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Survivor of the games:
Which Hunger Games:
Character Bio

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più di un anno fa Mockingjaymad said…
Here is MINE:
Name: Rose Emerson
District: 5
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart, brave, kind, trustworthy
Looks: Medium auburn hair, light pale skin, blue eyes, freckles, is short (for her age)
Clothing: in her district, old clothes when hunting, every day outfit for just going to town (she only has three of these outfits) and for Reaping day or church, a dress. In the Games, a black waterproof lightweight jacket, baggy waterproof jogging pants, brown short sleeved shirt, and black cleat-like shoes
Weapons: Slingshot and bow
Traits: climbs trees swiftly, knows her plants, can camoflauge, has alright aim
Survivor: Yes, if a brutal tribute doesn't get in her way
Hunger Games: 25th (she got voted in by her district)
Character Bio: While living in 5, the power district, she never really got to see any woods or wildlife, but she still somehow knew her plants. Rose had a good life before the Games, she had a nice family, a best friend, an art teacher which she favors, and an adorable cat who she saved from starvation. But that was before the Games. Being only 12 and knowing that for the Quarter Quell the tributes get voted in the Games by their own district, she believes that she will be fine. But she was wrong. When she heard her name get called for the Reaping as well as her best friend (who is also 12), she feels as if the whole world is crashing down. Why would her district want her? Why two 12 year olds? What did she do to deserve this? All of these thoughts race in her mind but during the Games we will all find out the answer. With many sponsers and an amazing training score of 11, she thinks that she might have what it takes. But then she loses Shiloh. Her best friend meant everything to her. They were always by each others side. When she died, Rose was devistated. She basically goes mad. With much depression and longingness, she still is detirmend to win. After a few weeks of madly killing and madness, she dies a painful death by the District 4 tribute boy. Even after her death, she will always be remembered everywhere for her spirit, detirmination, and friendship.
P.S. Sorry it's so long!
MasterofRiddles commented…
te don't have to be sorry but I like your story, (Does she really have to die?) più di un anno fa
Mockingjaymad commented…
lol the only reason why I made her die was because in Catching fuoco o Mockingjay it detto that the youngest ever winner was Finnick and he was 14, so it would only make sense :) più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Mockingjaymad said…
I really wanted to do another for fun soooo here it is :)
Name: Shiloh Cockrell
District: 5
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Very kind, caring, lovable, dependable, smart, positive and athletic
Looks: LONG (a bit past her waist) black-brown hair, olive skin tone, brown eyes, a bit chubby face, and is medium height.
Clothing: In district, usually decent clothing, since her family is one of the wealthiest in the district. In the Games, same as Rose's outfit.
Weapons: Bow (but not very accurately) and her SMARTS :)
Traits: is VERY flexible, can climb trees a little, can hunt, uses her INSTINCT and COMMON SENSE
Survivor: She has a chance, but not really when it comes to fighting
Hunger Games: 25th (quarter quell, also got voted in)
Character Bio: Shiloh was basically just good at anything and everything that she tried. All of her teachers favored her and she was never picked last for anything. She was very strong and flexible, and she also loved art, which helped her camoflauge in the Games. When her name got drawn at the Reaping, as well as her best friend Rose, she feels proud to honor her district and tries to stay positive, unlike Rose. Her family is one of the most wealthiest in the District and she was always taught to dress up, stay positive, and be a lady. By jumping, leaping, and bending over every object in her private training scoring, never touching he floor once, even with her eyes closed, she got a score of 11, just like Rose. She believes that District 5 has a chance. During the Games, she runs away from the Cornucopia, just barely getting out of the way of a brutal male tribute from 6, by doing a tumble that saved her life. Later in the Games, she meets up with Rose and they ally. Rose saved her and she saved Rose many of times. Then one time when she was gathering water by a large stream, she felt large, strong hands straining her neck. She yelled for Rose, but it was too late. The tribute then stabbed her in the stomach. Rose told her a story while she died, the two never leaving eacch other's side until the very end. She died as a symbol of much courage, positiveness, and hope and determination for Rose too.
MasterofRiddles commented…
do u like mine più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Conan-394 said…
Name: John Stark (incomplete-will update)
District: 3- Technology
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Inventive, Clever,
Appearance: Hair-brown, eyes-blue-grey, height- 5'7", weight-145 lbs,
Clothing: Leather
Weapons: prosthetic arm provides extraordinary strength, war-hammer, , Mk 1- flamethrowers, micro-missile, Melee.
Traits: Able to outwit most anyone, extraordinarily skilled in the game of chess, proficient in electronics of all kinds.
Survivor: Yes (escaped from arena, almost killed by arrow threw HeadsUpDisplay)
Which Hunger Games:
Character Bio:
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MasterofRiddles commented…
lol Stark, Iron man, te know più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa orkneymatrix said…
Name: Belle LaTierri
District: 12-Coal
Age: 17 in first arena; 22 in second arena
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy but independent, beautiful & cold so that she doesn't get too attached to somebody in case they die.
Looks: Slender, short, blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes.
Clothing: Old dresses handed down her family.
Weapons: Knife.
Traits: Quick thinker, can easily read people, a good con girl & very flirtatious to get what she wants.
Survivor of the games: Yes, she fell in love with her fellow finalist but stabbed him in his sleep so she could win. No, the second time.
Which Hunger Games: 70th; 75th (3rd Quarter Quell)
Character Bio
When she was seven, her mother died of hypothermia and she was raised, along with her sister, by her father. Her sister was elected to be put in the arena on the 69th Hunger Games, devastating her, and she was killed in the final five. On the 75th Hunger Games, her father's distraught because she's elected. She falls in love with the other guy whose in the final two, but kills him in his sleep, drunk with power and desperate to win for her sister. She was later elected to take part in the 75th Hunger Games, by which time her father had died of a rare disease. In the arena, she lost her mind and kept seeing him there, telling her to win. She eventually killed herself.
più di un anno fa xHungerGamerx said…
Name: Saggitaria (or Tara) PerthShire
District: 7- Lumber
Age: 11 (in games)
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, sweet, Loves kittens and puppies, cute, loves cool colors (blues, greens, etc.)
Looks: Long hair, black hair, brown eyes, olive skin, normal height for age
Clothing: Thin Shirts, 2 black jackets, Skinny Jeans (some with holes)
Weapons: Sword, Axe, Crossbow, BlowDart
Traits: Climbing and hiding expert, good with wildlife, good with teamwork, great friend
Survivor of Games: No, she went mad
Which Hunger Games: 41st
Character Bio: She had a family of 5. Her sister and brother, Anais and Luke, and her parents. When Tara and Anais were 7, while their brother was 10, their parents were working in the forest and they stayed at home. At noon, there was a forest fire caused by a dropped cigarette apparently still on lit. There parents died right when they water just arrived. After the incident the siblings went to the burnt forest to see their parents (they thought they had survived). After they figured out they died they never felt the same. The next year Luke had been picked in the games and had died in the final 2. The 2 sisters never spoke for a week. Later in the month it snowed. Anais had to get some food and Tara stayed home, but secretly followed. Then a enormous blizzard came. Tara had hid in a warm tiny burrow, but she lost sight of Anais. When the blizzard had ended, she found her sister lying in the snow. Anais had froze to death, and now Tara had no one. She cried every night dreaming about the 2 siblings. 4 years later she was picked at the reaping. In the arena she had a lot of supplies and survived for a couple of days and even went in the final 3! Then Tara went to sleep one night and had a nightmare about all her family member's death. She went mad with rage and screamed as loud as she could. Someone found her but out of no where she stabbed the tribute to death and even did overkill. She saw her family standing in front of her with her face covered with blood. They smiled and then they just died in front of her eyes. She stabbed herself 10 times and died of overkill. She is remembered as "The Girl Who Went Mad".

