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posted by ppgFireball
Narrator: The City of Townsville! where it is a pleasant afternoon!

Boomer: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. what to do. cool! what's that?!
Random Guy: a clone maker.
Boomer: how many does it make?
Random Guy: as many as te want.
Boomer: how much does it cost? (whispers) please don't let it be OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: *laughs* i'm just messing with ya. it's free.
Boomer: te can't be serious.
Random Guy: i'm serious. today i'm gonna be generous. so you...
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One giorno Butch was walking along the sidewalk and snow started to fall to the ground like a tear falling off a little girls eye.But anyways it was Natale Eve and no one was out side except for butch.While he was walking he heard a soft crying sound so he went to investigate.When he turned around the alley he saw Buttercup crying softly and he went over.He just stared secretly scared he would hurt her feelings o she would hate him if he bothered her but finaly he went close to her and whispered in her ear "its ok its just me." Butch:so whats wrong. buttercup looked up and saw the snow falling...
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posted by boomerlover

The PazzazPuff Girls are ones I made up.

Bliss: The leader. She is bright, and fun.She's smart, and she's always trying to get the boys attention.

Breeze: Comes in second. If te like happy,joyful,colorful, and everything fun, hang out with Breeze!

Blizzy: Comes in third.She's tough, nice, and funny! She loves to pop jokes, and make everyone laugh. She's a bit jelious of Breeze and Bliss though. No one knows why!

Hope te like!


YES I DO!!!!!!
 The PazzazPuff Girls!
The PazzazPuff Girls!
posted by boomerlover
 Over and over....I want te always....
Over and over....I want you always....
(Butch is upset about Buttercup not likeing him.He walks down the strada, via and looks up at the night sky. He starts to watery in the eyes.)

BUTCH*mad and sad*: I feel it everyday. it's all the same...
It brings me down but I'm the one to blame.
I've tried everything to get away...
So here I go again!
Chasing te down again!
Why do I do this?
Over and over, over and over
I fall for you.
Over and over, over and over
I try not to!

(He sits there and mopes for a secondo and tears start to come.)

BUTCH: It feels like everyday stays the same.
It's dragging me down and I can't pull away...
So here I go again!
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 The number one Bell!
The number one Bell!
This is Bell. She is Bubbles and Buttercup combined. She mostly acts (or tries) to act like
Buttercup. campana, bell is really a Bubbles at heart. She
likes Butch some how. campana, bell hates Blossom cuz she
she has ice breath. Nobody knows why. Her hidden
power is Plant Growth. That means campana, bell can make
plants grow ANYWHERE. campana, bell wishes to be a part
of the PPG. Her best friend Bunny is curently in
hiding due to the fact she destroyed half of Townsville. (Bell still thinks this is funny!)
Bell has white hair and eyes. Her favorate color
is White. Her dress is white with a black stripe.
Mojo jojo knows about bell. He...
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posted by heeeeeeeeeeeey
professor:girls te have one più change to get the rrbs
blossom: what is it
professor: thease are anklets te put them on the boys ankels and they lose thier powers when they come off the powers come back ok?
blossom: ok lets go girls

*all fly off to find the rrbs*

blossom: hello boys ready 4 a fight
brick: woah ur not gonna baciare us again r u?
boomer: *pukes*
bubbles: no worries and someone get boomer a mint!
buttercup: c`mon girls

*snaps on the anklets and police car comes boomer crys butch trys to run away brick spazes*

2 years later...

professor: happy birthday girls! and for a preasent i have a suprise im getting te ... brothers how does that sound!
buttercup:where are u adopting them?
professor: juby im adopting the rrbs

to be continued
NARRATOR:Blazey and Blake are having a little chat
waiting for the teacher to stop talking to their

BLAZEY:Hello Brover!

BLAKE:Ummm.... Sis.... Whats up?

BLAZEY:Nothing special.

BLAKE:Let me guess, u r happy I got in trouble for
something te did.


(Blake folds his arms and turns around)

BLAZEY:OK! It's not that!

BLAKE:Then what is it?


BLAKE:Don't tell me te don't know.

BLAZEY:I do know but I don't want to say it to you
cuz te would spread it like wild fire.


BLAZEY:Yea, te would!


