Hunger Games 72nd Hunger Games RP!

Rival14 posted on Aug 01, 2014 at 07:10PM

-Are you a Tribute or GameMaker?:

-District (If Tribute):
-Favorite weapons (If Tribute):
-Skills (If Tribute):


-Reaping Clothes (If Tribute):
-Regular Clothing:
-Interview Clothing (If Tribute):

-Bio (Optional):
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più di un anno fa Rival14 said…
-Name: Eleanor Rowan Teal

-Age: 17

-Nickname: Ellie or Ella

-Gender: Female

-Tribute or GameMaker: Tribute

-District: 4 (Fishing)

-Favorite Weapon: Bow&Arrow

-Skills: Swimming, Archery, Drawing/Sketching/Painting.

-Personality: Artistic, Coordinated, Keeps to self, Almost emotionless, Quiet, Bitter, Skillful, Strong, Tall, intimidating.

-Looks: Aqua died hair, deep blue eyes, extremely pale skin, pale pink lips.

-Reaping Clothes: Light green dress with black heels and a brown headband.

-Regular Clothes: Black T-shirt, Ripped BluJeans, Gray converse, Hair in a high bun.

-Interview clothing: A navy dress with a pink flower headband, peachy-pink heels.
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 -Name: Eleanor Rowan alzavola, teal -Age: 17 -Nickname: Ellie o Ella -Gender: Female -Tribute o G
più di un anno fa MasterofRiddles said…
Name: Hayden Raige
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Tribute/Gamemaker: tribute
District: 7 Lumber
favorite weapon: Axe
Skills: Hunting, Tree climbing
personality: Determined, friendly, calm
looks: good build, tall, medium height, dark brown hair with cowlick in front, stormy blue eyes, tan skin
Reaping clothes: collared white shirt left untucked and sleeves rolled up, black pants, dark brown shoes
Regular clothes: Dark brown overshirt, gray undershirt, black pants, dark brown boots
Interview clothing: dark brown coat, white shirt, black pants, dark brown boots

Bio (shortened) Entered the games alongside his sister as they both were reaped for the games, Hayden got a fighting score of 9 and entered the arena ready to fight, run, and survive...
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 Name: Hayden Raige Age: 16 Gender: Male Tribute/Gamemaker: tribute District: 7 Lumber preferito w
più di un anno fa LastArcher_ said…
Name: Fawn Raige
Age: 15 
Gender: Female
District: 7-Lumber
Favorite Weapon: Bow and Throwing Knives
Skills: Knife Throwing and Hunting
Personality: Chill, Sarcastic, Intelligent, Funny at times, Skillful, Quiet, Collected, Calm.
Looks: Brown hair, Gray eyes, Pale Skin.

Reaping Clothes: Blue dress with a brown necklace and brown flats.
Regular clothes: Brown leather jacket, black shirt, ripped bluejeans, and black boots.

Interview clothing: Black dress with Light blue heels, Hair in a sloppy bun with her bangs down and curled, Two Silver Necklaces, and a silver bracelet.

Bio: She was reaped as the female tribute for the games alongside her brother who was reaped for the male tribute. She scored a training score of 7 and is ready to inter the games....

 Name: cerbiatto, fawn Raige Age: 15  Gender: Female District: 7-Lumber preferito Weapon: Bow and Throwing Kn