Tribute Photo:
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 Name: Saggitaria (or Tara) PerthShire District: 7- Lumber Age: 11 (in games) Gender: Female Perso
più di un anno fa xHungerGamerx said…
BTW just if you wanted to know here's my brother:
Name: Luke PerthShire
District: 7-Lumber
Age: 11 (in games)
Gender: Male
Personality: Comedian, caring to his little sisters, loves the wild, lets he and his sisters play with the wolves.
Looks: Spikey hair, silver eyes (has disease where eyes have no color), skinny, tall,
Clothing: Long Sleeve Shirts, shorts, jeans, hiking shoes.
Weapons: Knives, Bow and Arrow, Spear
Traits: Animal Person, Survival Expert (BEAR GRYLLS lol jk), good with knots
Survivor of games: No, but was in final 2
Which Hunger Games: 37th
Character Bio (1st person): Lets say that my life isn't that happy. When i was 10 my parents died in a huge forest fire. I was left with my 2 little sisters Anais and Sagatarria, or as i like to call them little rascals. We had a pet wolf named Rino that we visited and fed every night. The Next year after my parents died i was picked in the reaping along with my best friend Riya. In training we both got a score of 10. We celebrated with our mentors and it was a happy time, but not in the games. We teamed at once and we grabbed as much supplies as we could from the cornucopia and dashed out far in the arena. We found a tiny underground cave and covered the opening with moss and rocks. Luckily it was a small opening and a huge space deep down. We lit a match and stuck it on the ground and survived then on. No one had even found us and i haven't heard a single foot step outside. We both had backpacks with everything we need. We were 2 of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, we were the final 2 and i couldn't kill her and she couldn't kill me. I wanted her to win, for both of us. While she slept i left her a note in the dirt on the wall, i stood beside it, and killed my self. I am known as "Boy of Sacrifice"

Tribute Photo:
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 BTW just if te wanted to know here's my brother: __________________________________________________
fanboy174 commented…
how'd u make the picture? più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa dowanellis said…
Name: Travion Ellis
District: District 7
Gender: male
Personality: funny deadly
Looks: dark skin brown eyes
Clothing: shirt and jeans
Weapons: throwing knives throwing axes and a sword
Traits: survivalist
Survival of games: yes
Which hunger games: 79th hunger games
Character bio: I have a brother he got token away to District 11
Sister moved to District 1
Mother is poor
Father is unknown
I went to the traing room I went to the throwing knives section. I think I actually did pretty bad but did good at throwing axes. I seen the district. 5 boy arguing with the boy from district 3

I think the district 5 was name mark and district 3 was Alex
I tried to join the Careers they did let me join

I came into the arena it was a desert. I hop off my pedestal and ran to get a bag, axes, sword, and knives
I seen the district 5 male tried to kill my district partner I tackle him on the ground. I help her up and we waited behind the corcunpia when it's over 13 tributes were dead

Remaing: District 1 couple DIstrict 2 pair District 3. Male District 6 female
District 7 couple( us) District 9 male District10 couple District11 male
I joined the Careers yesterday they was at the corcunpia I ask them can my district partner join they said sure. Well it was the final 8 District 1 female District 2 male
District 3 male District 6 female District 7 couple(us) District 10 couple.
It was a feast at the corcunpia I see on bags d1 D2 D3 D6 D7 D10. I see District 10 male runs up to grab his Bag but I throw my axe hits him in neck. Boom! Then the District 3 male runs up and grab his bag and flee. I run to the 2nd bloodbath I grab my bag I see District 2 make throws his sword at me it hits me in the shoulder an I tackle him and stick one of my axes inside his face. Boom! Then everybody is running after their bags. Boom! Boom! Boom! I go back to the woods but my district partner is not there. I sit down and watch the anthem! District 1 female District 2 male District 6 female District 7 female District 10 male! Well it's the hunger games. Boom! District 10 male. I walk around an I see District 3 male just standing there i said hey how u doin. District 3 male turns around smiles at me. I think it's time for battle what bout u. District 3 male smiles and shakes his head. I go to him and he punches me in the face stab me in the shoulder I grab my axe and I shove it in his face! Boom! I got 8 kills in all District 2 male District3 male and female District 5 male District 6 male district 8 male District 11 female District 12 male. I walk on the hovercraft and hey took me back to district 7 victors village.
I had to mentor our next tributes Luke Perth Shire and Rita I brought another victor home
MasterofRiddles commented…
ciao wanna make our characters interact più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa red_lime69 said…
Name: Tyson Taylor
District: 12 mining
Age: 17 in 20th hunger games
Gender: male
Personality: Brave, kind hearted, happy
Looks: brown hair with blonde streaks, brown eyes, tan skin
Clothing:Leather hood and tunic and pants
Weapons: spear, sword.
Traits: survivalist
Survivor of the games: yes
Which Hunger Games: 20th
Character Bio: (1st person) After my mothers death of sickness and starvation my father walked out on me and my little bro Justin, we were only 16 at the time and my dad told us that he was escaping to the woods and for us not to follow, later that night Justin and I went to the town square and bought bread, witch got our name in the hunger games bucket, as we were coming out we say our dad tied up and getting whipped... 1 year later passed and it was time for the reaping, I got picked and so did a girl named Mya Congi-Kerr we shook hands and got on the train, then about 2 days later we had our training scores I used a sword, every one got the average 9's and 8's but then came me with a score of 12. During the games we were all on the plat forms, I already saw some one walk off it and got blown to pieces. The gong went and I ran to the middle I knew it was going to be a blood bath but I didn't care, I managed to grab a spear and run, I stabbed one dude through the head and ripped the spear out and run, I ended up seeing Mya 3 nights later but as soon as I saw her there was and arrow that went threw the back of her head, I saw the girl who did it and threw the spear (the girl was in a tree) the spear ended up getting stuck in her calve she fell down and landed on her neck, I took all the supplies and went away from the battle scene after that it was 4 more days and it was me and 1 person left I was sneaking up but he heard something and started to run, he tripped over me and said that there were mutants coming, I saw a lizard like man come out, we both started running, he was faster than me but I ended up getting a bow out and shooting him in the head just as the lizard man got me, the lizard man dropped me and I went back home, Justin was working in the mines but he gets to live with me in victors village, the only thing I hope for is that I never have to be Justin's mentor.

That's it im sorry it was kind of a story but ya.
più di un anno fa red_lime69 said…
I want to do another one but this time its meh brother Justin
Name: Justin Taylor
District: 12- mining
Age: 18
Gender: male
Personality: fun, creative
Looks: dirty blonde, tan skin, brown eyes
Clothing: hunting jacket, leather pants
Weapons: throwing knives, kunai
Traits: survivalist
Survivor of the games: yes
Which Hunger Games: 21st annual hunger games
Character Bio: (1st person) I finally turned 18 and it was my last year of the reaping, I lived in victor village with my brother Tyson, he was the winner of the 20th hunger games, but today was the reaping, and Tyson's worst fears came true, he was the mentor of me... It seemed so soon that I was in the training room and got my score, of a 11! It was the night before the games, Tyson gave me a few pointers on how to survive, he told me to get a throwing knife, it was time for the games, I was on the plat form and ready to run, once the gong rung I was already at the cornucopia and ran away killing tributes on my way, then I ran into the forest, 13 cannons , that means, 11 tributes remain, I was at a stream while I just stayed there up in a tree waiting for a tribute, boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! 3 tributes left, then I heard a howl and there were a whole bunch of mutts chasing a tribute, the mutt got him and ripped him in half. BOOM! im in the final 2, then a sudden pain hit my shoulder as a arrow was stuck in my shoulder, there was a tribute in the tree, he loaded an arrow, I took my good arm and threw a tomahawk right in his chest, he was gasping for air as he fell down the tree and on a mutt, the mutt was biting him but wasn't killing him, I took my tomahawk and threw it in his head. Then I went back home to district 12, now Tyson and I had our own house in victors village, and if the quarter quell comes then one of us might get picked.

I made this not my actual brother Justin but he WILL be making one under my account so ya see ya

più di un anno fa princessmyancat said…
Name: Mia Black
District: 7
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Personality: Popular girl in school who loved music and singing she was a bit of a heart breaker and when she was 11 her mother passed away in a work accident so she was just left with her father and big sister (Avon who is still alive) her little sister (Emily who is alive) and her big brother (Tyrese Reaped for the 62nd hunger games) because her family has had its ups and downs she had become very aggressive and violent

Looks: Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and quite slender, freckles long eye lashes and very pretty

Clothing: Brown leather jacket black top, green baggy trousers, brown boots and wears a flower pin that looks very similar to the mocking jay pin that Katniss has.

