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posted by satigon
ciao ciao peeps! My name is Leo Valdes, I am the supreme leader of the Argo II. Sorry ladies but I am now taken! And who is the lucky lady? Benee Variety.

She came to Camp Half-Blood about a anno after me, she is 5 "4, tan skin, black hair, te know the drill. She is daughter of Poisidon. And guess what time it is? Flash back time!

"Benee stumbled onto the puntellare, riva in a turquoise camicia and worn out jeans. I had to say, she was the most beautiful person I had ever saw. Everyone gathered around as she stood up and said, "Is this Camp Half-Blood?"

Chiron walked over and detto "Yes, welcome to Camp." And five minuti later she was claimed da her father, with Percy just standing there staring at his new sister.
posted by Phoenix_Stone
 Official Cover Art for House of Hades. Doesn't it look beautiful and heart-wrenching? :D
Official Cover Art for House of Hades. Doesn't it look beautiful and heart-wrenching? :D
Hi everyone! I'm just uploading the synopsis of the successivo awesome book of our fandom. I have so many feels right now. This little descrizione that you're about to read will give te immense chills, tears and happiness all mixed together in a messy knot of emotions. Have fun wailing and rolling around on the floor for hours. Here te go:

"At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld. The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy’s instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death. If they can...
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posted by ConnerandTravis
"If te loved Luke, why do te hate Piper?
Luke Castellan is the Percy Jackson fandom’s Severus Snape as the libri were coming out. te liked him a bit, then he did something bad and agrifoglio smokes te wanted him dead. Then in the last book he completely changed and people cried and people wanted him back and it was so sad, et cetera.

He’s charismatic, welcoming, charming, friendly, approachable, smart, fit, funny, experienced, he was Percy’s hero from the start (thus making us like him) and he did mostra genuine Amore to Annabeth and Thalia in the early libri and in The Demigod Diaries. But...
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posted by xharrypotterx
That's a pretty lame name don't te think? No, this isn't an articolo about why I don't like "Jiper". Actually I am helping "Jiper" fan pick a better name...

Possibility A:

You could stick to it I guess. Here is what the word means:
You would use this word to acknowledge or
express your thoughts of a favorable impression.
or at least that is what the internet says. As far as i know, Jiper is not a word.
Why do I think it's lame? It rhymes with Diaper.
Mabey te want to re-think that...

Possibility B:

I doubt anyone will use this one. It just doesn't have a ring to it. It just doesn't make...
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Here we are! (This is HecateA Scrivere an articolo about the other chapter bit the nice Heroes of Olympus fan have)

That Daniel Cook/Emily Young/Daniel Book moment was brought to te da imagination!

Anyways, here I am, and here te are, so let’s get started!

I’m guessing you’re all familiar with that extra piece of chapter we got. If not; te must head to the links right now! For those of te who are familiar (or are coming back from the link section), here’s my take on this, and guess what? I’m going to use the magic of copy-paste, bolding the not-Hecate’s-ideas, and throwing...
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