BLAZEY:GAWD! Ok don't tell anyone this, I'm in love...
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posted by RowdyRoughgirls
 the rowdyrude boys shadows
the rowdyrude boys shadows
At sunrise the Rowdy Ruff Boys were playing football ''GET IT te IDIOT! '' Brick detto to Boomer.But when Butch threw it up in the sky it didn't come back down.The boys were confused.They didn't knew where it was,somewhere in spazio on a other planet there was domande in there minds about there missing football...until the same football came shooting down from the sky with a stream of fuoco behind crashed landed on the ground with a huge crater around it.Brick knew someone had threw it because it doesn't take that long for a football to come down from the sky. The boys all looked at it...
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--with blake and blossom--
blossom:wheres brick?where am i? why am i here?
blake:would te hush!
blossom?--tear-- well...where am i?
blake:OK THATS IT!!
blossom:w-what are te gonna do with me
--blake shows fangs--
blossom:you-your a vampire!!
blake:got that right now hush o my fangs will go through your neck!
blake:good >:)
blake:oh but te have one thing about to go through te arm!
blossom:a-a-and whats that?
blake:a shot..
blossom:A WHAT?
blake:a shot!
blossom:f-fine --thinks--brick i will always loves te not matter what goes through my skin--
--blake stabs needle through...
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 Bella and Bryce
Bella and Bryce
NARRATOR: I wonder what Bubbles is up to?

BUBBLES: Do I have kids?

(A little girl tuggs on her pant leg.)

??????: Mommy, have te seen Bryce?


??????: Bryce.

BUBBLES*thinking*: I'm guesing my son. And this is my daughter.

BRYCE: Bella I here.

BELLA: There he is! How come 1 anno old bambini are always getting lost?

BRYCE: te 3.

BELLA: I know.

(Boomer comes around the corner. He sees Bubbles and she sees him.)

BUBBLES: Boomer?

BOOMER: Bubbles?

BELLA: Hi daddy!

BOOMER: Uh, hi.

BUBBLES*whispering*: Bella!

BOOMER: Bella.

BELLA: I found Bryce.

BOOMER: Okay...

(Bryce flies up and pounces on Boomer, causing...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
(Sorry I haven't done a lot of stories,I've been lazy)

The successivo day...

Brick:I'll never be the same D:
Butch:Dude calm down,you have to forget sooner o later
Boomer:Ya dude
Butch:But intill then...Blossom likes you,Blossom likes you!
Brick:Shut up! She does not!!

Just the Mojo walks in...

Mojo:Sorry to tell te boys at the last minute,but I have enrolled te in school
Bommer:What?!?! O.O
Mojo:So go run on boys,you better get going to school.

The boys go to school not knowing who they would meet...

Ms.Keane:Hello students,today we have 3 new students,come in boys and introduce yourselves
Brick:Um i'm Brick
Butch:Sup i'm Butch
Boomer:I'm Boomer!
Ms.Keane:Boys sede, sedile da the PPGs

The boys are shocked and walk to their seats...

Blossom:Hi Brick! :D
Brick:-mutters- Hi Blossom.....
Butch:-whispers to Boomer- Oh how cute,Brick and Blossom are talking
Boomer:Hehe ya! Let's see how this turns out!!

To be continued....................
posted by boomerlover
For some of y'all who don't know, here:

FireClan: A Clan I made up
Medicine Cat: cat that heals and helps other Gatti in the Clan that are hurt o injured
Queen: A she-cat expecting o nursing kits
StarClan: all the passed away Gatti of Clans
Herbs: healing plant seeds
Burdock root: Roots good for ratto bats, especially if they get infected
Fresh-kill: Food; mice, rabbit, bird; stuff wild Gatti eat
(and BTW, Blake is the leader of the Clan)