Weapons: Tomahawks, Throwing Knives, Sword and pocket knives

Traits: Violent, Funny, Caring Friendly Gets emotional easily

Survivor of the games: No, She died trying to protect her crush

Which Hunger Games: 68th Hunger Games, Basically when she went in to the hunger games she had a secret crush on Hayden Skye who she followed the whole games from a distance, she died when trying to protect Hayden from a team she took out one of the members letting the other one kill her but Hayden took care of the other one and all she wanted to do was make sure that Hayden won which he did so she can rest peacefully now <3

Character Bio - sory i kinda gave away all of her info on the other parts :/
MasterofRiddles commented…
good character, like it più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa GoodWitchesRAJA said…
Name: Autumn Miller

District: 4

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Very kind, shy but popular

Looks: see picture

Clothing: middle class clothing but it looks good on her

Weapons: She is flexible so she uses that to her advantage. She is good with most anything

Traits: Witty, Survivalist, and Flexible

Survivor of the games: Yes she tricked people into doing her bidding.

Which Hunger Games: 80th

Character Bio: Autumn was born into a pretty wealthy family. Most everyone loved her. Both of her parents were survivors of The Hunger Games. (Mom-53rd & Dad-51st) She wen to the local schools and had training from her parents just in case she was chosen. Which she was so it came in handy. She was able to survive by tricking people and sticking with the stronger people. In the end her plan worked.
last edited più di un anno fa
 Name: Autumn Miller District: 4 Age: 16 Gender: Female Personality: Very kind, shy but po
più di un anno fa princessmyancat said…
Name: Emily Black
District: 7
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, Funny and really quite
Looks: Blonde hair, blue eyes slender freckles very pretty small in weight and height
Clothing: Green jeans, Black top, grey jacket and her sister pin
Weapons: Throwing knives, bow , sword
Traits: Emotional, Killer , shy ,
Survivor of the games: Yes, she won
Which Hunger Games: 71st
Character Bio : Her sister Mia was killed in the 68th hunger games and when she was reaped she knew she would die, in training she got a score of 10 when she hit all the targets with her preferred weapon, the throwing knife. The careers made her a target but she made an alliance with number 12s Jennifer Brook (also 12 years old) they fought through everyone using their skills and Emily was really flexible and small she was a really good ninja. Her and Jennifer would light a fire to attract people using Jennifer as bait as they went to kill Jennifer Emily swooped down from the trees and killed them. This plan worked until it was them and the careers, they went hunting and the careers found them resulting in the death of Jennifer (R.I.P) and Emily in all her rage ran towards the person who killed Jennifer and stabbed them 20 times in the face and chest... (Jennifer is Mia's sister btw :P)
fanboy174 commented…
wasn't johanna mason the victor for the 71st? più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa c0c0callie3 said…
name: Plume Rod
district :4
gender female
personality: shy,quiet ,sly and swift
looks: hazel long brown hair. slightly skinny. beautiful in face and quite avarage hight for a 12 yr old
clothing: any thing white blue purple green (basically the beach colors)
weapons: throwing knives, bow and arrows, throwing axe and trident
traits: silent, killer and shy
winner of which game: 16th
bio: Plume's sister Sage was reaped for the games, Plume volunteered for Sage and Plume knew that she would not survive a night, so Plume stepped up to the stage and was devestated when her best friend and boyfriend was reaped for the games
during the training center assessment she scored a 12 and the careers wanted her as an ally so she accepted
during the games her boyfriend was killed by all the careers so Plume decided to take action and Plume said she will take guard for the night and when she was sleeping Plume woke up and stabbed them all in the chest,back or neck and they died soon enough
during the final three district 7's Timber was killed by her ally Susan( district 8) and Susan thought she had won the games so Plume crept up on her and threw an axe at her but missed which drew Susan's attention to Plume, Plume got a scar on her back but Susan was killed by Plume because the axe flew into her head and broke her skull and cut her brain.

i have an idea of what her clothes were like so the white dress is her reaping dress the longest dress was the interview dress and the costume was the parade dress
Tribute Photo:­?q=­tbn­:AN­d9G­cQo­28N­LnJ­oQC­cTj­6JH­aiu­dP7­QUW­PhA­QMJ­rnE­Sgv­HgG­cqF­FNi­Um6­Fg
picture of her and her boyfriend
più di un anno fa hcbjester said…
Name: Aether French

District: 11

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Aether comes off as a very ditzy girl. She always seems to have her head in the clouds and can be found daydreaming more often than not. Despite appearances, Aether is really very clever and knows how to survive. She is very adaptable and changes her approach to fit the situation she's in. Aether is also an optimist and she never lost hope, even in the middle of the game.

Looks: Average height but fairly petite, though that's partially from starvation. She has straight brown hair that reaches past her shoulders, but is often tied back. Her eyes are a stunning bright blue and tend to show whatever she's feeling. She's very pretty, but in a natural way.

Clothing: She normally wears an old pair of light brown trousers, a dirty pale blue button up shirt, and a pair of dark brown combat boots. At her reaping she wore a bright blue dress with white sleeves. At her interview she wore a golden princess-like gown that was sleeveless with gems across the top. During her games she wore a tight pair of black leggings, a dark grey raincoat, a tight black tee, and black combat boots.

Weapons: She can shoot a bow passably but is best with an ax

Traits: Very adaptable, can close off her emotions, fast runner, good liar

Survivor of the games: Yes

Which Hunger Games: 42nd

Character Bio: (This is gonna be long...)

29... 28... 27... 26...

The countdown seems to slow down, keeping pace with my beating heart. I can feel it pounding against my chest and I swear the others can hear it. I can see the boy from my district some feet to my left. What was his name again? Killian? I've ignored him since he burst into tears on the train ride here. I pity him, feel sympathy even, but I know that he won't leave here alive. I glance at Killian, I'm fairly sure that's his name, for a second before taking in the arena. I'm surrounded by mud in every direction, that doesn't break for countless yards, where it reaches trees. The sky overhead is overcast and cloudy, I guess we were given these raincoats for a reason.... The cornucopia looms in the center, looking unreachable and far too far away.

23... 22... 21... 20...

My thoughts turn to Robert. I know he's watching the screen now, watching me. He'll be expecting me to run. That was the plan after all, I can still remember him saying it. "Remember love, you're fast. When you're in there don't think, just run. Get as far away from there as you can sweetheart. You have to promise me that." I had only nodded, but I think he knew that I wasn't going to listen. How the heck did this happen!? I went into this not planning to make friends, but he was just.... there. He was wonderful and kind, and was a bright light in this darkness. He was also my mentor. He won his games two years ago at the age of 17, by making deals and having the things everyone needed. I take a moment to picture him, with his messy blond hair, and glasses, and those brown eyes that always made me melt.

17... 16... 15.. 14...

I shake my head, clearing it. I can't think of him now. If I do I'll get distracted by the absolutely heartbreaking look on his face when he said goodbye. "Remember darling, I'll be here when you get out." I shake my head again and prepare to run, not in the direction Robert will be expecting but towards the cornucopia. I can already see an ax from here, and some instinct is telling me that I'm going to need it. I steady myself, and take a deep breath.

4... 3... 2... 1...

The sky breaks open, and suddenly I can barely see for the heavy rain pounding down. I don't think, I just run in the general direction of the cornucopia. Somewhere in the back of my mind I picture Robert, hands clenched, swearing under his breath as I ignore what he told me. Most of other tributes stand stunned, just for a moment, but that moment is enough. I'm already grabbing my ax and a small backpack when they reach me. I'm out of there before anyone has time to attack. As my feet pound I barely register the tributes slipping and falling, not as used to running in the mud and rain as I am. A throwing knife whizzes past my ear, barely missing me but I don't stop. I don't stop at the screams either, but the anguished tone of the symphony of wails makes my blood curdle. I steel my face as I continue on, vanquishing my emotions. Emotions won't help me here.

**Le Convenient Time Skip**

I won. I won. I won. I note trumpets and the announcement being made, but I can't hear anything besides my frantic breathes and the sound of my heartbeat. The ax in my hand falls to the ground with a squelch, and quickly sinks in the mud. I follow, falling to my knees on the ground. The sky above me clears, the rain finally stopping. I've only been in the arena for two days. I'm fairly sure this was the quickest and bloodiest hunger games yet. So many of the tributes were killed at the cornucopia, falling in the bloodstained mud, never to get up again. I can't bring myself to care. I am empty, hollow. I stare blankly at the sky, not wanting or daring to look down at the body of the dead career in front of me. Her name was Shimmer. She was the only one I killed during my time here, but the first emotion to break through the emptiness is guilt. I lived, but at what price? So many lives were lost.... I know I'm not responsible. Not for Killian, or the cornucopia victims, or the rest of the career pack that Shimmer had turned on. However, as I am taken from the arena, I can't help but feel that I am.

