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parras2 posted on Jan 31, 2012 at 11:00PM
this is where you can make a demigod go on quests make friends/enemies and other demigodly stuff all you have to do is put your demigods



Immortal Parent-





and other things you want us to know about your demigod

(ok now it's time for the rules)1.don't make your character to strong 2. you cant control another persons character without their permission 3. please keep cussing down to a minimum 4. if you go on a quest go to this link:link

so far we have

Dante- son of Thanatos (me)
Keira- daughter of Hermes (Zelda4Efas)
Jesse- daughter of Poseidon (venus143)
Kaylee- daughter of Demeter (universalpowa)
Josiphia- daughter of Apollo (pink-bookworm)
Annie- daughter of Artemis (me-demigod4life)
Maya- daughter of Morpheus (ninjagirl77)
Skia- daughter of Styx (Nemisis)
Aidan- son of Apollo (sonofapollo27)
Mike- son of Zeus (Jasonfan44)
Ema- daughter of Nyx (emafluff)
Vanessa- daughter of Hades (Icrs50)
Noah- Immortal parent unknown (icuSTALKER)
Alex- son of Hades (killer24)
Charlie- son of Hectate (lolking)
Roberto- son of Kratos (darkling_menace)
Jake- son of Hephaestus (crash14)
Hannah- daughter of Athena (percy4forever)
Alvin- son of Poseidon (Alvin2442)
Blaze- son of Ares (Blaze_of_Ares)
Mark- son of Hemera (leond143)
Ariana- daughter of Aphrodite (NotSoPerfecme)
Eragona- daughter of Poseidon (BitemeIVampire)
Bella- daughter of Hades (BellaAndBubba)
Zane- son of Poseidon (1999jacko1)
Cara- daughter of Thanatos (Nicoliclous)
Kiara- daughter of Greg (DaugtherOfAll)
Kyle- son of Poseidon (sorenGuardian1)
Skylar- daughter of Aphrodite (anyone can control her)
Colin- son of Hephaestus (Ares2002)

and if anyone would like to be one of the original characters from the PJO or the HoO series you can(gods are included)

if you still want to be apart of the make your own hero please go to this link
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più di un anno fa venus143 said…
"I hear someone calling my name wile i was watching ema and alex practice i look ove my shoulder to see who it was and i see mike holding a blazing sword and calling my name i rush to were he was. "what happened? what did you do"? i create water out of thin air and pour it on the sword and the flames die out
"I think we should go we can do some training later when some of us learn exactly what kind of powers they have". i say turning to mike.
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
(funny you talk about Australia cause I'm Australian)
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
(cool)so a kids sword starts glowing thay run out i turned a round and there's a skeleton's "holy mother of Christ"thay solutes i'm like cool random thought and we go in the middle of the arena and dance to stain alive which is ironic with dead people
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
"yes I think it's best".
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"So how am I supposed to figure how the sword works? Go to the guy in charge?" I asked Jesse
più di un anno fa lolking said…
So I was trying to figure out how my weapon works when evreybodies going over to alex thab i noiticed those were just skeletons. I went over to mike to see whats hes doing. (the obivios)
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più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
"Well do you wanna come back later and we can try and see mike and I can also see if I can figure out any of my powers".
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
i'm a great distraction so were did the kid with the glowing sword go?
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"Right here!" I said. "I never went anywhere!"
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
Name- Roberto Juarez

Age- 17

Immortal Parent- Kratos

Powers- Super strength, near invulerability, high endurence and athleticism, and quick healing

Weapons- A celestial bronze club thats so heavy only he can carry it, and a pair of celestial bronze knuckles

Personality- Good guy to get along with, and he acts like a superhero, always wanting to protect people and do good

Appearance- Tall (6' 5'), buff, short black hair, brown eyes, wears dark blue jeans, black T-shirt, and white sneakers.

