
più di un anno fa percy4forever said…
Can I join :)?

Name- Hannah

Age- 13

Immortal Parent- Athena

Powers- Photograhic memory (So powerful ;P)... It's not necessarily "powers" more of knowing alot of fighting techniques from the memory

Weapons- Dagger disguised as an owl bobby pin

Personality- Shy to people she doesn't know; but is really witty and smart to her friends. She is a good person to go to advice for.... Well 'cept love advice :P. She has alot of self-doubt

Appearance- Really tall (5" 6), dirty-blonde hair (always in a ponytail), and gray eyes. Usaully wears orange CHB t-shirt, with shorts and converse.

Other- Loves volleyball and reading :D!... And she is newish... Like already determined; but only a week ago
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più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
Everyone around me was silent. "Come on," I said trying again to be brave. "I told you my name and I haven't learned any one else's! Except for two, and where's is everyone again? You mentioned a name, Keira? Who's is she?"
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più di un anno fa lolking said…
When I woke up again I went around the tree and fainted and rolled down the down the hill near the arena.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
"Yeah that was a cyclops you may not believe me but the Greek gods and goddess are real and you my friend*expression*are a off spring of one of them so come with me and" I stopped talking cause I see the cyclops "o crap you get down the hill quick and I'll hold it of"
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
"no agument here! see you at the bottom!" Dashes down the hill.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
"ok bring it on big boy" I start running at it and bring out my sword,jump over it and slashed it but it hit me in to a tree and my vision go's fussy it's coming to me and Im like f... Gods help me.
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
as soon as i saw whats his face get smashed into a tree i pulled off my headband flicked it and charged up the hill with a black whip in my hand. As soon as i got they i yelled, "hey ugly turn around!" when he tried to smash me i grapped his hand with me whip and used it to climb up his arm. I got onto his head and wrapped my whip around his neck and dropped down hile still holding the whip. All the while slowly cutting his into his neck. After a few minutes he exploded into powder.
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più di un anno fa killer24 said…
What the hell one min I was going to die then it split in to dust and behind it was the girl I tryed to save but she saved me so I'll go say thanks "i was a goner if not for you thanks o by the way my name is Alex and you are?"
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
"im ema nice to meet you alex" i say. i flick my whip and it changes back into a headband.
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più di un anno fa killer24 said…
"So do you want to go see Chiron or go on a tour? Nice whip" in side I'm like don't get her mad she is good whith that thing
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
There was an awkward silence. I didn't know what to do, so I ran. Into a forest. I kept running, and running, not wanting to stop. I finally did stop when I ran into someone, literally. I smashed right into the person.
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
Lets go on a tour.
più di un anno fa lolking said…
My day keeps getting worse and now a person runs into me in the forest know I have a massive headace.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
Ok well there's Thalia's pine tree,the big house,the lake,cabins I'm in the Hermes till I get clamed your probably to,the forest were monsters are put for fun,the beach,rock climbing wall,there's chiron let's go see him