***Another Le Convenient Time Skip***

The only thing I can see as I enter the room is Robert. His back is to me, but he turns around as I knock softly on the door frame. This is the first time we've been alone since the games. In the whirlwind of interviews, and stylists, and fans we've never gotten the chance. We just look at each other for a moment, and it feels like eternity. He opens his arms to me, I don't even know I'm running towards him until I'm hugging him desperately, and he's resting his chin on my head. It takes me a few minutes to realize I'm crying for the first time since it ended, heaving desperate sobs that shake my entire body. I vaguely feel Robert rubbing my back, trying to sooth me and murmuring in my ear, "It's over love. It's over. I've got you sweetheart. You're safe." I'm glad he doesn't say anything about it getting better, or that it's okay. I think he knows better than I do that it never will be.

P.S. I am sorry! I love to write and I just kind of ran with it. xD It's so long....
 Name: Aether French District: 11 Age: 18 Gender: Female Personality: Aether comes off as
più di un anno fa hcbjester said…
I'm doing one for Robert too. It won't be as long though! I hope.

Name: Robert Freeman

District: 11

Age: 17 during his games, 19 currently.

Gender: Male

Personality: Robert comes off as very clever, devious, and cruel. That's what he does to protect himself. He really has a heart of gold beneath everything else. He can be caring and sweet, but is very guarded and doesn't really open up.

Looks: Robert is tall, with fairly broad shoulders. He is muscular, but isn't the strongest guy out there. He has short blond hair that's normally messy. His eyes are a warm honey brown, and he wears a pair of glasses, but he can see pretty well without them.

Clothing: A tight jumper, normally grey or brown, dark baggy jeans, combat boots.

Weapons: His wit, throwing knifes, he's ok with a sword

Traits: Very clever, devious, dealmaking, lying, tricking people, knowing everything that's going on

Survivor of the games: Yes, went on to be a mentor

Which Hunger Games: 40

Character Bio:

I had thought it would be more of a challenge... I remember standing there, all by myself in front of the cornucopia. My plan had begun before I'd even entered the arena. During training I'd made some deals, told some lies, started some rivalries, and planted the seeds of doubt among the allies. It was a fragile and dangerous web I'd weaved, but I had planned for everything. A few plausible lies told to the careers and they'd turned on each other faster than even I'd expected. As soon as the countdown ended they'd ran for the weapons and fell on each other in less than a minute. The other tributes had gone for the surrounding fields to hide in the tall grass. That had taken more work, but I spread some rumors and used their fear to convince them all to run. Everything was going perfectly.

There were only a couple of my fellow tributes left. The deals I had made had insured that many of them were taken down quickly. It was amazing how desperate everyone was for a sense of safety, even if it was only the reassurance that there was one less tribute out for them. I simply told a few of them that I wouldn't go after them and they were all to happy to agree to take out one or two other tributes. This was almost too easy. The careers were already gone, and so were many others. Only the girl from 10,Wren, and the boy from 9, Trent, were left. Well, and myself of course. A cannon rang out. I smirked, one down, one to go.

Trent ran right into the clearing surrounding the cornucopia. That was a novice mistake. One well thrown knife and I was a victor. I had already known this would happen. Some part of me felt remorse, guilt, horror even but I shoved it to the back of my mind. I am a victor. This was the plan all along. I'd been preparing for this since I was 12, just in case. Why didn't this feel like a victory?

My short nails are digging into the palms of my hand. She hadn't listened to me. Why hadn't she listened?! Did she know how dangerous that was?! I don't know what I'll do if she dies in the arena... I'd lost both of my tributes last year, but that wasn't the same. Neither of them were Aether. They were weak and average. Aether however, Aether was strong, and tough, and... everything. I don't know how I became attached so quickly, but how could I not? She was beautiful, and clever, but god help me she had been an idiot. I almost want to scream, and the impulse only leaves when she is safe among the trees. I exhale the breath I didn't know I was holding. That girl better get out of there alive. I doubt I'll survive if she doesn't.

P.S. Yay it was shorter that time!! Still pretty long though.... ^^; Oh well!!
 I'm doing one for Robert too. It won't be as long though! I hope. Name: Robert Freeman Dist
più di un anno fa rucaslabb said…
Name: Pixel Sacul
District: 4
Age: 23
Gender: male
Personality: Pixel is a sweet and caring guy
Looks: 6 feet two inches tall, brown hair and eyes tanned skin scar on his right arm from is games finely toned muscles
Clothing: usually shirtless and in swim trunks
Weapons: axe, trident, knife, rock, strength
Traits: falls in love easily, passive on having to kill his alliance
Survivor of the games: yes
Which Hunger Games: 102
Character Bio: Pixel grew up near the ocean in district four. He had an abusive father and his mother and Sister passed away due to an illness. He lived next to a girl named Cloya Eelyak his whole life. when the day came that he was reaped to go into the games, he was 17, it was his birthday, Leotha, a close friend of both Pixel and Cloya was selected. as the male tribute was selected Pixel Volunteered for Leotha's Brother, Rhyme. Leotha told Pixel that he shouldn't have done that and that Cloya would lose him forever.

in the games Pixel and Leotha made it to the final 4 then Leotha was killed by a badger mutt the Game maker through in. Pixel was left with two careers, Aurora, the girl from 1, and Kestrel, the male from 2. Kestrel killed Aurora while Pixel watched from his hiding place, under water. when Kestrel was not looking, Pixel threw his axe hitting his leg. he knew Kestrel was injured and smashed his head in with a rock winning the games.

when Pixel returned to his district, he was greeted by Cloya with a kiss. they started dating and eventually got married. Pixel went into fishing but soon quit to help raise the child. His Victory was mainly due to having 8 people in an alliance including Aurora and Kestrel.
più di un anno fa fanboy174 said…
Name: Ethan Hope

District: 7

Age: 15( Hunger Games) 16(Current)

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, Quiet, Sneaky, Always Has A Plan

Looks: 160 cm, Scrawny, Blue Eyes, Blondish- Brown hair,

Clothing: Sleeveless Shirt, Cargo Pants, Combat Boots, (<Work)

Weapons: Knife, Wooden Carved Club, Sword

Traits: Easy Going, Natural Survivor, Smart, Fast,

Survivor of the games: Yes

Which Hunger Games: 73rd Hunger Games

Character Bio: The Day Was Turning To Night My Brother And I Were Returning From A Day At The Lumber Yard When We Saw A Victor Fighting With Another Adult We Ran Up To Stop The Fighting We Then Realized Who The Victor Was It Was Johanna Mason Victor Of The 71st Hunger Games We Tried To Get The Man To Back Away With No Hope He Pushed Johanna Backwards Then He Fell Seconds Later His Neck Broken....

*Time Leap*

The Day Everyone Dreaded "Reaping Day" Had Arrived, Nobody Like It Except The Tributes From District 1, 2 and 4 as they always volunteered They Showed The Meaning Of The Hunger Games Which Was Always Boring But We Had To Watch It Anyway Then The Girls Were Chosen A Girl Who I Never Seen In My Whole Life Was Chosen , Then The Boys. A Boy Who Was 12 and Had no Skills At All Was Chosen Then I Screamed "That's Not Fair I Volunteer As Tribute" I Walked Up To The Stage And Told The Boy To Go Find His Mum He Nodded With A Shocked Look On His Face.

*Another Time Leap*

The Final Training Day We Were Training Infront Of Gamemakers And They Gave Us A Score I Got A 9 The Girl got 8 We Left And Went To Our Living Quarters Where Johanna Talked To Me Giving Me Advice About The Arena "Just Survive Run To The Cornucopia Grab The Closest Bag And Run" I Nodded With A Smirk On My Face.

