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why should the hunger games be stopped?

Hi I need to make an essay for my English class about the why the hunger games should be stopped( not the book) I have only two ideas but i need more. Can someone please help.
 antonyguan posted più di un anno fa
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no1drwhofan said:

Well, in my opinion, THG do not achieve anything, apart from taking innocent lives, which mattered so greatly to various families. Furthermore, one may argue that the way in which 'Mockingjay' came along, what with the bombing in the Capitol, demonstrates how the desired effect of THG has been contradicted, in that rather than maintaining peace, various uprisings and bombings, slaughter and contrivances have come about, instead. Additionally, the principles of the Games are also inequitable, in that children in the Capitol do not have the misfortune to enter the Games. Apart from the fact they a più financially stable and live in better conditions, what makes them so much più important than children originating from the Districts? What is more, think about how watching the Games on Televisione may influence small children o even young adults to behave. When some see witness the horrors of violence on TV, they learn to behave in that manner and feel as though it is their imperative duty to perhaps kill others, especially if they a young and have not been brought up for a long duration of time.

This is my brief stance on THG, nevertheless, hope this assists te in Scrivere your essay and may the odds be ever in your favour! :D Xxx
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posted più di un anno fa 
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