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Nut - the Sky Goddess blue with golden stars

Geb - the Earth God color of plants and fertile Nile mud

The sky is Nut's body, arching from horizon to horizon. Geb is the Earth, lying beneath her. During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had come closer to the earth.

Nut was married to the King of the Gods, Ra, but she was in Amore with Geb. When Ra found out, he was angry and detto that Nut could not give birth to any children during the 360 days of the year. Nut was unhappy...
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Hathor - the Goddess of love, music, dance
cow horns and sundisk on head

Sekhmet - the Goddess of the sun
woman with lion's head head

Hathor was the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She looked after all women. She was the goddess of Musica and dancing, as well. Dead women were identified with Hathor, as men were identified with Osiris. She has a sun disk on her head and cow horns. Sometimes she had cow's ears o was a whole cow.

But she had another side as well, as Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra, the destructive Sun Goddess. The Egyptians knew that the Sun brought life, but they also knew that the...
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Horus - Son of Osiris, a hawk, o a man with a hawk's head crowned with the crown of all Egypt

Horus is shown as a hawk, o a man with a hawk's head and the crown of all Egypt. This makes him look similar to Ra, but Ra is crowned with the sun disk. Horus' crown is made of two parts. The white part is the crown of Upper Egypt (in the south) and the red part is the crown of Lower Egypt (including the Nile delta). Together they mostra that Horus ruled all Egypt. During their reign, Pharoahs identified themselves with Horus. After they died, they became Osiris.

When Horus was a baby, his father Osiris...
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Seth - God of the desert, storm and violence, animal head with long curved pointed snout

Seth (or Set) is shown with an animal's head with a long curved pointed snout, slanting eyes, and square-tipped ears. Sometimes he has a forked tail. No-one seems to know what the animal is. Aardvark, antelope, ass, camel, fennec, giraffe, greyhound, jackal, jerboa, long-snouted mouse, okapi, oryx and pig have all been suggested! Seth was the God of the desert, storm and violence, which are all enemies of the fertile, properous, narrow valley of the Nile.

Seth carries a sceptre, which has his head on top...
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Ma'at - Goddess of Justice, ostrich feather in her hair

Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice and harmony. She was the wife of Thoth, the god of wisdom, since te need wisdom to find truth and justice. Both Ma'at and Thoth helped at the Weighing of the Heart.

The feather of Ma'at was an ostrich plume. She wore it on her head. The chief judge in charge of the Egyptian law courts was known as the "priest of Ma'at". He began court hearings da wearing the feather of Ma'at. The judge gave the feather to the person who won his case in the law courts.

The pharaoh had to promise that he would follow Ma'at. This means that he would be a just pharaoh, and keep order in Egypt.
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Do te like the switching points of view in The Red Pyramid? I do. If not, which view do te like better? At some points I like Carter's more, and at other points I like Sadie's more. I really think that the switching of visualizzazioni was a good idea because at that time Sadie may be trying to sleep o may be unconius. o Carter was waiting for Sadie and Anubis's talk to end while they were at a funeral in a parallel universe. (Yes these are examples of the book.) If te couldn't have Sadie's point of view and Carter's point of view switch off, who would te rather it be? I would do Bast and Zia. Bast...
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 I can't wait!!!
I can't wait!!!
Everybody in this club is dying for the release of the trono of fuoco on May 3, 2011. For those who want a spoiler of the first chapter of the trono of Fire-if te still haven't read it-, go to this site:


I'm guessing when te read this, your just going to be più impatient for waiting for The trono of Fire.

The story of Carter and Sadie with their new tranies(hope I spelled that right) travelling the world to find The Book of Ra! Exiting start, exiting middle and ending.

I hope all of us won't be let down da RR(which is VERY unlikely) when the book is released.

P.S If te DO get più impatient, sorry...

Well...Bye for now!!!
 Go, Kane Chronicles!
Go, Kane Chronicles!
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Ra - Sun God, King of the Gods a falco, falcon crowned with a sun disk o a man with a falcon's head

Ra was the God of the Sun. He sailed across the heavens in a barca called the 'Barque of Millions of Years'. At the end of each giorno Ra was thought to die and sailed on his night voyage through the Underworld, leaving the Moon to light the world above. The barca would sail through the twelve doors, representing the twelve hours of night time. The successivo dawn, he was born again.