*Time Leap Again*

We Were Waiting For The Clock To Say 0
"10 9 8 7 6"
I Made A Plan
"5 4 3 2 1"
I Ran To The Closest Bag With A Sword Near It I Picked It Up And Swung Backwards Connecting With The Boy From 3 I Ran To The Forest With Both Our Packs And His Knife I Ran and Ran And Didn't Stop

*4 Days Later*

My Supplies Were Running Low There Were 8 People Left
Both 1, 2 and 4, Boy from 6 And Me I Was Going Crazy Then 3 Cannons Boomed and I Waited Til Night Both 4 and 6 were Dead I Continued For 3 Days Then Realized What If They Thought I Was Dead I Hunted For Something To Look Munted And had no look, I cut out my tracker and shoved it into the remains then i ran and hid A Cannon Boomed A Hovercraft Came And Took The Remains, I Looked Into The Sky And My Face Showed Up and Both from 2 and the Girl from 1 were dead aswell.

*Time Leap*

I Could Hear Cheering In The Distance only me and the boy were alive I ran to the cornucopia and hid there waiting for the finale. He Ran into view being chased by Muttations from dead tributes he jumped onto the Cornucopia his last image was my Club whacking off the Cornucopia into the Mutts A Couples Hours Later The Final Cannon Boomed

"Ladies And Gentleman Our Winner ETHAN HOPE!!!" I Cheered And Jumped Waiting For The Hovercraft To Come Take Me Back and a few days later i'd be home

last edited più di un anno fa
 Name: Ethan Hope District: 7 Age: 15( Hunger Games) 16(Current) Gender: Male Personality:
più di un anno fa mrpieguy82 said…
Name: Jaren Thompson

District: 8- Textiles

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Friendly, Can be rough

Looks: Golden hair, teal eyes

Clothing: Well, he wears something different everyday...

Weapons: Spear, kunai (throwing knives), bow and arrows (not to good, though)

Traits: I totally forgot what traits are!

Survivor of the games: Yes, then no

Which Hunger Games: 55th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

Character Bio: (1st Person) SPOILERS FOR THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES!!!!!!!!!

I was shocked, but I knew I could probably win. From District Eight, I was not in a wealthy place. I worked at a place where they crafted peacekeeper uniforms, even though of my young age. Anyway, I made my way up to the stage. There was nothing my sister could do. She was reaped, as well. I felt a rush of fear go through my body. I was brought upon the train, where my sister, Julie, followed behind.
A few weeks later, I was in the training center, readying my spear, when Julie approached. I saw the look that she just made a friend. I was surprised to meet our ally. A small girl from District 12, whose name is Tally. I wasn't about to say we don't need allies, because she has a terrific skill with Throwing Knives. She showed me and Julie her amazing aim, and I was surprised. Her mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, actually won the Quarter Quell five years earlier. I remembered the tribute parades, I was dressed as a peacekeeper, and I saw Haymitch Abernathy laughing. Well, it did look ridiculous.
The night. The night before the games. The interviews went pretty good. I told of my skill with spears, and we discuss my training score of 9. Caesar Flickerman, the guy who hold the interviews, had an intriguing green hair style. I told I was pretty nervous about the games, but I might be able to win. I was not ready, though. Not. At. All.
I rise to my plate, and stare at the glimmering golden Cornucopia. I turned to the sun, where in was shining upon the snowy tundra I stood above. It was snowing like crazy, but not yet a blizzard. The clock was ticking, the games were beginning.
I sprinted swiftly to the large golden horn of Cornucopia, grabbing a green pack and a... spear! The boy from 5 tries to punch, I spear him in the gut. I run quickly, but stop at the pedestals to view the bloodbath. I see the boy I speared get up, bloody stomach, and is then given a shot to the head by the girl from 7's bow. I search frantically for Julie, no sign of her. I do see the girl from 12, though. She looks at me, and approaches me. We escape the gilded horn together, and we decide to search for Julie. I start to get a feeling another tribute, a hostile one, is near.I turn to see the girl from 12 poised to attack, and she stabs my shoulder. I stab her side with my spear. She falls on the hard ground, and she is screeching of pain. I see the career pack arriving, so I hide in a bush. They, luckily, finish off the backstabber from 12. BOOM! A cannon goes off. The end of the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
That night, I see the fallen, all 8 dead tributes. District 3 girl. District 4 boy. District 4 girl. District 5 boy. District 6 boy. District 9 boy. District 10 boy. District 12 girl. Good. Julie is fine.
I see, a deer. I get my spear and hold it up, ready to throw. Then, an arrow pierces its head. Straight in the eye. Of course. Girl from 7, finished off the boy from 5 for me. I still keep my spear up, and she approaches the deer. I'm about to let the spear fly, but then her district partner comes. "Great! Food!" He says. I spy on the two at night, and then the idiots from seven make a fire. Then, in about an hour, their deer is cooked, and the careers arrive. "Hey! Thanks for the food!" Mason, a boy from 11 says. "Huh." I think,"dude from 11 joined the careers." 2 cannons. Then another. I look up to see the two from 7 and the girl from 6. "Thirteen dead." I think.
I take my chance to escape while the careers killed the boy and girl from 7. I ponder on how the girl in 6 died. I am finally at the lake when I see a person in the water. Blonde girl. She says my name, calls my name for help. I realize. Julie. The yell. The hair. Before I know what I'm doing, I jump into the water, spear in hand. And then I'm out cold.
I see a light, I turn away. Darkness. Then I see it. I'm in the Dark Days. I see the war. The rebels attacking the Peacekeepers. Bombs blow. I see myself. I am a peacekeeper. I am being shot at, and then I see Julie. On the ground, she is screaming for my assistance, but it's too late. A rebel kills her.
When I wake, I see Julie lying down. She sees me wake, and says,"'Bout time you got up."
"What happened?" I ask.
"A tornado came. Gamemakers spawned it. You were thrown to shore with me."
"Oh. Makes sense."
Me and Julie sat and waited for something good to happen. Then we hear a cannon. BOOM! Wander who killed that guy or girl.
Me and Julie decide to go hunting, so she gets her Bow and Arrows while I get my spear and a large backpack to carry whatever we get from hunting. When we leave the lake and are into the woods, I see the career pack. Julie, being stupid, shoots an arrow and kills a squirrel in a tree above the careers. I then realize what she's doing. She distracted the careers with the squirrel going behind them, so the 2 from District 1 and the boy from 11 start to chase in the opposite direction of me and Julie. My spear goes in the girl from 2's head, and an arrow is in the boy from 2's heart. BOOM! BOOM!
"Sweet! We killed Andrew and Beth!" Julie says
I guess the two from 2 are Beth and Andrew. That will definitely attract attention. Mark and Sasire come back, with the dude from 11.
"Hey, Dante! Some guys killed Beth and Andrew!" Mark exclaims.
"Looks like thy did our job for us!" Dante yells.
They were planning on killing them anyway. Me and Julie run back to camp, but I hear a voice. A call.

Julie has been dead for a week. It is just me and Dante, the boy from 11 left. We are at the Cornucopia for the final showdown.
"Say hi to my friends for me." Dante tells me.
"I think I might give you the pleasure myself." I say, as I throw my spear at his chest.
A surely fatal impact hits Dante, as he falls. A final cannon. BOOM!

It's been 20 years since my last games. I was reaped for the third Quarter Quell. I jump into the water from my plate, to the Cornucopia. I was scared. I'm getting old. I'm thirty-five years old. I grab my spear, but no food. There was none. I see Finnick Odair use his trident on the guy from 5.
Two days later Katniss Everdeen does something incredible. She destroyed the arena. I have no idea how, but she did. I'm blown through the sky, and land in a tree. A hovercraft appears, and picks me up. Finnick Odair, Plutarch Heavensbee, and Haymitch Abernathy are in the room. I tell them the rebellion was a success. We escaped the arena, and the mockingjay is safe.

Haymitch says,"Well, lets get to business. District 13 is waiting for"
più di un anno fa muffins_are_us said…
testing testing
più di un anno fa muffins_are_us said…
how do you even make one? i want to know how to make a character
Mahomie_4ife commented…
@ muffins_are_us me too più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa booknerdbeauty said…
Here's mine.