Echo was FireClan's new Medicine Cat. Ever since the old Medicine Cat, Romy, became a Queen, she had a dream from StarClan telling her that it was her own destiny to...
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---at the rowdyruff boys house---
BRICK:boomer! come here now!!!
BOOMER:y-yes brick
BRICK:i have a plan and it involves butch
BRICK:YOU IDIOT! go get butch!--slaps boomer--
BUTCH:what i was about to beat my high score!
BRICK: i have a plan!
BUTCH:oh lord this isnt one of your blossom plans is it?
BRICK:shut up dude no! were gonna fight them >:)
BUTCH:im loving this plan lets go!
BRICK:alritey lets go!
BRICK:SHUT UP!! we dont care if te have feelings for that hag bubbles!
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--where we were last at---
bubbles:buttercup passed out..atleast i think she did :'(
brick:oh no!
blake:what are te doing here?!
blake:grr get out now! i got buisness to take care of!!
blake:fine! blossom come here!!
blossom:b-brick :(
brick:what?! WHAT HAS HE DONE TO YOU?!
blossom:brick--runs to him--
blake:nope --ties rope--BUTCH!!
butch:gott cha!
brick:let me go!
blake:no your gonna stay in this room!
brick:no!--throws brick in room and closes door--
butch:you dont need him!
blossom:yes i do!
butch:ughh look in my eyes an say te do!
blossom:no!--runs in brick's...
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posted by awesome23
--where boomer and bubbles was at--
bubbles:so will you
boomer:*thinks*what will my brothers say oh why should i care!! *thinks*
boomer:OF COURSE!
bubbles:YES!!--kisses boomer-
brick:ughh hes dating a PPG!!
brick*thinks*i wish that was me and blossom*
brick:ya so gross!
butch:LETS GO!
--boomer sees butch and brick and smiles >:)--
bubbles:are te ok?
boomer:huh? oh ya
blossom:why are te with him?!
bubbles:hes my boyfriend deal with it!
boomer:hey blossom?
boomer:i know a secret that te would Amore to here!
blossom:whats the secret?
boomer:brick likes you!
blossom:uhh i gotta...
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bloss:mom im going out tonight
bloss mom:with who
blossy:just a friend from school
bloss sis: blossy a boy o girl
bloss: no of te busnnies
sis:a boy
bloss:no and gotta go
blossy: hi bricky
brick:hey lest go
(they head to the park)
brick:soo bloss would te like to be my gf
blossy: sure bricky
(about to baciare until)
princess:oh bricky-poo
princess: bricky why are te doing with this slut.
bloss:im not a slut im his gf
princess:oh really then prove it

(blossoms kissed brick)
princess:noo it dosent matter all go to my successivo crush bommie
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posted by bubbles223
So thar was bubbles in letto her belly line mostrare like bad and boomer couldnt do enything about it and she wanted to call her sisters and his brothers and a dokter so to see wat the baby was but unfortunately there were 2 baby's bubbles was shaked boomer was suprised that 2 baby's were on there way in nine week's and in her kunditun she couldn't walk at all she had to be toted to and from her room and she gave berth to a baby girl and baby boy.and she tuke home both of Thom and named Thom Brooke and Brandon.and boomer was crying so hard his bros wint to say hi to the new borns and Thay look like bubbles but Boomer and bubbles and Thay always talk to there mom and fout there dad and Thay loved everyone in there famoly and love. Ther kind mom and strong dad untill moma had one più baby girl her name was Bella and the name was as cut as bubbles and she aket and look like her and now she is 16 and I mean to giorno and this.story is real
posted by Butterscotch000
This is campana, bell as a kitty! Hope te like it. Plz comment! Blazey,Butterscotch,Billy,Blake and Bryce coming soon! I will make Gatti and Cani for te guys. Name the hair color,eye color,body color and what type of tail te want.


It says thank te people. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will make più soon. my successivo one is butterscotch!
 campana, bell as a kitty!
Bell as a kitty!
 PPG teens.
PPG teens.
(Note: they powerpuff girls are 17 and the rowdyruff boys are 18)

NARRATOR:Ah! What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the girls are probably just waking up as the sun rises!

BLOSSOM:Buttercup,Bubbles wake up! It's 6:00!

BUBBLES:WHAT??!! Blossom, it's 6:00! Are crazy??!!

BLOSSOM:No, I'm not!Get up!

BUBBLES:Yes te are! I'm not getting up!

NARRATOR:Man Blossom, get ahold of yourself! Do te have any idea what time it is??!!

PROFESSOR:Blossom, why ya up so (yawn...) so early?

BLOSSOM:Because Proff- wait your right! Why am I awake so early??

BUBBLES:Yeah Blossom! Don't te remember?...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Well then..... Let's continue :P

Blossom: Um...Brick,I was wondering if te could-
Brick: Ew! Absolutly no!!!!!!
Butch: -whispers to Boomer- His recitazione better then I thought he would
Boomer: -whispers back- Does he realize it's art time and his blocking the crayons O_O

At recess...............

Blossom: -walks up to Brick-
Brick: Shut up Butch.............
Blossom: -taps on Bricks shoulder- Uhh...Brick,could we talk?
Brick: O.O I guess....
Butch: Me and Boomer will go,have fun te too -laughs and smirks-

To be continued..................