It was not always smooth sailing. During the giorno Ra had to fight his chief enemy, a snake called Apep. He was helped da the other...
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Amun - God of Creation, crowned with ostrich feathers

Amun was an important god, but there are no stories about him. He created all things. At the same time, he remained apart from creation, totally different from it, and fully independent from it. In fact, he was invisible, so te couldn't have a picture of him! However, if te called him Amun-Re, this allowed people to see him. Then he had a hat with ostrich feathers on, and like all gods with human heads, a beard. Re is another way of spelling Ra, the sun god.

Tutankhamun's name contains the name of Amun. It also contains the Ankh, which means Life. His name means "Long life to Amun."
Amun is sometimes spelled Ammon. The fossil ammonites are called after him, because his sacred animal is a ram, and ammonites are shaped like ram's horns.
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Bastet - Protectress of Cats, cat o head of a cat

Bastet was sometimes called bast. She was the goddess of cats. She is a cat, o has the head of a cat, but originally she had the head of a lion.

Every giorno the sun god Ra would travel in his ship across the sky. Every night the snake Apep tried to stop the sun god's ship on his journey through the underworld. Ra was usually won these battles. However, on stormy days, o during an eclipse, the Egyptians believed that Apep had been Victorious and swallowed the sun. Bastet defended her father Ra against the snake.

Bastet was the proctress of cats. The Ancient Egyptians had a great respect for Gatti since they protected the grain from mice and rats. Rats can also cause disease. Killing a cat was punishable da death. When a cat died, the family mourned it, shaving their eyebrows to mark their sadness. Gatti were sometimes mummified, like people, and their mummies have been found.
Interview on May 4th-- the giorno it released--part 1
the red pyramid
kane chronicles
rick riordan
interview part 1
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Osiris - God of the Dead dressed in white with crook and flail and white crown

Osiris is shown as a man with a beard wearing white mummy wrappings. His crown is the white crown of Upper Egypt surrounded da red feathers. His skin is green to represent vegetation. He holds the symbols of supreme power, the flail and crook. The crook is used da shepherds to catch their sheep. The flail is used in threshing, to separate the grains from the outer husks. Osiris was the God of the Dead. te would expect that such a god would be gloomy o even evil, but the Egyptians thought about death a lot. They...
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Isis - Queen of Goddess with a trono o sun disk and horns on her head

Isis was the great mother-goddess. Her son was Horus, the enemy of Seth. Sometimes she has the baby Horus on her lap. Sometimes she has a trono on her head, as she is Queen of the goddesses. Sometimes she has a sun disk and horns, like Hathor.

Isis was also a great healer and magician. She got her magic powers da tricking Ra.

The war between Horus and his enemy Seth had lasted a long time. Isis decided to help her son Horus. She met Seth, and asked for his help. She described someone killing a man and taking all he had away from the man's son. Seth detto that killer should pay for his crimes. Isis detto that Seth himself was the killer, and he had condemned himself. The other gods agreed, and Seth was driven out into the Sahara Desert.
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What do te think will happen in the successivo book. Of course it is going to have a problem, solution, and drama. The book will obviously mainly deal around Carter and Sadie trying to defeat a tradgedy, auch as a monster. What monster, what tradedy? Will they find Zia, and who will get hurt? Zia? Anibus???? Will Bast come back and reliove again since she has 7 lives? I think that the 2nd book will deal around that snake monster that controlled Set, if it comes, out, as it detto in the book that it the snake thing was espcaping slowly. o will Bast defend the world as she continues to battle the snake thing in that punishment area thingy? o will she come out and release the smake thing so Carter and Sadie will be able to help her defeat it? So many questions, soon to be answered in less than a year.....

commento on what te think will happen! Thanks!
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If te could interview Rick Riordan about his books, icluding The Red Pyramid, the Percy Jackson Seires, The Lost Hero, and all of his adult books, what domande would te ask? I would ask him how he made up his libri and why he decided to make libri anyway. I would also ask him about his new libri for The Kane Chronicles, and the sequel seires to The Percy Jackson Series, The Heros of Olympus. In addition to that, I would ask hime about his upcoming libri for adults, and if after the seires of The Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles (whichever one ends first) if he has any upcoming ideas of a new seies. That's what I would ask him? After Leggere this article, have te came up with some new questions? I hope so!