Name: Natalia Cummorclove
Age: 17
District: 4
Gender: female
Personality: clumsy, witty, quiet, protective, wise, beautiful
Looks: absolutely gorgeous, brown hair with golden streaks, royal blue eyes, freckles, natural rose colored lips
Clothing: for the reaping she has a white-knee length dress with lace around the caller, her hair is put into a side ponytail with a braided crown of hair. Normal day, black jeans and a green oversized t-shirt and hunting boots, wears hair in a half up-half down with a bow in the back.
Traits: loves to swim, and sing and be with her two little sisters, Gwenniveir and Wenndalyn, very serious and smart, a busy dreamer
Weapons: knives, axe, trident, bow and arrow
Which games: 71st
Survivor of the games: Natalia Cummorclove
Bio: born, raised, mother was killed, father died after her games by hypothermia, took care of her sisters, great friends with Annie Cresta, must teach sisters to hunt.
più di un anno fa Actress415 said…
Name: Myrtle Tallot
District: 2
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, stubborn, bitter, hides feelings, lost, loving, smart, sarcastic
Looks: Dark brown eyes, reddish brown hair, fair skin, freckles, dark and defined eyebrows
Clothing: Nicely dressed, but quit trying after the games.
Weapons: Knives, hands, sword
Traits: Loner, enjoys music, depressed
Survivor of the games: Survivor and "Survivor"
Which Hunger Games: 72nd and 75th(volunteered for Enobaria)
Character Bio: Brutus like a father figure to her, being a close friend of the family after her father was killed. Myrtle meets Cato when she is 14 and they form a relationship and her brother, Marcus, is reaped for the 71st Hunger Games and loses. She then volunteers to try and avenge his death the next year and wins. She tells Cato not to volunteer, which he does, and she loses him. The capitol also takes away their daughter after Cato's death. Myrtle is convinced she has nothing to live for anymore with a mother who doesn't care, a dead brother, father, lover, and supposedly dead daughter. She hears about the quarter quell and volunteers in Enobaria's place as a suicide plan, but Brutus stops her. At the start of the games, she leaves the carriers and allies with Joanna, Beetee and Wiress, then meeting up with Kaniss, Peeta, and Finnick. She then risks her life for Katniss at the lightning tree and is electrocuted, but is revived. She is reunited with her living daughter, Elsa, in district 13.
Mahomie_4ife commented…
lol elsa like Frozen più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa sub-zeroFANGURL said…
Name: Sierra "AlphA" Walker

district: 11

age: 14

gender: female

personality: over-protective of older brothers, smart, kind, loving, determined

looks: dark brown braid that goes to ankles, icy blue eyes, tan skin, 2 scars on abdomens due to swords

clothing: black, lowcut, electric blue outlined belly top; green and tight shorts; black boots with white buckles

weapons: hand-to-hand combat, rarely swords

traits: stealthy, protective, caring, generous, hero

survivor: yes

year: 100 (quarter quell allows 2 girls and two boys)

character bio: AlphA is a 14-year-old who relies on her brothers to love her. Thomas and Kuai Liang aren't her real brothers, but she treats them like it. She is in love with Kuai Liang and they have a romantic love interest for each other. Thomas is the eldest and wisest, but when he is reaped, AlphA volunteers to take his place. After being denied, a boy volunteers for him instead. AlphA had saved they boy's family from brutal attackers- it was the least that he could do. AlphA's arch-enemy is known as Princess Zintani. Their rivalry turns into an untrustworthy friendship as they team up for the 100th hunger games. The past of AlphA remains unknown, even to her.

(I just picture AlphA as Sheva Alomar if it makes her easier to picture)
più di un anno fa sub-zeroFANGURL said…
name: Zinani Kahn

district: 11

age: 14

gender: female

personality: selfish, evil, manipulative, clever, sly, sneaky

looks: long black hair that goes to ankles with red streaks, blood red eyes, lightly tanned skin

clothing: black and red bra, black thong, black high-heels, black elbow gloves that stop at her wrist and covers top of hand

weapons: double swords

traits: sneaky, doesn't trust anyone, favored by her father, selfish, manipulative, smart, cautious of her surroundings

survivor: yes

year: 100

character bio: Zintani is the youngest of 3 daughters. Due to the fact that she shares multiple similarities, she is favored by her father. She goes out during the night and steals from not only civilians, but also the mayor and peacekeepers. With her cleaver mind, Zintani can easily manipulate and kill people. Her physical exposure is disturbing to most, but was required in her hometown. Zintani's arch-enemy is AlphA. They grew up hating each other. AlphA would always be awarded for her bravery and talent, while Zintani would be despised. But when Zintani volunteers to impress her father and AlphA volunteers for a young girl, Zintani befriends AlphA only to betray her at the end of the games. Zintani realizes that there can't be two victors and AlphA has her brothers at home, so she fakes her death and retreats from the capitol back to district 11. She holds a grudge on AlphA for not saving her, so they become enemies again. Zintani will always remember the 4th quarter quell as a reminder- you cannot trust anyone.

(im sonaze1514 on wattpad check out my mortal kombat series and sonic couples series. Ciao!)
più di un anno fa sub-zeroFANGURL said…
name: Haos Nakh

district: 11

age: 14

gender: female

personality: smart, determined, loyal to master

looks: lightly tanned skin, long silky white hair, icy blue eyes

clothing: black bra, black high-heels, black thong, fingerless gloves

weapons: sword

traits: quiet, keeps to self, assassin, never smiles

survivor: no


character bio: Haos is a quiet girl who steals the souls of her prey for her master. Her past is revealed to her before the games; she is the reincarnation of AlphA. Haos is known as a mysterious ally to Zintani, and has a romantic love interest for one of her fellow assassins. When she is reaped for the hunger games, not even Zintani volunteers. She faces the arena and it's tributes, showing no mercy. Her years of training have pain off. But there's a problem; Kuai Liang, AlphA's former lover, was reaped. With the memory of AlphA, Haos kills herself to allow him to win. Years later her soul is brought back, and she's returned to AlphA.
più di un anno fa Rival14 said…
-Name: Jorden Blackstar
-District: 2

-Age: 14
-Gender: Female

-Personality: Funny, Sneaky, Stealthy, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Hides feelings, Rude at times, thinks fast, and Strong.

-Looks: Deep black hair with chocolate brown eyes and extremely pale skin.

-Clothing: Black tanktop, ripped blue jean shorts, black combat boots.
-Favorite weapons: Bow & Arrow, Knife, Dagger, and Sword.
-Traits: Good with weapons, bitter, good sense of humor.

-Survivor of the games: Yes
-Year: 73

-Character Bio: 5...4...3...2...1... *GONG* Jorden Runs swiftly to the cornucopia and picks up a silver bow, 17 arrows, and a pack full of daggers, bottled water, beef jerky, and band-aids. She takes down 2 tributes while fighting at the cornucopia, A tribute from district 12 named Bella Jacklin and a tribute from district 6 named Marshall Aftermoon. After getting rid of those two, she runs into the woods with Bella's ally following close on her trail. She desires to drop everything she has, turn around, and fight district 12's male tribute Ethan Zainne. She throws punches but misses, because of this she gets pinned to the ground by Ethan and punched several times in the face and stabbed in the arm 2 times. Now bleeding, she reaches for the knife stuck in her arm, before she gets it, Ethan falls down, not breathing. The cannon booms. Jorden wonders what happened. She sees that a silver arrow in lodged in his back. She gets up, looks around, and sees two tributes from District 1 standing near a tree. Minx Shimmer and Mitch Adeerli.
Sense Jorden is from District 2, she's part of the careers. So Minx and Mitch are her ally's until it comes down to the last 13 tributes.
((2 days later: 15 tributes left))
There are 6 careers now. Jorden and them have decided to split up tomorrow. And if they see eachother again, to fight. They had already taken down 3 tributes together as a team. They are planning to kill with eachother one last time. So they all go on a hunt searching for their last victim. An hour later, they end up killing Hailey Stern from district 8. The next day they split up.
((6 days later))
It's just Jorden and Distrect 5's tribute Cole Valenstein. Jorden, in two shots with her bow, kills Cole and becomes the victor of the 73ed annual Hunger Games
 -Name: Jorden Blackstar -District: 2 -Age: 14 -Gender: Female -Personality: Funny, Sneaky, St
più di un anno fa SamMuntan said…
Name: Sam Muntan
District: 7
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Likes to climb trees, very friendly
Looks: Blond hair, 6 foot 4
Clothing: Regular clothing
Weapons: Tomahawk or Axe (basically the same thing)
Traits: Funny and friendly
Survivor of the games: Winner
Which Hunger Games: 100th Annual Hunger Games the 4th Quarter Quell
Character Bio:
più di un anno fa trenchthekidmc said…
Please Tell me what you guys think of my Character.

Name: Trench Over-coat

District: 8, 3, 11, 12

Age: 16

Gender: male

Personality: trouble maker, mysterious, stubborn, sarcastic, rough, lost faith in the world.

