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ReporterRebel posted on Nov 08, 2014 at 09:26PM
Hi guys I'm new at this so I don't really know if this is what you do or not but here I go anyway. I'm doing a research project for a class on the Hunger Games fandom. So if you have anytime I would love if you could answer my questions in the comments. If you don't want to be sourced that's fine I can just use anonymous. There are no right or wrong answers I'd just like to know what you think.

Alright so here are my questions (you can answer as many as you would like or as few whatever you feel comfortable doing).

1) What do you think of the romance/love triangle in the series?
2) What do you think the moral/take away message of the novel is?
3)What would you say the main themes of the novel are?
4) Do you see America ever turning into Panem or something like it?
5) What do you think of the hunger games (not the novel but the actual ones in the book)?
6) If you could change one thing about The Hunger Games world or our world, what would it be?
7) Does the Capitol remind you of anything in our society?

Thanks so much guys!

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