più di un anno fa killer24 said…
ok kid so hows the blade?
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
I looked back at Killer, and it wasn't glowing anymore. I grinned a mad man grin. "Great." i said.
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
(standing at the entrance of camp half-blood)
Hellooooo? is anybody here? i was told this was a safe place for demigods.
più di un anno fa lolking said…
"do you guys hear someone or is it just me" I questioned
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"i guess since im alone, i can yell something stupid"
*clears throat*
*punches tree and it falls*
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
i see a boy hit a tree and it fell i yelled timber!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah theres a dude over there
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
*sees someone yelling 'timber' after i knock down the tree*
"hey, are you a camper here?"
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"Knock it off Alex," I said, glaring at Alex. "Yeah, what's your name? I'm Mike."
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più di un anno fa venus143 said…
"Geez did you guys just see that he knocked down the tree with his bare hands."
I go towards the new kid.
"Uh hi new kid that was aweosome welcome to camp i'm jesse and these are my friends". i told him
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"hey, im Roberto, but you can call me Rob"
*shakes Jesse's hand with a tight handshake*
più di un anno fa lolking said…
"hi im charlie and how did you knock that tree over with your bare hands,"
(puts out my hand for a handshake)
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"Yeah it was great meeting you Rob," I said, smiling. "Well gee look at the time, I gotta run. Catch up with you later guys." I turned around and raced for cabin one.
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
*stops attacking dummy and turns to meet the new kid* "hey im Ema, i would shake your hand but you just knocked down a tree with your bare hands and you might break my hand. no offense."
più di un anno fa lolking said…
"true after you knocked over that tree im kinda scared to shake your not to be impolite,"

( pulls my hand back)
più di un anno fa parras2 said…
"*cough cough* wuss *cough cough*"
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
He shakes my hand and his grip is super tight when he lets go my entire hand is so red and it really hurts.

"Uh well nice grip you go there." i say holding my hand from the pain.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
hi i'm Alex whats up dude except the tree and what did Micky mouse want me to knock off? im only joking
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"hey just be glad i didnt hug you, and how did i knock down that tree with my bare hands, you ask? Well im pretty strong, i could lift a car when i was 7"
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
remind me not to get hugged by you id see dad the hard way (gulp)
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"so anyways, all formalities done here, it seems pretty obvious that this place is friendly, so can i have a tour?"
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
"well since i'm the official welcoming committe i guess i have to give you the tour we were on our way to the beach if you want to join us,Oh and by the way remind me not to ever give you a hug ok". i tell him still holding my hand.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"um, sure, i mean im not a big fan of beaches, but i cant think of anything else to do"
più di un anno fa venus143 said…
"By the way have you been claimed yet?"
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
i got it a nick name for you sasquatch or yeti? how about that hmm
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"well my mom already told me who my father is, Kratos god of strength"
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
o my gods im probly going to get killed so here go's theres a god of yeti's or sasquatch
più di un anno fa darkling_menace said…
"... Dude, what?"
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
hay dot blame me. ok blame me but when i had a dream of dad (wich is creepy)he said i was wierd he think's its mums side so im not burning stuf for him to day maybe his wife she is nice i think
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
All the sudden a thing appear above my head and I started flicking my hands trying to get it away.

(By the way I've decided to be Apollo)
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
ahhh mini sun its going to go nova or blow up run for you live's
(jk jk)
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
I headed straight to Cabin One. I burst through the door and landed on one of the beds. I saw a couple of other people's belongings. Like old pictures. I picked up one and saw two guys and a girl, and one of the guys, had a crazy grin. I wondered who they were.
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
" what is this thing Jesse?"
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
I still holding the picture, I ran out to find the others. "Who are these people?" I asked Jesse, holding the picture carefully.
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
The thing slowly disappeared and I turned around to mike and looked at the photo curiously.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
OK here go's nothing i shadow traveled away
più di un anno fa emafluff said…
Can we get on with the tour please
più di un anno fa lolking said…
"come on, can we go to the beach now," I whined

*cough cough* im not *cough cough

(cough thing go after parras comment)
più di un anno fa pink-bookworm said…
"Yea I wanna go to the beach I haven't been to one since coming up here".
più di un anno fa Jasonfan44 said…
"I want to know who these people are!" I said, angrily "I am not leaving here until someone gives me an answer!" I sat down, cross legged, just to prove I was serious. Everyone was looking at me like I lost my mind. I probably did, but I didn't care.
più di un anno fa killer24 said…
i reapper behind micky and yell boo!!