Looks: good looking, lightly tanned skin, shoulder length blondish-brown hair, bluish green eyes with a hint of gold.

Clothing: trench coat ( has a black leather one, a tan khaki one, and a blue wool one for winter ) A plaid shirt ( black ) black belt, purple spenders, blue jeans, brown hunting boots, holographic cap.

Weapons: sword, old worn-down double barrel pump shotgun ( he modified it ), single action revolver, spiked bat, brass knuckles.

Traits: sneaky, charming, trouble maker, mysterious, loves a good tune ( specifically during the 80s and 90s, but loves other types as well ) loves animals, quick on his feet, good with the ladies.

Survivor of the games: yes

Which Hunger Games: 49th ( got voted in )

Character Bio: Trench is a 16year old male who lost his mom to a heart attack and his dad to a cable hitting him and killed him instantly, He uses his good looks, sneaky nature, and quickness to help him achieve his goals. He can be very rough at times and stubborn as well, but, make sure you don't get one his bad side, it could mean trouble for you. He is very good at starting trouble ( which is how he got moved to four different districts )
He was born and lived in district 8 until he got caught ditching work, he was moved to district 3 and lived there a while until he caused a huge black-out, he was then moved to district 11 and lived there a while untill he caused a crop fire, and finally moved to district 12. He uses his weapons he has collected to get him food, protect him self, and play by his rules, he uses his brass knuckles for close quarter combat, the sword he uses mainly to hack though tall grass and protect him self, he uses the spiked bat to throw at things, he uses the single action revolver to hunt birds and small animals, he took an old double barrel shout gun that he found in the ruins of district 13, he put a pump on it, and uses it to hunt bigger game like wolves, deer, and other things ( the ammo it takes is a shotgun shell that holds a riffle bullet ) a lot of shops in district 12 have a huge stock of the ammo.
più di un anno fa god said…
Name: Chuck Norris
District: 0
Age: ∞
Gender: M
Personality: Kick asses
Looks: Perfect
Clothing: Jean jacket, and regular blue jeans.
Weapons: Fists
Traits: Great strength, great intelligence, can fly faster than light, Can run ftl, can travel through time and a lot of other powers.
Survivor of the games: Yes and No.
Which Hunger Games: 2
Character Bio : Chuck is the most powerful being of universe.
più di un anno fa AshFrost said…
name: Ash Blaze
Personality- Sporty,Determined and slightly evil
Looks- Slightly Tanned Skin, Spiky Blonde Hair,Dark Blue Eyes, 5 Foot 9, 57 kg
Clothing- Black Hoodie , Black Jeans,White T-Shirt
Traits-Loud,Courageous,Cunning and Fast
Year- 97th
Character Bio - Ash is normally loud and volunteered as tribute after his little brother Scorpio is chosen. He impresses everyone whilst training for the games. His plan tactic involved him teaming up with Dante Woods from District 2, Scarlet Graves from District 2 and Ash's friend from school Skye Barron and to kill the other tributes. However his plan backfires as Dante is eaten by Wolves(which were mutations) and when Scarlet disappears after she falls off a cliff whilst trying to kill somebody from District 4. Ash camouflages Skye as he tries to find Scarlet. When he finds Scarlet, Scarlet had been killed by District 11 and District 12. He felt rage over come his body and managed to kill somebody from District 11 only to be ambushed but Skye jumps out of her hiding and helps Ash kill everyone who surrounded Ash except for one.The boy from District 12 named Zayn had managed to survive and grabbed Scarlet and held her hostage at the top of a structure. Ash runs up and throws a spear at Zayn It misses and hits a tree. Ash wasted his ammo before. He had to use his bare fists and he rugby tackled Zayn off the structure seriously injuring himself and Zayn. Zayn grabs him and throws him into a tree. Just before Zayn stabs Ash, Ash shouts at Skye who was close to the tree where he spear was to throw it at him. Ash rolls out the way as Zayn tried to hit him again. He catches the spear and throws it directly at Zayns chest leading to District 1 winning the 97th Hunger Games
PS:Hope You Like It
last edited più di un anno fa
 name: Ash Blaze district-1 age-15 gender-male Personality- Sporty,Determined and slightly evil L
più di un anno fa Fangirl521 said…
Here is mine...
Name: Rachel Penincla (pen-ink-la)
District: 8
Age: 13 (copied)
Gender: Female
Personality: very shy, caring, a little funny at times
Looks: Shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, minimal but a few facial frecles, not tall or short, a little over heavy
Clothing: Anything she can get
Weapon: At home gathering, in the arena a knife that was thrown at her
Survivor?: Yes
Which hunger games: 73rd
Bio: She was living in district 8, one of the wealthier people of the district, but she was too shy to talk to anyone and no one approached her. A few months after her 10th birthday, her family died. They all drowned. She lost her home because she could not access her parent's money, and she had no friends to turn to. She spent most of her days under trees, getting whatever food she could get. But, she always remained on the big side, no matter how little she ate. She got picked for the hunger games 2 weeks before her birthday. She and the boy from her home district (8) were allies and the last 2 in the arena. She had mentioned earlier that day that the day was her birthday, because she did not expect the other 3 kids to be gone already. Her ally looked at her in the eye, and said "happy birthday, Rachel. Enjoy my present." And without a moment's hesitation he took his spear and thrust it into his own chest. As the 23rd cannon fired she was just realizing what had happened, and how she was free. She was free forever, from the hunger games. At least, that's what she thought for the next 2 years.
più di un anno fa Black_Ivy said…
Name: Ash Firestone

District: 12


Gender: female

Personality: Brave, smart, rebellious, kind.

Looks:light skin, dark red hair, grey eyes (hair always in a braid)

Clothing: Black short sleeve shirt, camo pants, brown combat boots and a black music note necklace

Weapons: Bow and arrow

Traits:keeps to self,sneaky, vigilant, sly, never gives up

Survivor: yes

Year: 25

più di un anno fa Markimoo36 said…
Name: Cody Scott

District: 2

Age: 16

Gender: Transgender

Personality: Smart, witty, determined, loyal.

Looks: Long light brown hair, sparkling purple eyes, fair skin.

Clothing: Grey shirt, white underwear and bra, navy jeans, 7" boots, black choker.

Weapons: A bow and arrow

Traits: Loud, know-it-all, good sport.

