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TLK Sega Genesis video game.
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video game
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Pride Rock appeared menacing in the dark of midnight, black clouds circling the structure. The air stood completely still, along with the tall grass. Then, in the blink of an eye, it all changed. Cristal drops of rain turned to giant diamonds, shattering on the savannah ground. The still air turned into frightening winds, blowing away branches from trees. The breath-taking silence was broken da a roar of pain.

In the tana, den of Pride Rock, all crowded a dark brown lioness. She was breathing heavily,her black-rimmed ears pinned sharply back. She dug her claws into the ground, gasping it tightly.

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The kingdom of Pride Lands is reeling from the scandalous fact that the king's brother attempted to murder him and their prince with the help of hyenas, and has now been exiled under bane of death. Only one positive thing has happened; the hyenas have also been exiled under bane of death so they won't be bothering Pride Lands as much anymore. Security in the land has increased to extreme, visitors are still welcome but interrogated and watched closely, and protection of the royal family and especially of young prince Simba is now the focus of the king's Guard. Can a kingdom recover from something...
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