Hunger Games welcome to Hunger High, where we all try to kill eachother- Cato

666demon posted on Jul 29, 2013 at 01:00AM
Ok, this is a modern world. Think of today and how-lets say Peeta- fits into the world, or doesn't fit in? tweens and teens addend Hunger High while adults are teachers or do their own thing.
You can be anyone including Crane who is the principle, only he's too lazy to get his ass out of that office And Snow who is president. (I'm Cato) Make up last names for people who don't have them.
There are no rules except for no bunnying or killing.

If you want to join, fill out this please, I will give an example.

Gay, straight or bi?
hobbies or after school programs:

Name: Cato McGray
personality: He seams mean and harsh and cold to people he's not close to, Be he's sweek and kind and scared when you get to know him.
Gay, straight or bi? Gay
hobbies or after school programs: He is on the school football team 'The MockingJays'
other: He lives with a alcoholic drug user of a mother. His dad walked out when Cato was only six.

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