I ragazzi della 56ª strada What If Te Had Never Read O Seen The Outsiders?

Synth98 posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 05:43AM
Well,lots of people say the outsiders transformed them, so how different would you be if you never heard of it? i'm glad i know of it because if i didn't i'd be missing alot!

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più di un anno fa PonygirlCurtis7 said…
omp thatd be terrible if i hadnt read the book or watched the movie! i would care less about judgment and i wouldnt know what it means to stay gold. i wouldnt know about all the good in the world cuz Johnny wouldnt hav pointed it out. i wouldnt know how to stay gold...for Johnny...lets just say if i hadnt read the book or watched the movie i wouldnt be living rite. the less-fortunet people would be in the back of my mind and i wouldnt think twice about them. and....i never would have fallen in love...(i think you know who that is)