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 Christine and Erik
Christine and Erik
Hi guys, I watched the movie last night after so many years, and it has been coming to 9 years since I watched the stage version in Singapore. So here is my review on both the stage and movie versions.

The Stage Version

I Amore the settings and the choreography, especially the Masquerade scene during the opening of the secondo act. One thing I was disappointed is that I did not get a chance to sit in front role where the chandelier came crashing down at the end of the first act!
The Musica are amazing and memorable, acting-wise was perfect. I really wanted to see it again! Carlotta always make...
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Most of these I thought of myself, but some I used from other sites.
-You have seen the play at least once a year, if not more.

-You are in the audience and are able to offer to play any of the roles because the actor and their understudy are both sick and unable to perform.

-You can connect any random word with POTO. (Ex: The word sister makes me think of my sister, who sang Masquerade in her high school chorus and also took me to see POTO for the first time.)

-You go out somewhere in your Phantom costume and it's not Halloween.

-Your family knows all the songs from POTO, even though they have...
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