Survivor: No

Year: 64th

Character Bio: Cody is smart boy who decided to be a girl at the age of 11. A year later she found out that she was eligible for the Hunger Games and trembled in fear. She knew at some point in life she'd get chosen so had been training by running a 5k everyday and doing nothing but practicing archery. On her 16th birthday she was chosen for the games. She teamed up with two boys named Paul and Daniel. They died together from a triple stab by Alex, who ended up dying seconds later.
più di un anno fa xXPOTATOXx said…
this is my hunger games character
NAME: Bailey
AGE: 12
PERSONALITY: Cute Sneaky smart determind brave tomboy
LOOKS: Brown long hair Pale skin Green eyes
CLOTHING: Dark green jacket grey shirt black pants brown boots
TRAITS: Sneaky strong smart
YEAR: 75th
BIO: she was choosen for the 75th hunger games she ran to the cornucopia and grabbed a Axe she killed 3 girls from district 7 4 and 2 she ran out of the cornucopia and she hid in a tree later on she got out of the tree and snuck behind a boy from district 8 and later on she won the hunger games
più di un anno fa Puppylover11 said…
Name: Lonnie
District: 6 Transportation
Age: 17
Gender: male
Personality: fun,hardworking
Looks: dark hair blue eyes
Clothing: baggage uniform
Weapons: spear, trap
Traits: friendly,open-minded,had good thoughts
about the capital
Survivor of the games: yes
Which Hunger Games: 76th
Character Bio: stayed off the grid and killed the 3
remaining tributes at the end
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 Name: Lonnie District: 6 Transportation Age: 17 Gender: male Personality: fun,hardworking Loo
più di un anno fa WillowMeadow said…
Name: Caroline Rivera
District: 1
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, but willing to kill to survive. She is very protective of her friends and family.
Looks: Average height, very light skin, long dark brown wavy hair, one light gold eye and one dark green eye, scar on her left cheek.
Clothing: Tan short sleeved cotton shirt, brown pants, light leather boots, dark leather gloves.
Weapons: Long but light sword, sometimes bow, NEVER anything else.
Traits: Brave, exceptional sword fighter, proficient archer, really bad at using other weapons, good at setting traps, smart, strong, sarcastic, determined, left handed.
Survivor of the games: Yes
Which Hunger Games: 29th
Character Bio: She was born into a wealthy family of District 1, and trained her whole life to win the Hunger Games, getting a scar on her cheek from early sword training. She was the youngest of seven children, each a year apart. The year before she volunteered to compete in the Hunger Games, her oldest brother volunteered and was killed. She promised herself that she would enter the Hunger Games and win, and trained even harder for the last year. She started gaining sponsors right away when she wore a gold silk dress with various colors of tourmaline on the edges in the tribute parade, but many people still did not believe she could win at age thirteen. In her interview, she made it clear that she thought she could win the games, and got more sponsors through her personality. She started the Games with an alliance with four other Careers. They fought together to collect as many supplies as possible from the Cornucopia, killing eight other tributes. They set up a comfortable but disguised camp near the edge of a small stream, and split the weapons between them, giving Caroline a long but light sword and a small bow with no arrows. After three days, all but five tributes outside of their group had been killed, and Caroline decided that working with them was too risky. She made it look like two of them had eaten more food than any one of them was allowed to, and soon they all attacked each other. The last one realized what Caroline had done, and attacked her, but he was already injured, and she killed him easily. Not much was happening then, so the Gamemakers announced a feast at the Cornucopia. It would have food, water, and medical supplies. Caroline already had all of those things, but saw it as a good chance to kill other tributes with the arrows she had received from her sponsors. She stayed at the edge of the meadow the Cornucopia was in, and waited. Two tributes ventured out, from Districts 7 and 12. She shot the District 12 tribute in the throat, and was noticed by the District 7 tribute, who had been allied with the other. Not realizing that Caroline was a Career, as she was small for one, she attacked Caroline. The District 7 tribute was a very good swordfighter, and managed to knock Caroline down and disarm her. Caroline begged the tribute not to kill her and succeeded in convincing her, but as soon as the tribute's back was turned, Caroline stabbed her from behind, making her bleed out. The remaining three tributes, who had arrived while Caroline and the District 7 tribute fought, attacked each other, and only one survived. Caroline was about to attack when she heard a screech. She looked up to see a huge cloud of giant ravens descending towards her and the other tribute. Caroline remembered her small stream and ran. She managed to get almost to the stream before the ravens caught her. The claws of the fastest one dug into her sword arm and she screamed. She would have been killed if the last other tribute, the District 9 boy, had not appeared and sliced several of the ravens in half with his hatchet. Caroline picked up her sword with her right hand and fought alongside the boy, who she remembered was named Everest. Finally, they killed the last raven. But Everest had been injured. An artery had been cut in his right leg, and he was losing blood quickly. Caroline stayed by his side until the final cannon fired and she was declared Victor of the 29th Hunger Games.
più di un anno fa Repeatedshark said…
Name: Brit Johnson
District: 7
Gender: male
Age: 18
Personality: Humorous, Short tempered
Looks: Short brown hair, 6,7, 280 pounds, Light blue eyes, Muscular
Clothing: He would wear short sleeve shirts with jean overalls during work, A wrinkled suit while at church.
Weapons: 2 handed axe, or 2 handed mace
Taits: Strong, Brutal, suprisingly good at climbing trees being his size
Survor: Yes you'd be dumb to try to mess with him
Which hunger games: The 64th Hunger games he was chosen in by lottery
Character Bio: While living in district 7 he was used to lift heavy logs (hense being so strong and big). But being his size kids at school were terrified of him because of his short temper something as small as being called dumb would set him off. On the day of the reaping he was excited about it he wanted to
Be reaped knowing he could win and all the other kids knew this to. Once the training was done he scored the most of anyone there a 11 which ultimately made him an immediate threat which made him the one the careers wanted to kill first. Once in the arena he got 4 kills 3 of which were career tributes. He was attacked by a district 8 tribute boy at the feast he would go on to slaughter the district 8 tribute boy on the 17th day there were 6 tributes 4 careers Britt and district 10 tribute girl, Brit was attacked by the careers where he slaughtered the whole career pack and would easily kill the district 10 girl winning the 64th Hunger Games
più di un anno fa Katniss_Ever said…
Name: Jen Starlight
District: 11
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Confident, bossy, brave
Looks: Long blonde hair in a ponytail, large hazel eyes, long sooty eyelashes, tall
Clothing: Grey tank top black ripped jeans while working, a blue short sleaved dress with a simple leather strap across the waist, and small boots at a special occasion, hair down and washed.
Weapons: poisonous berries, knives
Traits: resillient, fast and good at climbing
Survivor of games: Yes
Which hunger games: 63rd Hunger Games
Charactor bio: She grew up, working with her Mother and sisters in the orchards, Dad dying at an early age. Had lots of friends at school, and was very popular. When called at the reaping, her mother fainted in surprise and fear. She scored a 10 in the training, and was there with Josh, another boy from her district. She spent most of the Hunger Games hiding and setting traps, so she survived.
più di un anno fa Katniss_Ever said…
Name: Katie Mal
District: 4
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Shy, meek, understanding
Looks: Black straight hair down to shoulders in a bob, blue eyes, medium hight, pale complexion
Clothing: leather jacket, muddy jeans and boots while working, and a faded pink dress with pink converse for special occasions.
Weapons: A trident and traps
Traits: Smart, nimble, brave when needed to be brave.
Survivor of games: Yes
Which Hunger games: 62nd
Charactor bio: She spent the first 16 years of her life fishing with her parents, then when chosen at the reaping, had to go to the hunger games. she survived using all the skills she knew and is rememberd to this day.
più di un anno fa Vitamin_A said…
Name: Willow Erikson
District: 7 (lumber)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: quiet,,fast,energetic
Looks: brown medium hair in a braided bun,skinny and short,blue eyes
clothing:gray top with puffy sleeves and a baige skirt and brown boots.
weapon:bow and axe
traits:can make allies,hide good
survivor of the games:Yes
Which hunger games:60th
character bio:She spent the first 15 years of her life being taught by her dad to use a bow and when she was 10 she had to start working and chopping wood. Then at the reaping a girl who was chosen wasn't there so they picked another name and it was mine. I used my skills that I as already taught to help me in training then I went into the arena and used my bow skills and my axe skills and hid and trapped people.the careers came after me but i hid in a cave and made a trap near by and one would come one after the other.
più di un anno fa Tribute1 said…
Name. Amethyst Keenfall
District. 12
Age. 13
Gender. Female
Personality. Fast thinking/acting determined
Looks. Fire red hair with freckles and large green eyes hair in a tight French braid very pale skin tone
Clothes. Muddy boots torn green jeans muddy tan shirt
Weapon. Bow and arrow and knife
Traits. Very persuasive
Survivor. No
Which hunger games. 50 (quarter quell)
Character bio. Amethyst was a scavenger. She lived in district 12 after all. She went to the hunger games with Haymitch Abernathy. She started off well, going and getting few knives and a bow and arrow. She survived the first night unlike 15 other tributes. Amethyst then tried to kill a older career and succeeded. She killed three people on the second night. A total of 27 people were dead in then first two nights. The third night Haymitch found her hiding spot. They became allies, but once his friend was killed that night along with ten others, he went out on his own. A total of38 people were dead. Only ten more people to kill before she could win. It was now the sixth night with five people remaining. Amethyst, Haymitch, 2 district 2 tributes and a district seven tribute. She could win. Amethyst killed a district 2 tribute, and was chased by district 7. Amethyst was ambushed by the district 2 tribute. He shot her with an arrow in the lower leg. She could no longer run. She screamed in agony until HayMitch arrived. The tributes tried to kill him but he saved himself without killing anyone. But the did spear Amethyst in the thigh. Haymitch picked her up and carried her to a cave where they received medicine, but the tributes had found them. They shot at Haymitch and missed, but ended up hitting her. She died that night in her own pool of blood surrounded by flowers Haymitch had collected. Her hand was in his as she told him to win for her. Haymitch won and wont talk about her though, its too hard to think about. Amethysts gruesome death was erased form all history because of the blood and horror they thought it would be easiest to hide instead of having children learn about her in school. Haymitch has a picture of her up in his home in victors village along with a love letter she wrote to him in the games.